What is my Spirit Animal?

Osprey Spirit Animal
What is my Spirit Animal?

What is my Spirit Animal? (10 Ways to find Out!)


Discovering your spirit animal radically can change your life in positive, countless ways. Working with an animal spirit guide’s ‘medicine’ or ‘energy’ may assist in enhancing your spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental abilities.



As you discover your spirit animal you will have a selection to make – either accept its messages then take action on them or simply walk away. Should you accept the animal spirit guide’s messages the take action on them you may find your entire life transforming.




Because it is a spiritual awakening to discover your spirit animal and really integrating its lessons, medicine, and energy into your existence. Tastes, thought patterns, careers, and relationships – anything that will no longer serve your best and highest interest is going to fall away.


As you discover your spirit animal, you start to know that there are worlds beyond this material one where we reside. Your six senses may become sharper as you’ll begin to use natural instincts to “think.”


It may seem a bit overwhelming yet if you were not prepared for transmutation, if you were not prepared to live a better life, you would not be looking for your spirit animal and you would not be reading this post.


Discovering your spirit animal may aid you to find the…


  • Wisdom to make difficult decisions
  • Strength to overcome addiction and depression and find joy
  • Journey to tune into your intuitive or psychic self
  • Capability of communicating more effectively or speaking your truth
  • Courage to leave toxic relationships, go to college, or request a raise

Below we will list 10 methods for finding your spirit animal:

10Pay attention


Pay close attention to which animal(s) keeps showing up in pictures, songs, books, movies, conversations, etc. Just trust that if Horses, Crickets, Red Cardinals, etc., keep appearing to you, they’re attempting to help you out in some way.


Most cultures consider crows to be Sacred Law keepers, for nothing will escape their keen eyesight. To have crows as a power animal is very powerful stuff. As we meditate on crows and align with them, we’re instilled with wisdom to understand ourselves beyond the limits of one-dimensional laws and thinking. We’re taught to appreciate the multiple dimensions of both ourselves and reality, and learn to trust our personal integrity and intuition.


Their complicated vocabulary is an indication of their intelligence, and also is an indication of their significance as a power animal. As a crow explores something fresh, other people watch very closely to witness what happens then learn from it. They’ll oftentimes make a lot of noise as hunters are around, to warn deer and additional birds. Crows recognize possible danger and therefore always post a lookout while feeding. It’s their most vulnerable time. It’ll help us know that we have to watch what we believe, in order to test our habitual concepts regarding reality against a more universal standard.


Without paying close attention, we don’t have the ability to comprehend the language of crows, it’ll signify the truth that we cannot always see beyond our very own cultural limits. Those limits include specific moral codes of wrong and right, in conjunction with ‘rules’ accompanying those codes.



  1. Turn all electronic devices off and be certain you cannot be disturbed.
  2. Create and protect this sacred space. It’s possible to use crystals, prayer, ask the four directions and Father Sky and Mother Earth to join in.
  3. Breathe and relax.
  4. As you’re prepared, invite the spirit animal to come forward. Do not panic if an animal does not appear immediately. At this time, trust is necessary.
  5. As an animal appears, thank it for coming and welcome it.
  6. Ask it if it’s your animal spirit guide. If the animal replies “yes”, ask what messages the animal has for you. Allow the animal helper to know you need honest messages – even if they’re a bit difficult to know.
  7. As the spirit animal is finished giving its messages, request if there’s anything you might do in return for it.
  8. You will sense when your session is nearing a close. Thank the spirit animal for coming and tell her/him, truthfully, if you’ll integrate its messages within your life.
  9. As you’re comfortable, go back to the physical world.
  10. Thank all four directions, Father Sky and Mother Earth, then release their energies.
  11. Take some time to journal your experience. Include every detail it’s possible to remember. It’s an important measure. It isn’t enough to meet the spirit animal then, forget her/him. It is useful to revisit the guide’s lessons until you no longer require its medicine.




Dreaming about animals is important. Human beings don’t often think they’re getting messages from their spirit animal guides; therefore, they’ll visit us in a dreamstate. Oftentimes, it’s a lot easier for people to trust their dreams instead of their own intuition while undergoing meditations or in waking times.


Generally, animals in dreams symbolize instinctual or basic emotions, behaviors, and actions. Usually, those emotions, behaviors, and instincts are repressed in the shadow part of our personalities because they’re deemed unacceptable and thereby go unacknowledged within the daytime. These animals in your dreams might represent behavior or character traits you show during the day which are similar.


To know what it means to you, think about the specific animal, what it’s doing, and where it is. Which trait comes to mind as you think of it?


The answer might be a sign of the emotion or instinct you might be repressing or behavior you’re expressing within the daytime. For example, if you imagine cats as being intuitive or feminine, dreaming of them might imply that you’re repressing your sexuality or feminine side. If you imagine lions as ferocious, you might be releasing your rage towards others. Also, the animal might be representing somebody else who’s displaying this trait or behavior in waking life. For further insight, look up the potential meanings of that specific animal.

