Top 10 Reasons Abortion Should Be Legal

Top 10 Arguments in Favor of Abortion
Top 10 Arguments in Favor of Abortion

Top 10 Reasons Abortion Should be Legal

Abortion is one of the hottest topics debated in the world today. By definition, an abortion is the conclusion of a pregnancy through the removal of the fetus from the womb, which directly results in its death. There are many reasons why this can happen, ranging from spontaneous occurrences (miscarriages) and pregnancy complications to intentional termination. Naturally, as with anything that deals with life, abortion is a sensitive subject. In 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court declared abortion a “fundamental right” in Roe v. Wade. To this day, the debate over its validity as a practice encompasses arguments ranging from practical, moral, medical to religious aspects. The debate concerning the validity of abortion has two main sides, namely the pro-choice camp, which believes in the validity of an abortion, and the pro-life camp, which defends the right of the unborn and seeks to establish the invalidity of choice in an abortion. It’s a tough subject, but today we bring you some of the top 10 arguments in support of abortion.

10. “My Body, My Choice” – Women have the right to choose what to do with their body.

My Body My Choice
My Body My Choice

Every person has an inherent and undeniable right over their own bodies, and as such, it is their choice to do with it as they please. This notion forms the backbone for every argument relating to a person’s rights, such as the right to life and liberty, or the right to freedom of speech and expression. While we all have this inalienable right of choice, we also have to be responsible for the consequences of those choices. From a logical standpoint, however, whether a person is responsible or irresponsible for their actions doesn’t change the fact that they have the freedom to choose and act to begin with. In fact, the presence of the consequence reinforces this notion, because consequence can’t exist if without the natural right to choose. If we allow our inherent rights to be limited, we find ourselves on a very slippery slope. The suppression of this right may begin with abortion, but where will it end? Inherent rights are by nature, natural and unquestionable, and should be left unchallenged.


The infrastructure around us is designed to support and protect the rights of citizens. Hospitals do not tell you what to do with your body or act without your consent; they suggest courses of action based on medical practice and inform you of the consequences of each. Schools do not tell you what to study, but they provide a foundational base of learning to equip you with the tools in your desired profession. These prove that our society operates on the foundation of natural human rights. Why then should we restrict a woman’s right to choose to terminate a pregnancy when it is the same as her right to choose what school to go to, what medical procedure to undertake, what profession to pursue, or what opinions to express? It is her natural right regardless of whether anyone approves or disapproves of the outcome, to make that choice. In the same way, it is your right, regardless of whether or not I disagree or agree with you, to form your own opinions about these arguments. The bottom line of this argument is that the same thing that protects your right to do as you wish is the same thing that protects a woman’s natural right to choose what to do with her own body. In the end, we must remember that we live lives of dignity because our choices are protected by a society that recognizes our inalienable rights. The right to choose is paramount to our humanity, and it shouldn’t be denied.

9. Personhood begins when a fetus is viable.

Viable Fetus
Viable Fetus

Now that we have established the right of women to choose what to do with their bodies, what then of the fetus’ right to its own body? Many pro-life standpoints argue that when a woman chooses to have an abortion, she is committing the crime of restricting the right of the fetus over its own body. While this does sound compellingly correct, it has a few grey areas. The natural right to choose what to do with your body is tied to your personhood, a concept that is not absolutely black and white. A fetus is considered viable when it is able to live outside the woman’s uterus on its own. The concept of being “self-determining” comes into play. When we are capable of deciding on a course of action for ourselves, we have the right to pursue it even if it’s right or wrong, and we then have the responsibility of facing its consequences.


A fetus under 24 weeks old is incapable of self-determination, because it has not properly developed the necessary organs or systems to make this possible yet. This is different from saying that a fetus under 24 weeks is not alive. Life begins at conception, but personhood begins at self-determination. The embryo is considered the potential to be a person if the pregnancy is carried to full-term. If we considered it a person, then our birthdates would be upon conception, and artificial insemination, which involves numerous fertilized eggs thrown away, would be genocide! Plain and simple, a fetus under 24 weeks is not independent or self-determining, as it is reliant on the woman for survival.


