Top 10 Comedies Of All Time

Doune Castle, Scotland. A medieval fortress built by the Duke of Albany, the localtion of the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Doune Castle, Scotland. A medieval fortress built by the Duke of Albany, the localtion of the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Top 10 Comedies Of All Time

We’re bypassing the occasional chuckle and giggle and going straight for roaring with laughter! Bring your popcorn and soda guys because our list of the best comedy movies of all time is definitely going to inspire you to grab a seat in the living room and start watching some great flicks!

10) Meet the Parents


Last on our list of top ten comedy movies of all time is another Ben Stiller movie. Instead of winning back his high school sweetheart, Ben plays the part of a doting fiancé who is attempting to win the hearts of his future in laws. Unfortunately Ben plays the part of Greg Focker, a man with a very horrific last name who is also a male nurse. The odds are stacked against Greg Focker as his father in law takes an intense and immediate dislike of him!


9) There’s Something About Mary


Every man has that high school girl that he fell in love with but missed the chance. Fortunately for Ted, played by Ben Stiller, he gets another shot at Mary!

His first attempt was taking her to the prom and it turned into a medical emergency thanks to a rather painful to watch pants zipping accident. Years later he finds her and has to navigate the web of men around Mary all attempting to win her over! A definite must watch with loads of hilarious scenes and characters you can truly relate to.


8. Dumb & Dumber

If the name wasn’t clue enough, the two main characters in this are absolute imbeciles who, despite their lack of intelligence or forethought, manage to foil a pair of hardened criminals and unveil a massive conspiracy – all while carrying a briefcase chalk full of money that is!



Throughout this film you’ll fall in love with the goodhearted yet simple nature of the two main characters who are played perfectly by Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. Check the sequel coming out this November!

7. The Wolf of Wall Street

This is the newest movie on our list and was released back in 2013; however it definitely deserved a spot. The Wolf of Wall Street is based on the true life story of Jordan Belfort, and follows along his life as a small stock broker clear up to the tops of Wall Street and beyond.



The events and characters are played perfectly to a T by all involved in the movie, and you cannot stop laughing at some of the things that characters like Donnie Azoff play. While there is excessive drug use, vulgar language, and sexually explicit scenes all throughout the film, they only go to add towards the accuracy of which the lifestyle was at that time and the downward spiral that Jordan Belfort went on before hitting rock bottom.



6. Modern Times

Charlie Chaplin was an absolutely brilliant English actor and comedian. He wrote and directed a whole series of films but none quite as funny as Modern Times – a silent film released in 1936.



While it is a black and white film, and lacks characters actually speaking (it’s Chaplin’s last silent film), it’s an absolute gem of a movie and is truly funny. It follows around a man, the Tramp, who seems to be confused by modern society and machines. He then is subjected to a series of injustices mainly because he’s deemed mad at first, but goes through various struggles and hilarious events with the help of a homeless woman.








5. Shaun of the Dead

With the recent zombie craze of the past decade or so, it was only natural that one makes it onto this list. What better film than Shaun of the Dead to represent the zombie genre than this UK based comedy?



If you’ve never seen the movie before, then you’re definitely in for a treat. You follow a man named Shaun who is having serious relationship problems with his long term girlfriend, and simply cannot find the right balance in his life between his parents, roommates, or coworkers. Fortunately for him a zombie apocalypse happens and he’s able to repair relationships and gain the confidence needed through a series of hilarious and outrageous events!






4. Mary Poppins

The original Mary Poppins was released back in 1964 and is a must for anyone to watch. Despite being one of the older films on this list, it is a gem that is timeless in its humor and portrayal of children and nannies. Despite being on our list of movies, it is actually part musical and you will undoubtedly find many of the catchy tunes sung in this film stuck in your head for days!



The plot centers on Mary Poppins, a super nanny of sorts, who comes to work for a banker. The banker’s family is unruly and his two children proved to be a challenge even for Mary Poppins, but throughout the film you’ll see the family and the children grow for a heartwarming and delightful ending.



3. Back to the Future

This 1985 film is an absolute classic and definitely deserves the third spot on our list. It has spawned many sequels and deals with the idea of time travel.



In the movie, Marty McFly, a US teenager, goes back thirty years into the past by accident. His method of travel you ask? Not your typical time machine, but instead a DeLorean that was modified by a friend of his named Dr. Emmett Brown! The movie is very outrageous and comical, making for a great evening movie as you watch Marty attempt to make sure his parents still get back together so that he is born.



2. Toy Story

This Disney classic was released in 1995 and was originally directed at children but, like most animated movies, there’s enough adult humor and symbolism in it to make it perfect for adults as well.



In Toy Story, you’ll see a world of toys come to life in a very colorful and beautiful animated film. The protagonist is a doll named Woody, and him and his pals go on a long adventure to not only get rid of the new toy, Buzz Lightyear, but to also get past a ruthless kid and make it home before Andy, their child owner, moves away!


1. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The premise of this movie is that Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table go out looking for the Holy Grail. Each runs across various complications throughout their journey and travel on horseback (really just them walking with coconuts clacking together). Unfortunately most of the knights die and characters die throughout the movie, but the satire is truly brilliant.



Despite being released back in 1975, this movie is still as funny today as it was back then. Its humor and charm is simply something that transcends time and, whether it’s the Knights Who Say NI, or the killer rabbit, you will definitely find yourself in stitches many times throughout this movie.