10 Reasons Libra is the Best Zodiac Sign


Born between September 23rd and October 22nd, Libras are known for being peaceful, diplomatic, and social. Represented by the scales, they value justice and equality and often seek out careers in law enforcement or in the non-profit sector. They also appreciate balance and symmetry, both in life and in art. Your Libra friend is likely the one dragging you to art and cultural events, as they hate being alone and love sharing things they find beautiful with others.

Unfortunately, an obsession with balance and equality also leads to indecision and a strong desire to avoid confrontation at all costs. Despite their fear of conflict, Libras are known to carry a grudge. While these can be frustrating qualities to deal with, they often work to a Libra’s advantage, making them an excellent friend. They are the first person you should go to when you are struggling with a decision since they are adept at analyzing issues and seeing them from all angles. As for their ability to hold a grudge, no Libra does so without justifiable cause. They believe in fairness but are also more than eager to penalize someone who has wronged them or a loved one.

When it comes right down to it, if you are a Libra or have one in your life, you should consider yourself very lucky. Even Libra’s negative qualities can be turned around with a bit of self-awareness, which each person born under this sign has in abundance. Still, have doubts? Take a look at 10 reasons why Libra is the absolute best Zodiac sign.


10Libras Take a Fair and Balanced Approach to Everything

Libras strive for balance in each area of their lives. They love people with a balanced life.

If you ask a Libra what they value most in life, the answer is going to be “balance.” Libras strive for balance in each area of their lives. If you have a friend who seems to have the perfect work-life balance, for example, there is a good chance they are born under this particular star sign. While you might catch a Libra working late or on the weekend, there is a good chance they first made sure some time off, or extra pay was coming their way before agreeing.

Libras are also known to be very fair. People in disputes with bosses, other friends, or romantic partners can always count on their Libra pal to be there, ready to offer an impartial opinion. Don’t be surprised if they ask a ton of follow-up questions. Their innate sense of fairness means that your friend needs as much information as possible before being comfortable with offering an opinion. It is this fair and balanced approach to life that makes them excellent lawyers, judges, and diplomats.

This sense for constant fairness and balance in life can make Libras incredibly indecisive. If this sounds like you, don’t worry! When faced with a choice you can’t quite make, try thinking about how you are going to view this moment in time 10 years in the future. Is there a particular outcome that you think you may regret? If so, there’s your answer! In other situations, you can reach out to your Leo and Taurus pals. People born under those signs are known for their quick calls and may encourage a faster decision-making process.


9They Are Very Charming

Libra never fakes friendship or affections. They are passionate about their relationships with others.

Do you have one friend who seems to charm their way through life? Or a friend who seems to get away with almost anything without earning a reputation for being difficult or having a bad attitude? They are probably a Libra. People born under this sign are charming, and they know it. Unlike other, more arrogant signs (we see you Leo), Libras don’t let this skill go to their heads. Instead, they are more than happy to use it to help out friends and loved ones as well as getting things like that coveted seat upgrade for themselves.

This sense of charm is what draws so many people to Libras. They are instantly likable by almost everyone they encounter. While it is easy to make a good impression, Libras are also known for being genuine. They have warm energy that becomes, even more, appealing the longer you get to know them. The Libra in your life never fakes friendship or affections; you can trust their every action, to be honest, and from the heart.

If you are a Libra and this seems unfamiliar, you probably turn on the charm without even knowing. Think about times in your life where you got away with something your sibling or classmates got punished for. There is a good chance you talked your way out of trouble without any effort at all. Remember to only use this strength for good, though. As a Libra, you know that no one escapes the scales of justice, and using your charm to take advantage of others only invites karmic repercussions.


8Libras Love Romance

Libra partner is loyal to the core, very trustworthy, and they can make your relationship work.

Once you know exactly how charming a Libra can be, sometimes without even trying, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to learn that they are also hopelessly romantic. Ruled by Venus, Libras are in love with love as much as they are with balance and justice. Their charming personalities mean that just about everyone is drawn to them, though they themselves may be choosy when it comes to who is worthy of their affections.

Libras don’t love lightly either. Once they give their heart to someone, they are in 100 percent. Your Libra partner is loyal to the core, very trustworthy, and is going to do everything they can to make your relationship work. While they hate conflict, they are also not going to let big issues go. Their need for justice is too strong for them to sit and dwell. Instead, they may try to defuse a tense situation with humor before trying to find a solution everyone can agree on.

Those born under this sign typically crave long-term stability. In fact, Libra is the sign of marriage, which may be why so many of the people born under it are eager for that kind of traditional commitment. Make sure that you take the time to find the right partner, however. Libras can only be happy if they have found someone they share a deep and meaningful connection with. While there is nothing wrong with a fling or two, settling for someone you don’t have much in common with only sets you up for disappointment and heartbreak.


7Diplomacy Comes Naturally to Libras

If you are a Libra, we recommend you not to rely on your diplomatic nature to avoid necessary conflict.