8. Abortion supports the right to life.

Human Rights
Human Rights Supported by Abortion

While most arguments highlight abortion as the termination of life, they tend to be argued strictly focusing on the life of the unborn child. As with everything, there are elements around a pregnancy that can lead to complications for the woman. Not all women are given the gift of complication free pregnancies. Cases where complications in the pregnancy lead to significantly higher risk to the woman’s life are more frequent than we wish they would be. To deny a woman the option to abort a pregnancy when her own life is at risk is akin to forcing her to play Russian roulette.

No person, regardless of gender, should be denied the right to fight for his or her own life. Societies and laws are built around this very framework. Fanatics of the prolife argument are sometimes so focused on the fetus that they put no value to the mother’s life and do not even consider the viability of the fetus. What if a doctor was faced with a situation where the fetus was not viable and if it were not aborted, the mother would die? While the decision will always be difficult, the decision is not ours to make, and as such we have no right to deny someone his or her own choice.

7. The right to abortion is critical to gender equality.

Gender Equality
Gender Equality

One of the most defining movements in the past century is that of gender equality. Like most social movements, gender equality arguments have foundations linked to equally serious issues of racial or social equality. Fundamentally, the argument is sound; society should not discriminate a person on an element for which he had no control over, and one cannot choose to be a man or woman, their race, or their social status. Each person has the fundamental right to life and all that it entails. Gender does have certain aspects that make the pursuit of a happy life different for each side, this we cannot deny. Because women are the childbearing gender, this presents certain challenges. While each challenge bears its own weight, the financial challenge is probably the most consistently felt and has the most clearly visible effect. Equality as a concept means that every person has the right, without restriction, to pursue the same things whatever they may be.

A woman cannot sincerely be considered to have equal standing in society if she does not at least have the choice to remove the challenges that will come with a pregnancy. Many corporations have faced criticism because women face much discrimination simply due to the fact that they bear children. Their likelihood of going on leave is higher due to this biological fact, but it is not right for companies to avoid hiring them just because of this. If we want to be able to say that we have no gender biases or gender discrimination, and man and woman have equal rights to pursue the life that they choose to pursue, women must have a choice. They must not have to deal with challenges but instead be given responsibilities upon choosing to become a mother. The choice to become a mother must in the very least be given to the woman. By failing to freely provide this, society also fails to support their fundamental rights, not as women, but as people.

6. Banning abortion risks illegal abortions.

Prevent Back Alley Abortions
Prevent Back Alley Abortions

Statistics shows that an estimated 49% of pregnancies in the United States are unintended. These numbers simply prove that the situations surrounding pregnancies are not limited to happy families who have planned and intentionally tried to have children. A large percentage is in fact unplanned for. Naturally, a woman or couple who face the situation of an unplanned pregnancy may not have the right circumstances to raise a child properly. Some cases even show that they are unable to financially or medically see the pregnancy to its full term. Regardless of the situation, of those 49% of pregnancies that are unintended, the percentage that is unwanted will be looking for ways to terminate the pregnancy. Prior to the recognition of this procedure and the modernization of medicine, back-alley abortions used to be via coat hangers, illegal or unregulated pharmaceutical products, knitting needles or a punch to the stomach. If there is no legal, viable alternative, this percentage of couples or mothers will inevitably have to resort to these back-alley operations, which are highly dangerous.

5. Modern medicine makes abortion is less of a risk.

Modern Medicine
Modern Medicine Reduces Abortion Risks

Statistics estimate that the risk of death from an abortion is 0.6 in 100,000. The risk of death from childbirth is 14 times higher, at 8.8 in 100,000. In line with a woman’s right to life is also her right to mitigate the risk to her person. Advancements in the medical field have dramatically reduced complications from abortion, studies show that it is actually safer than carrying a pregnancy to full term.

