10 Reasons why Video Gaming should be Considered a Sport

10 Reasons Gaming is a Sport
10 Reasons Gaming is a Sport

10 Reasons why Video Gaming should be Considered a Sport

Video games have been steadily increasing in popularity since the 1980’s. Atari hit the market with a vengeance, changing  the way kids spend their afternoons and weekends. Anyone who raced home after school to practice their Donkey Kong or Frogger strategies, knows the excitement of it all. Those that spend hours honing their skills at various video games tend to be in a league of their own, once a controller in in their hand. Like any athlete or scholar, they tend to adhere to a daily practice schedule. It may be at odd hours, with a bowl of snack mix nearby, but they are no less dedicated.


In recent years, many different types of skills have made it into the competitive arena. Chess is an example of a competitive sport that does not involve extreme physical activity. Sports contests, like the Olympics, have brought people together to share their skills for many centuries. With the invention of new technology, skills have changed over the years. The goals in many video games revolve around intense physical action. This may be a military based, survival, or tactical focus. They have end goals that often take months, or years to meet. Dedicated gamers spend large amounts of money on equipment, just as other sports enthusiasts.


Depending on the game, different necessities are required. Some games run best on a specialized gaming computer. Others are meant to be played on game consoles. Controllers, downloads, and internet services are all necessary for proper gaming technique. There are a few reasons why it makes sense to include video gaming in the sports category.


Gaming is a sport that demands dedication


Competitive video gaming is not the same thing as a kid sitting in his living room all day on the weekends. Although, this is often where it starts. Like any sport, many competitive gamers start at an extremely young age. Many may have spent time stealing their parent’s game controllers while they were still in diapers. Once a person sets a goal, they must be dedicated to seeing it through. The gamers that participate in the top matches, focus daily on their success. This is the same degree of perseverance is required.


Practice for many sports takes a determined mindset. This is true of any profession or sport. Gaming is no exception. Some techniques must be practiced over and over until they are perfected. This can require many hours of practice, even when gamers may prefer to take a break. Video gaming is a true enjoyment for people that show this kind of dedication. They are also committed to being the best.


Athletes get up and move forward, even on days when they do not feel like it. This is how you can tell that dedication exists. Video gaming is considered by many to be a fun pastime. Many hours spent on a game are not always indicative of a competitive nature, however, a select few continue on to the advanced competition realm. This is when the loyalty to technique pays off.

9Intense Training

Gaming requires intense training


Sports specialists must exert themselves almost daily to accomplish their goals. Training for athletic sports often requires team practice, body conditioning, and nutrition changes. All of these aspects combine to make up an intense training schedule. This training schedule affects many parts of an athlete’s life. They may turn down social activities, rise early in the morning, and refrain from enjoyable foods. The training for video gaming is different, yet just as intense. Both activities take up the majority of hours in a day.


Professional football players spend hours going through play strategies and physical training. Gamers must do the same. They must understand every aspect of the game they are playing. Otherwise, they could be caught by surprise. This could cost their team the game, and a significant amount of money. Training must be done individually, and with the team, for optimal success.


Training involves fitting in hours of practice, as well as other life commitments. Some gamers have to hold down jobs to fund their competition. This means they are often exhausted before they even get in front of the video game screen. It can be difficult to get enough sleep, spend time with family, or take a personal break. When a problem is identified, extra practice may necessary in order to find a solution.


The Gaming market is lucrative and expanding at light speed


The market for gaming observation is booming. E-sport spectator spots sell extremely well. Many people wish to watch them live. This market makes gaming a prime opportunity for many companies to advertise, just like in traditional sports. The brands, of course, are just going to be different. Instead of sponsoring companies like Nike and Adidas, you are likely to see names like Intel, Airbus, and Comcast.


There are also some sponsors that have taken an interest in both types of sports. Coca-Cola, Red Bull, and Mountain Dew are being smart by branching out into the video gaming arena. There is good reason for this. The year 2017 brought a record breaking prize pool that exceeded the previous $24,787,916. The prize money has hovered near this amount since the year 2014. When it comes to money, e-sports is where it is.


When and activity gains this much attention, it demands a second opinion. It has taken some time to get enough people on-board to start rallying for sport status. There is enough demand now to start making some sound decisions about how to categorize high level video gaming. A sport needs players, teams, and spectators. Advanced video gaming has all of these aspects.