With their unique combination of charm, sociability, wit, and intellect, Libras are natural diplomats. Since they hate conflict, they have learned how to handle just about any situation without resorting to arguments, insults, or violence. Cooperation and compromise are key in the eyes of a Libra. The Libra in your group is probably the one who keeps you all happy together by resolving minor disputes between friends without much effort at all. Knowing where the middle ground is, and convincing everyone involved to settle there is one of the biggest skills a Libra has.

Just because they dislike confrontation doesn’t mean that a Libra is going to simply accept a disrespectful situation. Their sense of justice and need for fairness in all areas of life mean that they are driven to work out solutions that are agreeable for everyone involved. If you are dealing with a sensitive issue, seek out your Libra friend. Thanks to their diplomacy, they might be able to help you find a solution you hadn’t thought of before. This skill makes Libras excellent mediators and negotiators.

If you are a Libra, make sure you aren’t relying on your diplomatic nature to avoid necessary conflict. There are going to be situations in life where you simply have to have a fight or disagree with someone. This is particularly true in healthy romantic relationships and friendships. While there is nothing wrong with compromise, there are some things that you just can’t find a middle ground on. For example, if your loved one is mistreating you, there is no excuse. There is no amount of bad treatment you should accept.


6They Have a Great Eye

Libras can typically be found in positions where taste matters. They are the trend setters and create fashion for the followers

Venus is Libra’s ruling planet, which means that in addition to being fantastic lovers, Libras have expensive and discerning tastes. They find that their lives are enriched by being surrounded by the best of the best. The Libra in your life is likely ahead of the curve on almost all trends. This is true for fashion, music, art, and even vacation spots. They seem to innately know what the next big thing is going to be. If you want to get in on a trend before it hits the mainstream, ask your Libra friend for their opinion.

Since they are known to be trendsetters, Libras can typically be found in positions where taste matters. Fashion designers, interior decorators, and even talent scouts are all excellent career options. A Libra’s ability to get along well in just about any social situation along with their agreeable and diplomatic nature helps them fit in no matter what kind of corporate culture their workplace has. Of course, high-conflict settings may not be a good match.

Having a great eye doesn’t just extend to objects. While Libras attract attention from just about everyone wherever they go, they don’t let just anyone into their inner circle. If your bestie was born under this sign, you should consider yourself lucky that they let you in. Libras who don’t have a wide social circle can take comfort in the fact that they are probably just choosier than others when it comes to picking friends. It isn’t a lack of popularity; it’s being wise about who you decide to trust.


5Libras Are Social Butterflies

Libras are Social Butterflies. They appear trustworthy and friendly even at first glance

Do you have a friend who is always the life of the party? Who is able to instantly win over a room by telling a few jokes or offering up some spur-of-the-moment entertainment? Your friend is probably a Libra. Unlike Virgo and other signs who hate the spotlight, Libras thrive on attention. No matter what is going on in their lives, if there is a chance to work a room, they are definitely going to take it.

Libras are very likable, thanks to their agreeable and sociable nature and natural charm. While they can work a room, they are also excellent one-on-one communicators. If you have just spilled the beans about your entire life to a stranger, there is a good chance they are a Libra. They appear trustworthy and friendly even at first glance thanks to their warm energy and laid-back personality. There are very few social situations that can make a Libra feel awkward. Instead of thinking about the potential negatives of the situation, they are going to do everything they can to spin it into a positive. For example, if your Libra buddy trips while skating, they are probably going to make a bit of a show of falling down and then laugh about it rather than feel embarrassed.

If you are a Libra, make sure you don’t go overboard with socialization. There is a time and a place to work a room, for sure, but you also need to learn when a quiet conversation is best. Friends in need require your undivided attention, even if you are at a lively party and are just itching to get to know more people. Remember that life requires a balance and strive to reach that instead.


4They Are Easy-Going and Flexible

Libras are also very good at embracing change, never fighting against it. They have changing nature

Perhaps it is because Libras hate conflict so much, but they are one of the most laid-back signs in the Zodiac. This is another reason why Libra is the best. No Libra is going to spend hours dwelling on something that happened in the past, nor are they going to sit and fret about the future if there is nothing that can practically be done to alter the outcome.

When plans have to change, your Libra friend can easily roll with whatever comes next. This is one of the reasons why they are the perfect travel buddy. They may lack the organizational strengths required to get a trip going, but once there, they can help you get past any setbacks. Libras are great at reducing stress by helping you see the situation from all sides.

Being easy-going and flexible also means that Libras can make the best out of any situation they find themselves in. Can’t afford a nice apartment? That’s okay, the Libra in your life can help you make a home out of any living arrangement. Libras are also very good at embracing change, never fighting against it. If you have been feeling overwhelmed and powerless about changes in your own life, ask your Libra friend for help. They can bring their sense of balance and easy-going-nature to your situation, helping you adapt to those changes.