It is estimated that in 1972 illegal abortions resulted in 39 maternal deaths, which occurred before abortion was legal. In 1976, after it was legalized in the United States, the number went down to 2. World Health Organization statistics estimate that in 2004 these back alley abortions caused an estimated 68,000 deaths globally. 68,000 deaths are 68,000 lives unable to reach their full potential because abortions were not legal and therefore not properly conducted. The state has a duty to protect its citizens; sometimes, protecting its citizens does not involve fighting wars but providing the infrastructure to safely conduct sound medical procedures.

4. Abortion gives women the option to minimize their child’s suffering.

Stop the Suffering
Stop the Suffering

Circumstantially, not every pregnancy is a bed of roses. Many have complications; some fetuses have severe disorders that can cause the child to live a very difficult and painful life. Some disorders can be so severe that death is guaranteed after a brief and painful life. Anencephaly, for example is a disorder where the brain is missing. Limb-body wall complex, a disorder where organs grow outside of the body, is equally as horrific, and yet it occurs. It is the woman’s right as a mother to decide what is best for her child. No weight of society or majority moral opinion of philosophers, religious or even state leaders have the right to decide for her. A mother’s right to decide to not put her child through that kind of suffering is her right and her right alone. To deny her a safe option to exercise that right is to deny her of that right in itself.

Remember, the consequences of pregnancy do not just end in childbirth. A woman has to undergo the physical pain and risks of childbirth and once born, she is emotionally, socially and financially tied to the child for the rest of the child’s life once born and vice versa. All the risks she faces are multiplied a hundred fold, and the child must face them as well. If the woman has health risks, the child must suffer through the pain. In many cultures, the woman’s stature in life or even the gender of the child puts the child in harm’s way. When we think of choice, it’s often from the standpoint of a regular situation. There are some cases where the odds for both mother and child are bleak, and this is when choice becomes a critical factor. If we remove this ability to choose, it may mean a life sentence for both of them.

3. Completely enforcing anti-abortion laws is impossible.

Abortion is matter of fact. Impossible to Stop.
Abortion is matter of fact. Impossible to Stop.

Having and raising a child is a significant decision. Ideally it involves proper preparation and planning. However as we have seen, this is not always the case with pregnancies. There still exists a significant amount of unwanted pregnancies, significant enough to merit high numbers of abortions in countries where it is legal, and high amounts of illegal abortions where it is illegal. This shows that unwanted pregnancies are an inescapable element of our society. Any form of anti-abortion law would then simply be impossible to completely enforce. Those that do not have the economic capability or the desire to see a pregnancy to its full term and raise a child will continue to seek illegal abortions long after it has been made illegal. Because of the risks of illegal abortions, the difference will be greatly felt in the mortality rate. These are productive lives; lives with potential denied their fulfillment because society tries to enforce something unenforceable. If anti-abortion laws are implemented, they may simply increase the number of poorly done abortions, and likewise increase the number of deaths.

2. Abortion is humane.

Abortion is Compassionate compared to alternatives
Abortion is Compassionate compared to alternatives

Studies show that fetuses do not feel pain when abortions are performed. Neuroscientists argue that because a cortex is critical for feeling pain, and the cortex is not yet functional when most abortions are performed, the fetus does not feel any pain. What is often mistaken for pain reactions is believed to be simply reflexes as the cortex only becomes functional on the 26th week of pregnancy. For healthy pregnancies, this makes abortion a humane option for whatever the reasons the mother may choose to undergo an abortion. This is especially true in the cases where the fetus will suffer greatly it is brought to full term. For pregnancies with complications, either threatening the mother’s life or complications that will guarantee the child’s suffering, abortion is a difficult choice, but a painless and humane solution.

1. Abortion is not a question of morality it is a question of providing options to prevent and mitigate risks in certain circumstances.

