10 Reasons Pisces is the Best Zodiac


Pisces is the 12th astrological sign in the Zodiac. The name “Pisces” is actually the Latin word for the plural version of “fish,” so this sign is represented by none other than a fish symbol. Those born under the influence of this sign have their birthday between February 19th and March 20th, just as the first signs of spring start to break through the cold wintry days. Though Neptune is considered the official ruling planet for this sign, some astrologists believe that Jupiter also shares that influence. Depending on which one you decide to follow, Neptune gives Pisceans the abstract thought and creative streak that they’re known for, while Jupiter hands over the intuitive nature of this sign.

Pisces is one of the more mysterious signs from the Zodiac, as they are a true balancing act between loving and caring for the emotions of others, while also being hopelessly involved in their own. They aren’t very analytical and are often considered to have their head in the clouds and their hearts in love. But just like any Zodiac sign, this one also has its vices. Pisceans definitely have some less honorable traits, like running away when the going gets tough or being very suspicious of others when they initially meet them. However, this sign is one of the sweetest from the bunch and is a good contender for the best Zodiac sign for several reasons. Here are 10 reasons Pisces is the best Zodiac sign.


10Creative is Their Middle Name

A Piscean is a creative person and the middle name lays a vital role in this attribute.

One of the most apparent qualities that a Piscean has is their creativity. This sign has no shortage of interesting ideas that get them ahead in almost every aspect of their life. Though they’re a bit lazy when their heart isn’t in it, Pisceans can come up with amazing ideas in the workplace and in any romantic or platonic relationship. You can count on them to complete a project that they’re passionate in with exemplary quality and speed.

A Piscean is considered to be one of the most creative Zodiac signs, and they’re not afraid to show it. This is part of the reason that they’re so great at planning dates and parties. They use their knowledge of the person to create an event that they’re sure to love. Most of the time, these events go very well because they think of anything and everything to ensure that they run smoothly.

When it comes to their creativity, Pisceans also love to go above and beyond to get the result they want. For some, this may look like they’re showing off, but in reality, they’re just making sure it’s the best even it can be. This is especially true for their partners, as Pisceans love to keep them happy. If you have Piscean partner, get ready to witness some extravagant and thoughtful gestures of love. Speaking of love, that’s just one of the emotions that are deeply rooted and highly visible in a Piscean’s personality.


9They’re in Touch with Their Emotions

Piscean has no problem letting you in on their feelings. They have full control over themselves without letting you know.

Another quality that makes Pisces so great is how in touch they are with their emotions. Some Zodiac signs have many walls up to keep people out of their business, while others love to share their problems, but won’t return the favor when you need them. Not a Piscean. This sign is all about feelings, specifically sharing them and letting others know how you feel. If something is bothering them, you can bet that you’re going to hear about it soon enough. They have a hard time keeping secrets, especially good ones, because of this trait, but they definitely mean well.

Because a Piscean has no problem letting you in on their feelings, you can expect good communication in a relationship. You never have to guess what’s wrong because you’re going to find out whether you ask or not. The great thing about their openness is that they treat you the same. They expect you to listen to their emotions, but they don’t go so overboard as to block out your own. They take time and care in making sure they understand your situation and feelings and are prepared to help get you back into a comfortable mental headspace.

The Pisces sign is heavily influenced by emotions, so they’re very receptive to acts of kindness and declarations of love. They pick up on even the smallest gestures and let you know that they’ve noticed and appreciate your kindness. Thoughtfulness is something that they’re full of and is also something that they notice right away.


8Kindness is Their Strong Point

Piscean is ready to give you the clothes on their back. They are kindat heart not only for youngers but also for others

As a result of their deeply rooted emotions, Pisceans are also some of the kindest people you may meet. They are ready to assist at a moment’s notice and truly feel their best when they’re doing something to help others. This leads them to be frequent volunteers or helpers in organizations for the betterment of people. A Piscean is ready to give you the clothes on their back and doesn’t expect anything in return either. Kindness is their strongest point and coupled with their generosity, this sign is one that you won’t ever forget for their humanity.

Though Pisceans are some of the sweetest people you’re going to meet, unfortunately, not everyone values this trait for what it is. Some people notice their kindness and generosity and try to take advantage of it. When they’re successful, a Piscean may not say or do anything to get back what’s theirs, although they’ve noticed the trickery. This leads people to think that they’re just too dull to even realize it, but in fact, the Piscean is just giving them another chance in their book.

You could say that this sign is kind to a fault, but you won’t find another sign who’s going to treat you quite as well as this one does. If you’ve ever taken advantage of a Piscean and want to ask for forgiveness, don’t worry. They’re not hard to please and just a little consideration is often all it takes to get their forgiveness, which leads up to the next point.