7Take a quiz


Everybody has a spirit animal which embodies their most prominent traits. However, finding your spirit animal might take some effort. All animal personality quizzes will open the door in order for you to see deeper inside yourself then determine which kind of animal represents you. Simply answer some questions, and you’ll receive crazy accurate insight which may change the way in which you see your life and yourself!


Every question presented within a spirit animal quiz is made to uncover something personal about you. What might you find out from taking a spirit animal quiz? As you take a spirit animal quiz, you uncover lots of personal details about yourself. Every piece of data assists the quiz in deciding which animal fits your preferences and personality best. As you discover what animal represents you, it’s possible to use the results of the quiz to learn even more information about yourself.


Having knowledge of your spirit animal provides you a window inside your life and personality. You suddenly may know why you enjoy hanging out often with friends and staying out late. If your animal is a bat, those things are going to naturally come to you! You also may gain insight which aids you in making critical decisions concerning your life. The next time you do not know what you should do in your personal life or career, ask what your spirit animal might do. Understanding how a pure version of yourself might behave may give you permission to make difficult choices.

6 Observe nature


Take notice of the direction of the patterns of the bird and wind above you.


The East is related to spring, the color yellow, fire, the sun, sacred tobacco, children, and the Eagle. It’ll bring us the lesson of responsible relationships, as well as the magic of prophecy and higher vision. East is the way of illumination, determination, imagination, and enlightenment innocence.


The North is related to winter, the color white, air, wind, cedar, the elders, and the Bear. It’ll bring us the lesson of utilizing your potential and magic of manifestation. North is the way of knowledge, balance, sacred wisdom, abundance, and trust. It’ll play a powerful force upon your empathic intuition and inner treasures of wisdom. It’s the direction of the animal kingdom, will embody logic and wisdom, as well as opens folks to receive energy.


The South is related to summer, the color black, youth, earth, the Wolf, and sweet grass. It’ll bring us the lesson of death, life, magic of creation, and rebirth. The direction is the way of protection, overcoming obstacles, self-sufficiency, playfulness, and change. It’s the direction of resurrection, purification, and will embody faith in all things.


The West is related to the fall season, the color red, sage, water, the Buffalo, and parents. It’ll bring us the lesson of emotional healing, adaptation, creativity, as well as the magic of shape shifting. West is the way of intuition, healing, strength of will, and communication. It’s the direction of abundance and will embody the emotional elements of all things.


5 Research more on animals which interest you


Study more about animals which interest you. TV shows and books are an excellent place to begin. Reflect upon why specific animals stand apart to you and attempt to identify characteristics and traits with which you can relate. Here are a few facts:




The butterfly is symbolic of transformation. Butterfly guides appear throughout times of life development and change. With the guidance of butterflies, transition through those changes are going to come with grace and more ease.




The feline symbolizes independence, adventure, and curiosity. Also, the cat may represent the art of wholeness and patience.




Generally, the deer is considered to guide highly intuitive, sensitive folks who are very spiritual. The ones connected to the animal are successful and confident, yet they also should strive to be more graceful and gentle.




Doves represent new beginnings, blessings, and peace. The ones who are stressed or worried might use some of that energy to discover peace.




Dolphin spirit guides represent playful wisdom. Oftentimes they’re spiritual teachers which aid in communicating as messengers for additional guides.




Elephants symbolize spiritual understanding, gentleness, and wisdom. Soul searchers set to work within a humanitarian capacity oftentimes connect with that guide.




Frogs are the spirit guide of healing, and they represent the procedure of healing both physical and emotional wounds. Usually, the frog connects with the ones on the path to discovering peace from suffering.




Foxes are guides of camouflage. They symbolize the art of detachment—following your instinct to grow with and adapt to our surroundings.



Embrace the journeying process. The shamanic tradition thinks journeying permits you to see your life from a spiritual and detached state, oftentimes uncovering your real inner self. Here’s the details on discovering your power animal. You’ll require a soundtrack of drumming which especially is designed for shamanic journeys. It may be ordered from Foundation for Shamanic Studies, or you can find drumming online. This should be at the minimum of one-hour long.


Get comfy in a quiet area in where there are no interruptions for a minimum of 40 minutes.  As you’re completely relaxed, imagine that you’re strolling along a journey which leads to a special space you actually have seen before, an area which leads into the earth. And then, you’ll see that there’s a lengthy tunnel that leads down into Earth from this entranceway. Follow that entranceway down deeper into Earth. Permit the path to take you as it will.


Request of your power animal to show you what occurred in your past life, and help you heal and resolve the problems – to study how you can come from the power of your Spirit; power of Love. And, go back to the tunnel and stroll back up out of your passageway until you get back to the entrance in which you entered into Earth. Stroll back along the path, and go back to the room in which you’re visioning from. Take time to completely return into your body, and bring ALL of yourself back, filling all your body with yourself, all of the way to your eyelashes, toes, and finger tips.