Abortion Mitigates Risk
Abortion Mitigates Risk

Finally, most proponents of pro-life will argue based on issues of morality or ethics. True, terminating life will always be morally wrong even if it can be argued valid. The issue with abortion is not a moral one, however. If it were, then wars and various elements of the criminal justice system and state security laws should be made illegal as well. And yet, these things are constantly present in the modern world as they have been historically, because they account for circumstances that validate an act that may be morally wrong. Abortion is a prime example of this. It is not a question of morality, it is a question of standing by a person’s inherent right to choose, their right to life and safety, and even to their right to choose a humane death for a loved one. It cannot be rejected simply because it is morally wrong, instead it must be viewed as an option that mitigates circumstantial risks, preserves life, and provides a humane way to end guaranteed suffering.

What do you think?  Do you agree? Disagree?  Let us know in the comments.  And for the opposite take, please read’s Top 10 Reasons Abortion Should Be Illegal.

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  • zachster

    Unbelievable. The Nazis killed about 8 million people. Abortion has killed about 56 million PEOPLE! This makes demoncrats about 7 times worse than Nazis.

    • Slims

      Incorrect. Nazi’s tortured, raped, experimented on, and more despicable thing i cant mention to their captures. Abortion is simply taking out a fetus one cannot take care of or is not ready for. It is better to get rid of he baby that bring it into the world abusing it, neglecting it, tourture it,

      • Justice

        Who are you to say if they are going to have a good or bad life. Are you God?

        Abortion is is not just taking out a “fetus” it is simply ending a human a life.

        • Nicole Bowen

          I know for sure that if I knew I was the product of rape I would likely have killed myself by now. Most everyone cannot deal with a fact like that. Knowing that you were unwanted and unloved by the very mother that brought you into this world is a harsh reality to live in, and a mother out of compassion would not want to have that put upon a child. Of course people can get past these things, but they are deep, permanent scars that will never go away, and are better to be avoided.
          Abortion depends on the case at hand. It’s a delicate matter that can be justified in one case, and not in the other. That is why we must offer women a choice, and if they choose the latter of justice, that is their consequence to endure, like much of every other decisions we make in our lives.

          • Tristan

            There are millions of mothers that love their “rape” baby.
            Its still a human you hollow headed rotten hearted jackass

            • georgia

              their are also millions of mothers that put their rape baby in foster homes where they are raised in horrible conditions and have a low chance at a real future. Unwanted child does not deserve to be put through a life of suffering and poverty or the horrible things that you go through being raised in foster care. It is unfair to force a kid to live in what they may see as hell because some pro-life people think they should be born anyways regardless of being a reason a future for the mom is now ruined while the mother raises a kid she never wanted. That is abusive to force that on a living creature in my opinion.

              • Joseph

                I grew up in a foster home because of this. I am greatly I was allowed to live.

                • Joseph

                  Sorry. Spell check. ‘greatful’ was what I meant.

        • The Prophet

          1.Not everyone believe in god.
          2.It did not get to live a life, so human or not it matters not.
          3.If your life conceives suffering and unhappiness, to ,most American at least that is considered a bad life. But a life is a life. It is truly motherly love if she wants to sacrifice her motherhood so that the child will not live this life. If the fetus developed the sense of pain, than it is a shame. But nevertheless, it is still apart of the mother, and is her body. Throwing god into a statement doesn’t make it any better. And it doesn’t mean those who do it think maliciously. It is a hard decision to make for most. And early abortion can be handled with pills, suction, and a variety of ways being explored, and it is uncommon for abortion of late developed babies.
          Now that I have written two responses on this website, I will proceed to leave and never come back to this website.

      • Tristan

        There are things called orphanages you heartless bastard.

        • Jennifer

          Orphanages are worse than deaf

          • Jennifer


    • hah

      abortion has been around forever. the Nazis killed people for about seven years. the amount of stupidity in this post makes me want to start another Holocaust, only this time for the idiots like yourself.

