10 Terrific Tom Brady Facts

Top 10 Facts about Tom Brady
Top 10 Facts about Tom Brady

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Tom Brady, The New England Patriots’ Quarterback: 10 Terrific Tom Brady Facts  

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If you live in the USA and follow the football (even if you only ever watch the Super Bowl) you will have heard of Tom Brady.

Tom Brady is considered to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.  One of only two players to win the Super Bowl (3 times) and the NFL (twice) Most Valuable Player award multiple times he led the New England Patriots to six Super Bowls (of which they won 4) and has the record for more Super Bowl touchdown passes than any other player.

Tom Brady has led his team to 170 season and 21 post season game wins.  He was the leading athlete in the NFL Top 100 in 2010 following a season where he achieved a record of 358 consecutive passes without interception and became the first quarterback to throw 20 or more touchdowns in a season.  Following injury in 2008 he returned ready to win in 2009 and received two Comeback Player of the Year awards. Loyal to the team that picked him from the draft he has had 170 career wins with them – a record for the most wins with one single team.

Just reading this small selection of his awards and achievements makes you realize quite how extraordinary Tom Brady is.  While his extraordinary athletic record is well known there are other facts about his life which are a little more hidden.  Here is our list of 10 things you really should know about the inspirational Tom Brady.

10Tom Brady Was Born In California.

Tom Brady was born in California

Tom Brady was born in 1977 as the only son in a family of four children.  His background is incredibly mixed with his father coming from an Irish family while his mother comes from Polish, Norwegian and Swedish stock.  He was raised as a Catholic.

Football was a passion of his from an early age as he loved to watch games played by the 49ers in the Candlestick Park.  His idol at the time was Joe Montana, a man who would later be one of his inspirations in the game.  He was privileged to witness the famous 1981 game between the 49ers and Dallas Cowboys where Joe Montana threw to Dwight Clark.

As a child he would regularly attend football camp at San Mateo and in addition to his football team, the 49ers he was also a fan of the basketball teams the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics.  He was not a supporter of the New England Patriots at all.

In 2012 his school renamed their football stadium after Tom Brady – its ‘most famous’ alumnus.

9Tom Brady Studied At The University Of Michigan.

Tom Brady went to Michigan!

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After school Tom Brady went to the University of Michigan.  He was not, by any means, a highly regarded player.  He was only positioned seventh on the depth chart and was not given as much playing time as he felt he deserved, often being benched in favor of other players perceived as having more innate talent.  Even today Tom Brady is a little upset about the way he was treated during his early years at the university and there was a time that he considered transferring.  When he mentioned this to the Michigan coach he was given leave to go should he want to – instead he walked out of the meeting having committed to improving his own game. He was having such a hard time that he went to a sports psychologist for help.  Greg Harden helped him to realize what he could do and where he needed to improve.

So determined was Tom Brady to make a success of his opportunities at Michigan that he would stay up late to watch films of games in order to help him analyze the way other players moved and played the ball and the strategies that coaches would employ.  It gave him a competitive edge, allowing him to keep his accuracy high and his concentration on his job even when other people would be powering towards him.  He was proving that natural talent could be improved on with sheer hard work and diligence.

8He Battled For And Won The Starter Position For Michigan.

Tom Brady won his starting position by being a survivor

Tom Brady’s time at Michigan was  blighted in part by a battle with Drew Henson for time to shine.  Drew Henson was an early bloomer, a man with a great and remarkable level of natural talent.  In 1999 Drew Henson was not even playing or training for football in the early part of the year – he was playing baseball instead (he has played both sports professionally).  Even without training, however, his natural talent was good enough for him to challenge Tom Brady for the starter position.  The coach, unable to choose between them and under pressure from Drew Henson’s father, decided that Tom Brady would start, Drew Henson would play in the second quarter and whoever played the best would finish the game.  Despite the fact that the two were and have remained friends this arrangement annoyed Tom Brady (who had been voted captain by his teammates) so much that he has declined to talk about the issue ever since.  This arrangement ran for the first seven games of 1999 until Brady proved his worth.

In the end Tom Brady started every game in the 1998 and 99 seasons and set the team’s record for the most attempts and completions of passes in a single season with his incredible score of 214 and the team won 20 out of the 25 games which he played as starter.

Tom Brady seemed to have a particular skill in leading his team to victory from behind in the final quarter.  This earned him the title ‘Comeback Kid’.

7Tom Brady Placed With the New England Patriots In The Sixth Round Of The NFL Draft.

