Top 10 Christmas Movies Of All Time

Top 10 Christmas Movies of All time
Top 10 Christmas Movies of All time

Top 10 Christmas Movies Of All Time

No. 10: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

To make the list and not include Rudolph would just feel wrong, even if it is those absolutely terrifying animagic characters. The story is sweet and the lesson important, plus it’s a true holiday classic. It even has all the elements: the North Pole, lots of toys, Santa, and a load of singing. Plus, it lets us all feel a little bit warmer in our tummies when Rudolph gets to save the day and feel like the big winner. We all love a good underdog story, a fact that is doubly true during the Christmas Season. It certainly earns its spot and is worth a watch – if you can get over the creepy animation.

No. 9: A Christmas Carol

Another classic that just has to be mentioned. The silver screen version from 1951 has been remade a dozen times over – once even including Muppets. Either way, the story of a miser being taught a valuable lesson has stuck with us all. Even more, we get to see the ghosts of holidays past, present, and future. Ebenezer isn’t the only one who learns a few things about the value of money when compared to friendship. There is a lot to be said for a film that teaches a moral lesson, which it seems, is a common trend in holiday films.

No. 8: Bad Santa

I like that it’s just a break from the normal genre sugar plums and candy canes. It has a very Scrooge/Grinch style story (The film even starts with Billy Bob Thornton literally robbing department stores during the holidays) with a complete inspirational lesson on the true spirit of the holiday season. And while it may receive an R-Rating do its foul language and occasional sexual themes, the story is nonetheless valid. In the end, we all learn a little bit about the Christmas spirit and have a good laugh all the way through. Plus, Billy Bob Thornton is nothing less than a riot.

No. 7: Miracle on 34th Street

Talk about a classic! It was the film that made us all doubt our disbelief in Santa Clause and enjoy, even if for a moment, a quick relapse into childhood wonder. The film also touched on some important issues of the time – like messy divorces – and was filled with excellent actors. For many, the film became the gateway into the Christmas genre and sits proudly near the top of classic holiday storytelling. Undoubtedly, Mircale on 34th Street made us all just a little bit of cynic, especially when it comes to the Christmas season.

No. 6: Elf

Not a classic, but a still a great movie that will make the entire family laugh. Featuring the hijinks of comedian Will Ferrell, the film takes a more unique look at the holiday genre. Instead of implying the existence of all the wonderful things we liked to believe in as a kid, the film starts out reassuring the watcher that, yes, there are elves in the North Pole. The film features a great deal of moral lessons on the importance of family and how crucial it is to recognize the ones we love during the holiday season. So while being relatively new, Elf will likely become a future classic in a generation or two.

No. 5: The Gathering

The Gathering is probably the best Christmas flick that you have never heard of. A more religious themed holiday film, it has a lot for just about everyone. The story is relatively classic – older man who finds out he’s sick, so he sets out to fix his relationship with his friends and family. Cliché but classic. The film carries a lot of family value themes and the importance of staying close. It’s a film that really does feature the importance and power of a simple apology.

No. 4: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

John Hughes impresses us all again in his iconic film featuring Chevy Chase. The Chaplin inspired production does a lot to make us not only feel but also laugh. The film tells the story of a family man who simply wants to get his entire family together for a traditional holiday dinner. But, in true Chevy Chas style, thins quickly go wrong. The flick is filled with phenomenal quotes, hilarious slapstick, and all of the important holiday lessons that we have come to love and expect from a classic Christmas film.

No. 3: A Charlie Brown Christmas

What would any holiday be without Charlie Brown? Maybe a little less commercial… but still. But the idea that a kid can find a pathetic little tree, smother it with love and create something so alive and beautiful is unnaturally heart wrenching. Charlie Brown has become the go to character when defining what the true meaning of any holiday is, even if it’s the Great Pumpkin. And the same magic is just as evident in his Christmas story. The film has upheld amazingly over the years and still captivates fans of all ages.

No. 2: It’s a Wonderful Life

Ever wonder what life would be like if you had never been born? Well, that’s exactly what James Stewart discovers in the 1946 classic, I’s a Wonderful Life. The theme of how important each and every one of our lives are is something that can only been done properly during the Christmas season. The film has become a tradition, airing each year on Christmas Eve to an excited and sentimental fan base. The entire film is nothing shy of heartwarming, the result being something with enough emotion to get us through the New Year feeling all warm and fuzzy.

No. 1: A Christmas Story

Certainly the best Christmas film of all time, A Christmas Story reminds us all of just what it was like to be a kid on Christmas morning. The plot is elegantly simple, the plight of a young boy that desperately wants to convince his parents he is mature enough for a toy they deem unsafe. The film is remarkably familiar to any adult that ever wanted that special toy that we knew we just couldn’t live without. Filled with emotion, family closeness, an d tons of laughs – A Christmas Story is a holiday must watch.