Are Vampires Real? 10 Terrifying Reasons They Might Be

5. Science Proves That Vampires are Possible



When people try to disprove something, they often look to science. In the case of vampires, however, science actually proves that it is possible. Two modern studies, one from Science magazine and one from Nature Medicine magazine came to the same conclusion: blood can improve health.


Both studies looked at mice, and took blood from young mice and transfused it into older mice. Both studies then found that the aging process of the older mice, specifically in the muscles and brain, was reversed.


There is more, too. Research done at Harvard University found that older mice that were give a specific protein, which is only found in younger mice, could run longer on treadmills. Furthermore, researchers that the University of California found that a specific memory center in the brains of old mice was “turned on” when the mice were given blood from younger mice.


These findings, thus far, are only limited to mice, but there is also a reason that researchers use mice to do experiments like this…mice and human bodies are remarkably similar in the way they work. So, we can conclude that it is certainly possible that as research moves forward, that these effects can be recreated in adults, i.e. transfusing the blood from a young person into the body of an old person. Or, as generally happens, a pill will be created that will do all of this for us, allowing people to live longer than ever before…like a vampire.

4. The Story of Mercy Brown



Thus far, there has only been mention of vampires in Europe, but there are also documented vampires in the U.S. One of the most well-known is Mercy Brown.


Mercy Brown was known as the last North American vampire. She was a farmer’s daughter who lived in Exeter, Rhode Island, and she died in 1892 at the young age of 19 years old of consumption. She was entombed according to the typical practice, which we still do today…but here is where things get a little fishy.


Mercy Brown had a brother, Edwin, who also had consumption, and was sent to Colorado, as the air was better to breathe. He, however, began to improve and was able to come home soon after Mercy Brown passed away. When he arrived home, however, Edwin took a turn for the worst. At the same time, people in the town of Exeter reported to see Mercy Brown near her brother’s home…but remember, she was dead and buried, so how could that be?


George Brown, Mercy’s father, became suspicious of these sightings, and asked town leaders to exhume her body. When they did, they found the body was quite fresh looking, but she had been dead for two months. When they saw this, the group decided to cut open her chest cavity, and found that the heart still had liquid, fresh blood in it. This, of course, made them believe that she was a vampire, so they cut the heart out of the body and burned it upon a rock.

3. Elizabeth Bathory – The Countess of Blood



Elizabeth Bathory is not only known as the most prolific female serial killer in the history of the world, she is also known as one of the most violent and frightening vampire.


Elizabeth Bathory lived in the late 16th and early 17th centuries, and was a Hungarian noble. Throughout her life, it is estimated that she tortured and killed as many as 600 people, mostly female servants. Now, this isn’t a list about serial killers, it is about vampires, right? So here it goes…according to more than 300 witness accounts, Bathroy not only drank the blood of her victims, she also bathed in it.


To obtain this blood, and to keep her looking youthful, as that’s what she is said to have believed, she would torture and murder young female servants. Of course, they had to be virgins, too, or Bathory would not bathe in the blood.


Some of the things that witnesses report that Bathroy did to her victims include heating metals sticks in fires and placing them in different areas of the body…yes, those areas, and stitched the lips of servants together with a needle and thread. She was also accused of cutting flesh from the buttocks of her servants, cooking it, and making them eat it and put servants in ice water outside in the winter until they died of hypothermia.


Bathory was eventually arrested and imprisoned for her crimes, and she is often compared to the most famous vampire of them all, Vlad the Impaler, who the story of Count Dracula is based on.