“He is starting to believe.” -Morpheus


Training and dedication are a large part of bringing athletes into the top ranks. Many individuals, however, have a true talent for the sport. This is more than just a learned skill. A talent is something that you are born with. Some people are naturally good at certain sports. This talent is widely accepted, which makes popular sports quite popular. Many people enjoy watching others excel at sports they like playing, as well. Perhaps you played volleyball in high school, but did not continue on to an Olympic team. You probably still enjoy watching those players that made it to the higher level competitions. Sports enthusiasts often enjoy talking about the talents of others and wagering on who the most is gifted. Gamers and their fans are the same way.


Many people enjoy watching gamers tackle parts of a game that they could not figure out on their own. It can be enjoyable to see the strategies of talented gamers. There is a lot of learned skill in video gaming, however, talent plays a big part. Some people are simply more adept and manipulating a controller or computer keys. They also think a certain way when they are viewing gaming screen.


Talented gamers make decisions quickly when they are in the game. They can easily discern what course of action to take during each session. Many people have a hard time coordinating what they see on the screen with the controller buttons. This takes a lot of coordination and tactical understanding. This does not come naturally to everyone that enjoys gaming.

6Global Interest

Gaming is global


One of the reasons we love the Olympic Games so much is the fact that they bring nations together. Countries from all over the world meet in one place, and the competitors get along beautifully. Every time the Olympic take place, hope for global peace is renewed. The best of the best from all areas, team up to show that the world that we can focus on something positive. The global popularity of video games stands to also accomplish this goal. Technology usually spans the globe, and breaks down barriers. Everyone wants to try out new technology. Sharing in competitive gaming experiences is a part of this.


Gaming also draws a global interest. The fact that many games are played online, makes it easy for competitors from different geographical locations to play together. Many competitions are even streamed live online. This brings groups of gamers together online to discuss the events. Teams from around the world also complete against each other, just like in traditional sports. They train together, and travel together. This bonding is something that is experienced in all team sport efforts. This should not be negated just because the game is virtual.


It is not uncommon to see young kids playing their favorite game online with someone from another country. Even with language barriers, gamers are able to complete tasks in online games. This brings people together, just as other sports do. The global interest allows for individuals from different areas to find some common ground. The global interest also helps to ensure an ongoing trend. This makes video gaming a safe be for sponsors.

5Physical Strain

Gaming is tough. Look these guys can’t even touch their beers while playing.


Many people imagine a person sitting around in a lounge chair and relaxed when they are playing video games. It is rare that non-gamers take into consideration the physical strain that can accompany long hours on of gaming practice. Many gamers move closer to the screen or bend at the waist to see the screen better. This can cause back strain. When sitting for hours, it is important to get up and move regularly. Otherwise, legs can cramp up. It is also important to keep the blood circulation going in the legs.


Gamers also hold their controllers at odd angles when they are getting into a game. The constant strain of holding their arms up may also cause some aches. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a reality for many people that use computers daily, as well. If a gamer pinches a nerve, or strains their shoulder, the team is left without a player. Gamers must make a commitment to take good care of themselves, just like athletes.


The physical strain that follows long hours of gaming practice can leave players physically drained, and looking for relief. Excitement during the game can lead to jumping around and the occasional adrenaline rush. It is important that gamers stay hydrated. Physical strain is a part of athletics everywhere. Video gamers can understand this part quite easily.


Gaming at the elite level is a team effort


The trademark of most traditional sports is the formation of teams. Many people have a favorite sport and team that they follow and support. Even individual sports, like ice skating, require teams when it comes to competing in the Olympics. In this case, each country forms a team. Teams work together to gain points that add up to more than the other teams. Individual sports use the scores from each person’s performance, and add them up. Team sports, like volleyball, use the marks that are earned by the entire team.


Gamers must adhere to certain standards, as well, when it comes to forming teams. Members of a team must have a specific talent or skill that is necessary. All gamers do not work well together. Members of a gaming team must complement each other well. There are different types of missions and other gaming goals that must be completed during a gaming session. Each team member must work well with the others.


Spectators may follow their favorite gamer regularly. Some gamers have YouTube channels that help to bring in more money. They also allow opportunities to show off their newest wins. YouTube and social media makes it easier to connect with fans, as well. Members of a team can have their own site, and the group can share one as a whole. Gaming teams make the experience more exciting, also making it mimic athletic sports in many ways.