3 Note repetitive animal encounters


Note repetitive animal encounters. Whether in symbolic or physical form, like an image or an object. Repetition might be a sign. Use numerology, for instance: in Numerology meanings, Number 1 symbolizes the primal energy with which everything springs forth. And, therefore, 1 symbolizes the start, or the ‘creator.’


The number 1 isn’t complicated. It’s a forthright figure which draws a solid line between wrong and right, evil and good with pure pragmatism. It’s the figure of both clever warriors and staunch individuals. It’s firmly masculine, principled, and justice-driven. One looks for a clear truth and can’t stand up to pretense.


While expanding Number 1 meanings and symbolism into the animal realm, it isn’t uncommon to view a singular creature. If the creature is your Power, Totem, or Spirit Animal it’ll bear a message for you. If it’s an additional creature, and one which you discover to be fascinating or somehow out of place, you may consider that animal’s symbolism and meaning in basic terms – just keep it simple similar to Number 1.


For instance, the Wolf is a loyal pathfinder who might be telling you that you’re going in way too many directions – narrow the objective to one heartfelt thing. Rabbit speaks of alertness and capability of swiftly moving out of harm’s way. Be on the lookout for the direction where rabbits run for more insights. Hummingbirds represent life’s sweetness – so stop and smell the flowers!


2Native American Zodiac and Astrology


Use Native American Zodiac and Astrology. For instance: the Bear Totem.

Bear totems are tied to the element of the earth and cardinal direction of the west. Folks who are born with this totem possess manly traits, even amongst women. It offers bears with an inside strength which is balanced with sincerity, acceptance, and truthfulness.


If a Bear is your Native American totem, you’re naturally curious. The more challenging the puzzle, the more it’ll intrigue you. As a mystery unravels the following action includes sharing this information, yet this type of gift ought to be balanced with care. You do not want to spoil an epiphany or surprise for somebody else.


Bear people are discrete and practical. You enjoy sitting back and collecting details for future use. Also, bear is an extremely physical individual responding strongly to sensual input. Amongst the challenges for this totem is knowing that there’s more to the world than merely what we encounter upon the corporal level. Your spiritual self: it is not easily categorized inside the neat filing cabinet of the mind.


If a Bear is you, personal space is extremely important to you. This cave is welcoming and secure. It’s a place in which you safely can explore all elements of your inner realm. You visit that sacred area for calm revitalization.

Bear isn’t a creature of change. What other people refer to as the same-old, same-old you discover to be assuring and comfortable. Nevertheless, Bear has to study how to deal with transformations otherwise he never will really grow into fullness.

1 Be attentive and open as animals appear within your life


When animals appear in your life, be attentive and open. Don’t be dismissive or afraid. Make it crystal clear that your heart is open, instead, particularly if the animal behaves out of the ordinary.


Human-animal bonds are dynamic and mutually beneficial relationships between animals and people which positively influences the well-being and health of both. While most of us intuitively know the advantages of positive interactions with animals within our lives, an emerging research body is realizing the impact the animal-human bond may have on community and individual health.


Just a couple of examples of therapy animals that are improving the emotional, social, and physical health of clients:


One therapy canine has a positive effect upon patients’ level of pain and satisfaction with their stay at the hospital after total joint arthroplasty. (See citations here)


Patients with fibromyalgia spending time with therapy dogs rather than inside outpatient waiting areas at pain management facilities showed substantial improvements in mood, pain, and additional distress measures.


Walking programs which matched sedentary folks with therapy animals resulted within a rise in walking over a 52-week intervention with participants stating that their adherence motivation was “these dogs need us to take them for a walk.”


The existence of an animal significantly can boost positive social behaviors amongst kids who have autism spectrum disorder.


Kids made fewer mistakes in match-to-sample classification task within the presence of a canine relative to a human or stuffed dog.




As you discover your spirit animal, studying to incorporate its teachings into your realm may be exciting and occasionally a bit scary or confusing. Understanding Biomimicry may help.


That is a fancy method of saying that we ought to look to nature then duplicate its systems because doing this will aid us in living a more sustainable and happier life.

Scientists! They’re so…scientific, right? ?


Are you in the military, a fire fighter, or a police person? Do you have to stealthily move through a possibly dangerous situation? Learning to duplicate the lightning fast and cautious movements of the Cheetah may help.


Do you play on a sports team and have to learn how to more accurately aim? Studying the amazing eyesight of a Hawk might help.


Do you work in a child care facility and require assistance learning how to corral all of the children in after recess? Perhaps taking a look at how horse herds move as one unit may help.


Learning all that’s possible about your animal guide’s behavior and habitat really can make all the difference in having the ability to grow and learn from the help it provides you. While learning more about your spirit guide, lessons you had not realized or known originally are going to present themselves.