7Forgive and Forget

A big part of what makes a Pisces a Pisces is the fact that they’re very laid back. There are a few other Zodiac signs who share this laid back trait, but Pisces have a significant amount of their “chill” vibes. There are few things that make them so angry that they hold a grudge over it. Even if it’s a big issue that would justify hard feelings of some sort, they don’t walk with a chip on their shoulder.

This quality of a Piscean is beneficial in so many parts of their lives. For one, it’s a must for romantic relationships. Because you spend so much time with a single person when you’re romantically involved, there’s that much more time to get into an argument. Arguments are a part of a healthy relationship, but it’s important that they don’t become a daily occurrence, nor do they cause chronic tension to either side. The best way to do that is to forgive and forget, and Pisceans have that part down.

In a professional relationship, Pisceans love to share their unique ideas and creative thought process. Even if someone doesn’t agree with them, they forgive them and move on easily. Harboring ill feelings for a coworker not only makes it awkward to work with them but it also indirectly affects your own productivity. The Pisces sign understands this and keeps their emotions out of work’s way, making life easier for everyone in the office.


6Believe In the Best of People

Pisces aren’t ones to get jealous or clingy. They have a positive nature and they believe that people around them are good too

From the different Zodiac signs, some signs are just better at making friends than others. Pisceans are the ones who are found with a loyal group of friends. That’s because they themselves give all their love and loyalty to their friends. They love social interaction and friendship in general and take steps to make friends wherever they go. They believe in the best of people, and so, they find friendship in the most unlikely places.  

When a Pisces believes in you, you can bet that they’re going to show you that through their actions. They’re the best cheerleaders you can have, as they’re always ready to give you a boost when you’re feeling down. They remind you of your strengths and help you work through your weaknesses. As a part of them believing in the best of people, they make sure you believe in the best of yourself, too.

In a relationship, Pisces aren’t ones to get jealous or clingy. They trust their partner wholly and don’t bother with gossip about their partner being unfaithful. They may feel emotions deeply, but they don’t go overboard with getting suspicious as a result of their love for their partner. Some people think they have too much of a hands-off approach to their relationship, but Pisceans just believe that anyone who cheats on them is only harming themselves. Believing in the best of people not only helps them make more friends and build new relationships, but it also helps them keep their old ones going strong.


5Easy Come, Easy Go

Pisceans rarely keep things the same for too long, and even if they have to do more work to get new things

A lot of people have trouble when it comes to adjusting to change in their life. It’s definitely not easy, but it’s something that you just have to deal with. For some, a change in minute detail from their schedule throws off their whole day. But for a Pisces, that’s not the case. They follow the traits of the water in their symbol: changing, flowing, and adapting. Just like this water, they have no trouble switching things up and going with the flow. They keep themselves busy with learning more about the new environment they’re put in, rather than focusing on how different it is from the old one. They don’t waste time in complaining about how everything has changed. They just accept it for what it is and keep moving forward.

It’s easy to see why this is a good trait for anyone to have. As a boss, it would be beneficial for your company or business to have this approach. Part of owning a business is rolling with the punches when you experience a loss of some sort. Similarly, as a worker, you need to be able to progress in your career, despite facing unemployment or stagnant work. This trait also helps them in their relationship when a partner wants to move in or even break up. Pisceans rarely keep things the same for too long, and even if they have to do more work to thrive in a new position, they’re ready to do it to make things work out.


4Attention to Detail

Pisces catch those things, regardless of how small or slightly different they may be. They pay attention to each and every detail.

Those who fall under the Pisces sign are often thought of as creative beings. That’s true to a certain level, but it’s really much more than that. Because of how creative this group is, they often think outside the box in many of their endeavors. They pay a lot of attention to detail, making it easier for them to notice the things that others overlook. Their hawk-eyed nature helps them catch their own mistakes, as well as point out the ones that others make. On smaller scale projects, they work quickly to get the job done, all while taking care of every aspect efficiently. Similarly, they have the same efficiency on larger projects and stick to their attentive nature to ensure it gets done properly. Even if they end up making a mistake, they don’t like to keep any hard feelings and work quickly to fix the issue.

On a personal level, a Piscean rarely forgets an important date, whether it’s something important, like an anniversary, or something as silly as a pet’s birthday party. You know how some partners don’t even notice when you cut your hair or spend time doing makeup for once? Pisces catch those things, regardless of how small or slightly different they may be. They remember all of the things that you like with great accuracy, and combining that with their love for extravagance, you’re probably going to have some thoughtful and exciting dates in your future with them.