    • pro-choice

      please don’t compare the Holocaust to abortion. Abortion is the ending of a fetus, a potential human being, yes, okay. But it is done mainly because the parents do not have the money to support their child. The Nazis did more than end a life for no absolute reason. They made those people work, they starve those people, they perform horrendous experiments on them. For absolutely no reason at all, just because one person racist dislike of them. When one have an abortion, they aren’t thinking “Oh my god, I hate this baby inside of me. I’m going to kill them just because I don’t like them” Abortions aren’t done on the whim. They take a lot of emotional stamina and support to decide upon. Oh, whereas those people killed in the Holocaust do not have a direct impact on the Nazis life, having a baby greatly changes the mother’s life. Abortions and the Nazis are two entirely different topics that you shouldn’t even use to support anti-abortion laws

    • lawyer

      absolutely incorrect. The Nazis tortured, raped, and killed 8 million people; true. However, these were people who were viable, living and they had real feelings. They had made relationships, felt emotion, lived and suffered. Fetuses have done nothing. They are not viable people. The people who suffered in the Holocaust were sisters, brothers, mothers, father, sons and daughter, lovers, friends, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Yet you have the audacity to compare what they went through to abortion, which is human and safe. It’s absolutely disgusting that you compared the genocide of these people to make abortion unjustifiable. You are disgusting. Try saying it again, I dare you, and all the pro choice and EDUCATED people here will drag you through the dirt.

      • Tristan

        Oh so the difference is the dying child inside the moms stomach was defenseless thats the difference. Thanks for showing us just how incredibly horrifying your mind is.
        As soon as you start to cut up that baby he feels the most ultimate pain that he will ever experience. How would u like it if ur life was 5 mins of ultimate pain. Wake up America.
        and now its 57 million people Btw. Abortion is slavery. The baby has no rights inside the mothers womb and the mother gets to do what ever she wants with it. I’m pretty sure slavery was outlawed. I guess ur EDUCATION mr. lawyer has blinded u with ultimate stupidity. You just got dragged through the dirt sir.

        • smh

          during an abortion the fetus can not feel anything making your point invalid

    • georgia

      You are an idiot.

  • Katherine

    I am NOT God, which I don’t think there has ever been enough evidence to support the claim, unless we factor in that adults were once kids, and society pushes the weak and/or simpleminded to believe in an adult version of Santa Claus. I say with conviction, I do not need to have heaven or hell dangled in front of me, insulting my natural desire not to steal-or lie- or else! You have been bad, you must be sorry for what you’ve done, or you will go to hell. It’s atrocious that people need a blueprint on how to be a “good” human. Since that’s the case though, I am glad for the, “how to be a good human for dummies.” See? I appreciate the individual(s) responsible for the Bible, even took the time to capitalize it out of respect for your beliefs…I have found that (this may come as a shocking surprise, and forgive me if you don’t ill receive this next statement as many of the hypochristians do) I come across much more hostility toward a belief that doesn’t reflect your own than I have with atheists and agnostics. I said all that to preface THIS: my mother and father weren’t fit to be parents, mother did not want my twin, either. Or my brother. We all suffer from depression and and low self-image. I fight daily with wishing my mother had done the “humane” thing. Have you ever been in so much pain as a direct result of not being wanted, that it literally hurts to breathe? Let me be presumptuous-NO. But here’s some much needed food for thought: why don’t you ask those people who were born and felt the desire of the HUMANE mother that they caused much sadness and frustration for her, and see how many of them haven’t wished their mother had made a different decision. Hopefully they found “God” to soak up the terrible pain that lasts for life. Not seven years, but FOREVER.

    • Tristan

      God doesnt neccassarily say if you do bad things u go to hell. u r just trying to make Christians look bad or u r just way to dumb to see through the smoke in your eyes.

  • Nate

    A fetus and it’s mother are two lives. Their stats say 8.8 mothers will die in childbirth per 100,000. Their stats also say there are 0.6 deaths per 100,000 abortions, when in reality there are 100,000.6 deaths per 100,000 abortions. Either be more specific about your statistics or be honest.