Tom Brady was a Sixth Round Draft Pick

Despite the fact that he had convinced his coach and teammates at Michigan of the extraordinary player that he would become Tom Brady was not a name high on the list of clubs when it was time for the 2000 NFL draft.  In the end he placed in the 6th round having seen 199 players placed ahead of him.  The six quarterbacks who were selected ahead of him in the draft were Spergon Wynn, Marc Bulger, Tee Martin, Chris Redman, Giovanni Carmazzi and Chad Pennington. During his career Tom Brady has achieved 146 more touchdown passes than the other 6 combined and only Marc Bulger and Chad Pennington have appeared in more than 12 NFL games.  Even the Patriot’s gain was more by luck than skill – Tom Brady was the 7th player they called.

Their pick turned out, however, to have been one of the best things the team ever did.  With Tom Brady as quarterback they have enjoyed two league MPVs, three Super Bown MPVs, four Super Bowl wins.  They have never lost a season with Tom Brady at the helm and he has led them to 12 division titles and 9 AFC championships (with an amazing 6 wins).  With all this in mind Tom Brady is considered to be the very best draft pick of all time.  With what was perceived to be a slow arm belying its accuracy and his ability to analyze a game the Patriots must certainly count their blessings that they picked Tom Brady over and above Tim Rattay (who by coincidence ended up going to Tom Brady’s childhood favorite team the 49ers) the other contender for the position.

6Tom Brady Was Involved In ‘Deflategate’.

Tom Brady was implicated in Deflategate but was later vindicated

In May 2015 the NFL published a report concerning allegations that footballs had been deflated prior to use in the AFC Championship between the Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts.  While stopping short of outright blaming Tom Brady for the origination of the plan they did state that there was good evidence that he was aware that employees of the Patriots were deflating the footballs prior to games and that he failed to be cooperative when approached by the NFL investigators including failing to produce the required evidence of electronic communications, going so far as to destroy his cell ‘phone containing over 10,000 text messages.

As a result of his actions Tom Brady was suspended for four games and the decision was upheld on appeal to the NFL.  Tom Brady subsequently appealed to the Federal Court who overturned the ban allowing him to play in the first four games of the 2015 season.  While many sports pundits and commentators thought that the punishment was extreme others thought it was fair and that part of the punishment was due to the fact that the Patriots have a reputation for bending the rules to suit themselves.  It was also felt that Tom Brady had become arrogant, feeling that his excellent football skills and fantastic record put him above the sport.

5Tom Brady Has A Child With Bridget Moynahan.

Tom Brady’s Baby Mama

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In 2003 Tom Brady started dating Bridget Moynahan, star of Six Degrees and Sex and the City.  The two were something of a power couple with Tom Brady having won the super bowl with the Patriots three times while Bridget Moynahan had been voted one of the 50 most beautiful people in 2002.

Their relationship came to an end by mutual agreement towards the end of 2006.  It was a brave and, to some fans, a controversial decision as Bridget Moynahan found out she was pregnant shortly after the split and there was some commentary that they should reconcile.  They did not but the couple have continued to work together for the benefit of their child, a son John Edward Thomas Moynahan who was born in August 2007 and Tom Brady was able to take time off from training to spend some days with his ex and their new baby although he was not in the delivery room at the time of the birth.  While the baby does not have Brady’s surname his heritage is reflected in the use of his first and middle names as the baby’s middle names.  The baby continues to have a good relationship with his father, his wife and other children with her which all the adults in the complicated arrangement do their best to facilitate.

4Tom Brady Is In A Relationship With Gisele Bündchen.

Tom Brady’s new and improved Baby Mama

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Tom Brady has been lucky to be tied with some of the most beautiful women in the world.  Shortly after breaking up with Bridget Moynahan but before finding out that she was pregnant with their child, Tom Brady started dating the Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen after they met on a blind date set up by friends.  Gisele Bündchen has described it as something close to love at first sight.  When the couple found out about Bridget Moynahan’s pregnancy Gisele Bündchen was initially tempted to encourage the couple to reconcile but realized that it would not work out.  The couple have Tom Brady’s first son with them 50% of the time when they are in California.

They also have two children of their own; Benjamin Rein Brady and Vivian Lake Brady.  The couple have always been keen to stay away from the press and paparazzi and control their ‘story’ as much as possible.  Their engagement was a secret, although there was speculation that the couple had agreed to marry in the press it turns out that Tom Brady had proposed some time before but that the ring was never seen in public to keep things private.  The couple married in Santa Monica in February 2009, just over 2 years after their first date and managed to keep the entire event secret from the press with only their close friends and family attending.  They had a second wedding in Costa Rica some months later.  Years on and the couple appear to be as much in love and committed to each other and their children as ever.

3Tom Brady Is a Regular Guest Star On Television Programs.