3Devoted Partner

Pisces is important because devotion is what makes a romance work. They are proven devoted partner

Many people who look into the astrological sign of their partner do so to figure out their compatibility. They want to know which of their own traits go well with their partner’s, as these are telling of the future overall condition of their relationship. If you looked deeper into the dating situation with a Pisces, you’d probably think they’re your best bet for a lasting connection. Pisces are known to be very devoted partners in any kind of relationship, whether they’ve been with that person forever or have just started dating. Cheating in any way is far from what any Pisces is comfortable with doing, and this sign often has only a handful of romantic partners in their life.

This attribute of a Pisces is important because devotion is what makes romance work. If both partners aren’t devoted to each other and aren’t committed to making things work, they’re going to run out of love and patience for each other very quickly. Half-hearted devotion doesn’t work either. One partner can’t be willing to sacrifice everything, while the other only takes a little bit of the burden. Total devotion makes for a strong bond that’s unbreakable, even in the face of adversity or financial hardship. Without it, no relationship can withstand the ups and downs of life. That’s why a Piscean makes for such a good companion. When they get into a relationship, they’re in it for the long haul. They have intentions to stay with that person for as long as life allows them, and they give a whole new meaning to commitment.



Starting with a look into the workplace, all the pieces are observant and they observe all the things keenly.

Another great characteristic of a Piscean that comes in handy in all aspects of their life is the fact that they’re observant. They rarely miss a detail or fact, regardless of how small or big it is. They notice things that are usually easy to mix up or miss altogether. This trait of theirs helps them in several ways. Starting with a look into the workplace, being observant lets a Piscean pick up the task at hand quickly and perform better than someone who wasn’t paying attention to instructions. Similarly, being observant as a boss lets you know which of your employees are performing well, as well as how your profit margin is doing overall.

In personal relations, a Piscean can pick up on subtle changes in a person’s behavior or emotions. Even if their partner doesn’t come right out and say how they’re feeling, a Piscean can tell just by their behavior that they’re feeling a little off. When they perceive these small changes, they’re quick to make the necessary changes to help you feel better. The same thing goes for friends of a Piscean. When something is bothering their buddy, a Piscean can tell right away that things are amiss. The fact that this sign needs little to no explanation about the change in feelings of their loved ones allows them to build on their relationships. We all want someone who pays attention to our needs, and there’s no other Zodiac sign who can do that quite like a Piscean.


1Intelligently Intuitive

Piscean intuition is hardly ever wrong, which is why you should trust it. They are intelligent and take wise decisions.

Everyone has probably heard the saying “Trust your gut.” Sometimes, we have no other explanation for our actions except that we just “felt” like it was the right thing to do. Intuition has no scientific backing, yet it’s still very present in all of our lives. Some call it luck, but it’s more than just that. Oftentimes, these random feelings of being pulled towards or away from a certain direction are useful. You may find that it was a good idea to check on your quiet toddler in the other room because they were getting ready to go to town with that lipstick. You didn’t have a real reason to believe that; you just knew. That’s the gift that the Pisces sign has. For no apparent reason, they just know when some things are better choices than others.

A Pisces is equipped with this skill like no other Zodiac sign. Piscean intuition is hardly ever wrong, which is why you should trust it whether you’re a Pisces yourself or a completely different sign. This sign keeps things in check by trusting how they’re feeling and following through with that. They don’t go back and forth between choices. They pick one and stick with it, and this confident choosing gets rid of many problems other Zodiac signs face as well.

Not only does this skill help them make the right choices in life, Piscean intuition also helps them read people very well. They can tell when someone is honest or likely to cheat or lie. It’s certainly a versatile and useful tool in life.



Many people think that the Pisces sign is too mysterious to even tackle. Sometimes they’re hiding their feelings, while other times they’re sharing them with the world. This may true for some, but for the most part, the Pisces sign is complicated because it’s the last sign in the Zodiac. As a result, those born during this time have a little bit of all of the previous signs. Believe it or not, Pisces has a bit of every sign from Aries to Aquarius, making them a sort of mashup of everyone. You can find some good traits from different signs, as well as negative traits from others, all in one person. Because of this, Pisceans are truly unique people who have a lot to give and receive from the world.

Every Zodiac sign has traits that make them unique, for better or for worse. Depending on how you look at it, your Pisces friend could be lazy, overly sensitive, and a pushover, or they could be intuitive, sympathetic, and kind. It all depends on how you yourself view people. Even if you see some of these negative traits in yourself as a Piscean, that doesn’t mean that you can’t change them. None of these traits are set in stone, and just like any other goal, a little hard work is needed to get some changes underway. Your Zodiac traits aren’t a life sentence; they’re just a generalization that you can either solidify or dissolve as you’d like.