• KaayC

    Plain and simply they suck. I grew up with three of them. Linda Goodman (herself an Aries astrologer) said that fate rarely allows more than one Aries in a family. How did I luck out with three? They are absolutely the most self-absorbed, rude and most especially almost ALWAYS angry people. They have delusions of grandeur and live and breathe for the warpath.

    Need more info? Adolph Hitler was an Aries so need I say more? About the only positive I can honestly say is Aries rules the head so they are very quick thinkers. Quick, but often erroneous. Rams can also turn on the fake charm quite well almost believing their own BS thereby fooling people who do not get to know their true personalities. They are fully capable of bald face lies and if you get involved with one be prepared to always and forever listen to their grandiose chatter on their favorite and almost exclusive topic – themselves. That would even be tolerable if it were not coupled with their always trying to control others around them by imposing their rude expectations of what others should or shouldn’t be doing. They are the center of their universe and everyone else has to revolve around their expectations kind of a thing. Be especially wary of Aries born the first week of April for the warmongering. As babies of the zodiac they typically have the emotional IQ of a three year old.

    These Ram people seem to burn out and from what I have observed usually aquire serious health problems. Maybe it is all the cortisol coursing through their always on the warpath, always aggressive bloodstreams. I know it is one big toxic stew to be around them. If you are an Aries I am sorry for my candor. Please get help.

    There are so many really sweet signs – Aquarians, Pisces, Capricorns, Leo, Taurus all come to mind, but Aries are just really the worst. I don’t say this to be harsh, just the voice of experience. I worked with the emotionally disturbed and a coworker of mine noticed there were so many Aries troublemakers causing major fights and issues. It was seriously true! I can usually spot them a mile off saying “So just when in April is your birthday”? There are other loveable fire signs – Saggitarius and Leo who have lots of energy, but Aries are just full of firey, hot air. Move on. You can do better!

    • Ileana Weaver

      WOW! Tell us Aries how you really feel…..

      • KaayC

        I did.

  • Skyline

    Aries women are the devil….Period.

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      thanks man 🙂

    • Sylvie Nathalie Dashnay

      Incert evil laughter here!!

  • KaayC

    Where is my commentary that took considerable time to compose and post?

  • mimi?

    Is this satire, or do you really hate us this much?
    I agree with some points, then there are lots of details that are painfully inaccurate. Aries is definitely in the top five for the worst signs, i agree, but we are definitely not number one. Nor are we terrible people on purpose… Just to clear the air a little i guess. A lot of these “Facts” that are listed here, lots of Aries already know them about ourselves. We are one of the most misunderstood signs because of our assertive nature, no one takes the time to try and figure out why we are so blunt and assertive.. instead they just judge and make articles like this and claim that we are horrible.

    BUT. all in all. I cannot argue with your point of view. and you are definitely entitled to it. and I can’t make you change your mind about it.. that would be up to you.

    • Safa

      True!!! I completely agree!

  • Safa

    First of all why do you hate Aries this much?
    What they did to you ? some of them are true I agree but most of the stuffs u mentioned are simply being exaggerated or misunderstood. You hate Aries I get that! U literally called all the Aries Rapist selfish cheater take what they want ,stab people in the back, steal ur man/ women all the worst names in the book! What’s ur sign? Just curious to know which sign is awful mean rude liar who makes stories up without having real knowledge about it! All the awful things u said above says nothing about Aries but says lot about you!! I pray to god that u will you find peace in ur life.