    • Jade

      That’s impossible. You’re literally claiming that everyone that gets an abortion, plus whatever .6 of a person you’re talking about, dies. You’re so wrong. Where did you get that? That’s LITERALLY impossible.

      • Meme

        What they’re saying is that of every 100,000 abortions, 100,000 fetuses die.


  • georgia

    It’s as if people think woman WANT to go through the process of killing their child they don’t want or can’t have. Pregnant woman automatically feel for the unborn baby, it is hard for women to go through an abortion and the responsibility falls on people to prevent pregnancy but there are people out there who take the risks and refuse responsibility but that does not mean everyone else should pay the price for it. Even when taking the pill you have a risk of pregnancy, and being on the pill counts as taking responsibility in preventing pregnancy and even though it would make pregnancy very rare to use a condom aswell, some people don’t. One thing about life is people make mistakes and they deserve to learn from them, not throw away their future. Personally i have birth control in the form of an IUD which has been proven to be as effective if not more effective than the condom. Theres also the fact that a unwanted child being born into a family that can not support it or with a mother that never wanted it can ruin the life of the child. Foster homes have horrible reputations and its not as often as people like to think that kids are adopted into families and live happily ever after, bringing a unwanted child into the over populated world as it is puts that child at risk for a life of pure struggle, babies should be welcomed into the world with their mother who sees them as a miracle and can provide for their child and put it through school and raise it into a life everyone deserves a chance at. Kids who are born into families that can’t afford to raise them right end up in the wrong path in life and go through very hard things. Abortion allows women to learn from mistakes they make it allows them to prevent a kid being raised in such poor conditions and lets the woman have a future regardless of making a mistake. Life is fragile and if a girl does not want a child there is no reason they need to keep it, the fetus is not a person at its stage, it can not survive without being inside its mother and it should not count as a individual person because the mother is the one that should call the shots in the first place. We live in a overpopulated world with crime and poverty all over, bringing unwanted children into the world and not being able to raise them right increases problems in many ways. If we make abortion illegal then what makes it unreasonable to put the responsibility on the male aswell. If we make it illegal and woman lose their future over having to give birth, the male should face the same consequences. If men were forced to be a father to their child like the mother has to be, making abortion illegal would be less popular than it is now. If abortion is illegal than making a kid grow up without both parents should be too.

  • Kilan Ndochi

    Whilst you are at it … Just legalize murder(homicide)! This is some thing we will look back at in the future in the same way we did with racial discrimination.

  • aul

    I respect allI can only agree on the reason number 7

  • aul

    I respect all reasons above but based on my social and cultural background I only agree the reason 8 when the situations are risky for the mother’s life, taking fetus life works. The mother should discuss with her husband/couple for the social effect or judgment. Most people will understand in your places but don’t generalize that kind of perspective in others’. Either having the baby or not, they might face any social problems.

  • Dustin

    5. Modern medicine makes abortion is less of a risk

    Shouldn’t this section be titled

    5. Modern medicine makes abortion less of a risk

    For one it runs smoother, and the is doesn’t belong really. Please advise these updates to your article Dave.

  • Lucas

    A fetus is as much part of a women as a lamp is part of a house. A baby isnt some slave to a woman, who can be chopped up like an inanimate object without a second thougt. I have two true stories for you. Number one. A mother shot her son in the head while she was giving birth. She wasnt charged with anything. Nimber Two. A woman killed her baby with substances used for abortion, a couple of minutes after the baby was born. She was charged with manslaughter. I doubt you think thats reasonable.

  • sophie_24

    This is the dumbest article I’ve ever read. If a human is presumed dead when its heart stops beating, why is it not presumed alive when it starts beating?? If it’s “not a human”, what is it? A monster? It contains human DNA, therefore it’s a human.

    • Comment_reviewer

      this is the most dumb comment i have ever seen DNA means life OKAY!!