Tom Brady starred on the Simpsons

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Tom Brady is one of the most visible and famous football stars of our time (his fans would say of all time).  As such he has been approached to appear as himself (or versions of himself) on various television programs or movies.  In 2005 he appeared as himself in a football themed episode of the Simpsons called Homer and Ned’s Hail Mary Pass which was broadcast around the time of the Super Bowl.  The ‘plot’ revolves around Homer Simpson creating a dance that ends up becoming the centerpiece of the Super Bowl half time entertainment.  A year later he appeared as himself in the Family Guy episode Patriot Games where he recruits Peter Griffin to the Patriots.

In 2009 he appeared (again as himself) in an episode of Entourage and appeared again in the movie version together with Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks.   He has also had a cameo appearance in Ted 2 which was included in the spot that was played during the Super Bowl that year.

Tom Brady has hosted Saturday Night Live and has said that he would be interested in returning to do it again.

Will Tom Brady be returning to screens?  He is fairly self-deprecating about his screen appearances pointing out that he is not required to play any character but simply to be himself, and claims that the whole process is ‘rather fun’.

2Tom Brady Has A Valuable Endorsements Profile And Commands A High Salary.

Tom Brady and Gisele, power couple!

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Together Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are an extremely wealthy couple.  While Tom Brady may not be well known outside of the USA, his wife is world famous and of course he is a household name in the US. Even excluding her significant earnings (she is the world’s highest paid model and has a string of endorsements earning her money) the couple are very rich indeed.

As such he is extremely well paid.  Forbes carries information on him and although he dropped off the Forbes 100 Celebrity list in 2014 prior to that he had done very well being ranked number 65 in the 2013 Forbes Celebrity 100 (down from 60 in 2012) and ranked 11 in the Forbes list of the World’s Highest Paid Athletes.  It is estimated that he is worth $31.3 million in terms of salary and $7 million in terms of endorsements for the year 2014.

Despite his age he signed a further extension of contract with the New England Patriots in February which will see him continue to play for the team at least until 2017 by which time he will be 40 years old and will have had a professional career of 17 years with a single team.  His deal with the Patriots was significantly below the market rate for Brady and his skills but he took a lower offer to help the Patriots with the restrictions of a salary cap.  It seems that he is as reluctant to move teams as they are to lose him.

With regard to endorsements Tom Brady has gone for quality over quantity seeking to tie himself in with high end, luxury products that should continue to want to use him even after he retires from football.  His brands include Uggs, Glaceau Smartwear, Under Armour, and Movado Watches.

1Tom Brady Has Extensive Real World Work Experience Outside Of Football.

Tom Brady’s backup plan. Merril Lynch

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During his college years it was far from certain that Tom Brady would ever make the big time as a football player.  It was not even certain that he would make the draft (he was picked very late) and was seen as a rather average prospect.  For the young Tom Brady, therefore, it was vital that he had a viable backup plan, something that he could do with his life if football did not pan out for him.  As such he worked hard during his time in college, making sure that his grades were good and working every summer to gain experience.  At one stage he even interned with Merrill Lynch & Co.

His other jobs included working as a sales man and clubhouse manager on a golf course and working construction.  His resume was, particularly given the experience with Merrill Lynch, perfectly suited to gain him a job in the financial services sector.  He had worked hard, maintained a 3.3GPA while captaining a major college football team and bringing it to victory.  He was a young man with a serious work ethic.  Luckily for football fans, the Patriots and Tom Brady himself he was picked in the draft and went on to make history as one of the most successful quarterbacks (if not the most successful) of all time.

So there we have our top 10 facts about the fascinating Tom Brady.  A boy who was an avid football fan from a very young age, one who followed his favorite team, the 49ers diligently.  It must have been a hard blow when they did not pick him in the draft, but the 49ers must also bitterly regret that decision.  Nevertheless although he could have chosen to move at any time in his career he has remained faithful to the team who plucked him from relative obscurity and watched him grow into the extraordinary sportsman he became.

Drew Henson, the man whose natural talent was so lauded at the University of Michigan and who was Tom Brady’s main rival for the starter position saw a brief career burn out when he could not decide which sport to specialize in.  Tom Brady, by contrast, may have been a late bloomer but when he did bloom he proved that diligence and hard work pay off.

Aside from the ‘deflategate’ scandal where it appeared that Tom Brady might have forgotten that nobody is so good that they are above the game, his career has been impressive.  It shows no signs of stopping and the Patriots continue to have confidence in him having signed him up until he is at least 40.

The little boy who watched the 49ers is now one of the most celebrated footballers of a generation, married to one of the most beautiful women in the world and worth a staggering amount of money.