While Libras are known to be flexible, they are also fiercely protective. Any laid-back attitude they have goes out the window when someone threatens them, their loved ones, or their ideals. They understand that an easy-going attitude can only go so far.


3Intelligence Matters Most to Libras

Libras are usually well-versed on a variety of subjects. They are intelligent and love to find new solutions.

Since Libra is an air sign, those born under it are known for their creativity, desire for debate, and strong intellectual energy. People who thrive on intellectual discussions and debate are probably Libras. They are also quick-witted, capable of destroying an argument with just a few words while still making observers laugh.

When it comes to a romantic partner or close friend, Libras prefer to spend their time with those who challenge them intellectually. While they don’t want someone who is going to introduce conflict or drama into their lives, they do enjoy speaking with people who can bring a new perspective to an existing topic. Libras are usually well-versed on a variety of subjects, so you better brush up on your trivia if you are hoping to attract one!

Libras also love learning. They often seek out additional educational opportunities, going as far as graduate school in some situations. Those that do not pursue formal educational opportunities are still lifelong learners. Instead of attending structured classes, they may opt for workshops, learning online, and thoroughly researching topics of interest. When the Libra in your life offers their opinion about something, you can be sure that it is informed.

If you are a Libra and this doesn’t sound like you, don’t worry! Libras are also known for being “street smart” in addition to well educated. You may not love spending your time at libraries, but you probably love talking with new people, hearing new stories, and experiencing new things.


2They Are Optimistic

Libra is usually in a good mood and is able to find beauty in just about everything. They have positive attitude

Libras may try to take a fair and balanced approach to life, but they are optimists at heart. They are quick to see the best in any person or situation, always looking at the glass as half-full. The Libra in your life is usually in a good mood and is able to find beauty in just about everything. If you are having a bad day or feel stuck in a negative rut, call your Libra pal. They have what it takes to lighten your mood and help you see things from a more balanced (and optimistic) perspective without being over the top or annoying.

Being so optimistic is one of the reasons why Libras are so charming, sociable, and capable of diffusing high-conflict situations. They approach everything as though it is going to work out. This is not to say that Libras aren’t also realistic. Their ability to analyze situations and their desire for fairness and equality mean that they are well aware of the negativity in the world. Having an optimistic approach offers some balance and helps them deal with the negative aspects of life.

This optimism means that Libras almost always appreciate the small things. Even minor gestures of kindness mean a lot to your Libra pal because they are indications that the world is indeed a good place. Consider leaving small notes for your bestie to find when you aren’t around or send your Libra partner flowers just because. Small actions like these go a long way to brightening up their world.


1Libras Are Caring and Compassionate

Libras have caring and compassionate nature and they care for their all relationships either it is a friend or family members


Your most compassionate and sympathetic friend is likely a Libra. Just as they appreciate kindness from others, they are infamous for their own caring and compassionate nature. Your Libra friend is the one who is there for the rest of your social circle without question whenever one of you is in need.

Libras are excellent listeners, taking the time to fully understand the issue before offering their own opinion or guidance. Even if the problem is one that cannot be fixed, you can count on your friend to provide you with all the emotional support you need to cope. While Libras have a ton of other strengths, this quality makes them excellent friends, perhaps the best of all the Zodiac.

People born under this sign are also known to be very selfless, eager to do what it takes to make their friends and family happy. You can count on them to be reliable as well. If your Libra buddy gave you their word, nothing on Earth could make them break that promise.

If you are a Libra, make sure that people in your life aren’t taking advantage of your generous and caring nature. Once others learn that you have a hard time saying “no” to people in need, they may start to demand more and more from you. Use your fair and balanced nature to determine reasonable boundaries and enforce them to preserve your mental sanity. Use your charm and diplomacy to communicate these boundaries with others in a friendly yet direct way to be sure they are respected without the need for future conflict.



Of course, Libras do have negative traits as well. They take forever to make a decision, they avoid confrontation to an excessive degree, and they can carry a grudge better than almost any other sign in the Zodiac. Additionally, their optimistic nature can sometimes become grating, especially when they try to use their charm to drag you out of bad mood. However, these are also the exact qualities that make Libras the best. For example, delaying a decision until all the facts are in is a much better way to approach choices in your life. Avoiding conflict is sometimes the best way to go, even if the other party has already decided they want to fight. And who among us hasn’t held a grudge against someone for hurting your best friend or loved one?

Everyone should have a Libra in their life. People born under this sign always go the extra mile for their loved ones and are always eager to help in times of need. Your Libra friend can be counted on to help you move, get out of a bad date, and to hold you when you need to cry. They are also there with fashion recommendations, interior design tips, and concert tickets to the best band you have never heard.

If you are a Libra, keep all of these positive traits in mind, especially on your bad days. Your personality makes you the glue that holds your social group together, helps you shine at work, and drives your charitable actions. Learn more about what makes you the best so you can keep making the lives of everyone you touch better.