Gaming is just as competitive as any other sports activity


Sports do not exist for simply having fun or staying in shape. They have been a source of competition  for centuries. Even ancient South American ruins show evidence of a court where a ball was played with. Sports offer a great way to be competitive, while still remaining friendly with others. Of course, there are times when the competition gets out of hand and teams can get ugly with one another. This is possible in both athletic sports and e-sports, alike.


It is always fun to win at a sport or game because it means you are the best. This concept is not lost when gaming is concerned. Player practice for years to become the best at certain games. They sacrifice many hours on a daily basis to beat the competition. The history of competition is one that is not likely to end any time soon. It can be interesting to look into the games that existed in Greece, however, many native lands boast such evidence.


E-sports should be considered a proper sport due to the lasting competitive nature of the game. These games are intense, with teams rallying together against their rivals. By the time they reach the top arenas, there is usually one or two teams that people are trying to beat. These are often known all over the world. Spectators cheer and bet on their favorites.

2General Consensus

Everybody agrees: Gaming is a sport


Many changes come about due to the opinion of the general public. According to the popularity of video games, this is a no-brainer. Most homes with kids have at least one video gaming console in them. Gaming computers are even a big seller at electronics stores. Even stores that do not specialize in tech are taking on some minimal supplies for gaming. They are making room on the shelf for what consumers want.


I is a common sight to see kids and teens gathered around a screen watching YouTube video of their favorite gamer. This brings groups of kid together and gives them something to cheer about. This is great for those that have no interest in the regular sports. Football, volleyball, and soccer are not for everyone. If gaming is made a sport, it may give a variety of groups something to get excited about.


The public usually wins out in these cases. If someone tried to cancel football or the Olympics, you can be sure the publics would speak out. The popularity of video games is heading in the same directions. It won’t be long before the changes need to be made, so protest can be avoided. This general consensus can be estimated by considering the market sales of video games worldwide. Social media followings can also be looked at to help gather some numbers.

1Keeping Score

The score matters. Gaming get its and always has. One of the most important reasons that gaming is a sport!


Another important part of gaming is score keeping. When you are playing at home on a video game, you may not be given number points. Your success may be rewarded by gather new equipment or experience points. When gamers are playing in massive competitions, scores must be kept to find out who is best. This is similar to many athletic sports. Take into consideration the way football is assessed. Touchdowns are used to formulate an entire intricate scoring system. It can be basic if the game runs in a simple manner, or it can cross over into complicated scenarios. These complex scenarios can be caused by things like overtime. Debates over whether or not a move is valid can also be present.


Score, nonetheless, is the age old way to find out who is best. The higher number wins, in most types of games. Golf is another story. It is important to take the scoring system into account when trying to figure out how to classify video gaming. Teams working together to earn points is the average way, and this is mimicked in the gaming world. Many people enjoy cheering on their team, especially, when competition is running close in score.


Gaming presents with several ways to keep score that may differ from game to game. The scores are often decided by the goals in the game. There are varying missions in all games, making this a bit different with each one. There can also be bonus points from gathering different items throughout these missions. It is important to understand the scoring system, even when spectating. It is much easier to understand who is winning and why if you do a little research. Those that already understand the game, or play it themselves, may have a little more input when it comes to making e-games a sport.




The video gaming trend is taking off incredibly fast and making headlines around the world. There are many famous gamers that are now able to make a living off of the winnings and their social media popularity. This is a big deal, when you consider how short of a time period video games have been around. The idea of categorizing video games as a sport is not new. It has been in the works for quite some time. It has taken time, however, for the opinions of the public to catch up with what gamers already know. Gamers have known all along how much dedication, training, and physical strength are necessary to excel at e-sports.


Gamers must spend time building a following, just like athletes. They must communicate with their fans, for one thing. They also have to continue to do well at their gaming. Fans want to follow good players. This is the same as football, and other sports. Long-term fans then become loyal enough to stick with a gamer during a time of difficulty. This is the true test of sports popularity. When a fan doesn’t abandon you while you work on new skills, or fail at one competition. It won’t be long before we see gaming fans wearing clothing that reflects their favorite players.


Times are changing, and so are attitudes about e-sports. They are not just something that kids do on Saturdays anymore. These games, and the players, have reached new heights. The popularity, alone, should make people take a second look. Gaming involves sponsors, teams, and competition. These are all things that can be seen in traditional sports arenas. Players bond with their teammates, and remain committed to giving their best. This comradery is something seen in all team efforts. Video gaming should be accepted more as a sport, as the general population finds it extremely interesting.