Top 10 Reasons to Live Every Week Like Shark Week

Swing and a Miss - Shark Week!
Swing and a Miss - Shark Week!

The greatest week in television is finally upon us again this year! Shark Week has made its annual appearance and with it millions of viewers who have dubbed this the “best week ever”! So why, on earth, bother to live each week like its Shark Week if this glorious program doesn’t show but once a year?

10. Because 30 Rock said so

Don't Smash the Fun Cooker! Shark Week!
Don’t Smash the Fun Cooker! Shark Week!

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If you haven’t seen 30 Rock before, then now’s the time to go start this epic series. 30 Rock is a show about a TV show (cheesy sounding I know) – but fortunately it goes a bit deeper than that. You follow Liz Lemon, a writer for a comedy show who suddenly has a new boss and a new star that she has to work with and between them both they’re driving her insane! After winning 6 Golden Globes and countless more awards, 30 Rock actually merits a bit of watching.


Not only can you get amazing and quite relevant philosophical quotes that really speak to people in more modern times (such as this one about Shark Week), but you actually relate with the characters and can learn a lot about living life to the fullest in this crazy world we’re in now!

9. Revel in the beauty and danger of nature

Shark Week Cruising
Shark Week Cruising

When it comes to sharks, and a lot of things in nature, one expression really captures the feeling that people often get “Damn nature, you scary!” This originates from the popular Family Guy TV series and has flourished on the internet like wildfire.


When you really stop to take a look at nature, you realize that even the most dangerous and destructive things have a stunning beauty about them. Black widows with their intricate and iconic hourglass, tornados with their stunning clouds and lightning strikes, and sharks with their deadly streamlined body and fluid motions. We live in a world filled with beauty and when you watch Shark Week you realize it, but it’s something you should never stop being awed at!

8. Each week should be the greatest week ever

Come On In the Water's Fine
Come On In the Water’s Fine

Shark Week has become wildly popular over the past few years, gaining massive amounts of momentum after each passing Shark Week. Now it’s commonly referred to as the “greatest week ever” on television and people often will record every program featured on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week because it’s “amazing”.


While we’re not disputing the fact that Shark Week is, quite possibly, one of the greatest weeks ever, it should not be the only one! Each week find something to truly immerse yourself in – something that will enrich your life and expand your horizons. Find something to help you grow as a person and something you can share with other people as well. Find your Shark Week each and every week and you can live an absolutely amazing life where no time is wasted and every day is filled with something magical!

7. You’re not always the top of the food chain

Shark Week's Tough Customer
Shark Week’s Tough Customer

If there’s one thing that Shark Week can teach you, it’s that you can be eaten at almost any time. Of course there’s lions and tigers and bears (oh my!), out there that can take a hefty chunk of your limb in just a second, but there’s more fear from shark attacks then there is from almost any other animal. Why is that? Because sharks are dangerous scary creatures that prove to us in more ways than one that we’re not the kings and queens of the earth we like to think we are.


Getting a nice reality check from time to time is always healthy for the human senses, and what better way to remind yourself than Shark Week?

6. Dangerous things are often misunderstood

Shark Week Don't Get Chomped
Shark Week Don’t Get Chomped

There’s plenty about shark week that scares us – those teeth, that deadly speed and that lightening quick way in which a shark can one second be near a prey and second have it halfway down it’s throat. All the while during shark week you get a great taste of how dangerous sharks are, but you also realize that they are quite misunderstood in so many ways.

First off, you learn that sharks don’t specifically target humans. In fact, we’re encroaching on shark territory and sharks often bite to simply figure out what we are and to let us know we’re in its territory! Second, not all sharks are vicious predators.

You can learn a lot about judging things by their names and looks, especially when you watch shark week. There are many species of sharks that are actually quite calm and gentle creatures that you really begin to think. Judging something simply because it’s got the name “shark” attached to it and classing it as some vicious man eating predator means you’re completely throwing every species of shark into the same mold and the truth is, it’s so completely wrong!

5. Be awed and inspired

If You Miss Just Keep Swimming. Shark Week
If You Miss Just Keep Swimming. Shark Week

So frequently you see people slip into monotonous lives where it’s a constant go to work and come home routine. This can allow years to slip by like sand through your fingers, and before you know it you’re sat looking in the mirror wondering why you haven’t done anything with your life that you’ve wanted to.


Instead of waiting once a year for shark week and waiting to be awed and inspired by a television show, go seek out your awe and inspiration! Go explore the world and meet new people and see new things. To learn to scuba dive and see sharks in real life, or simply visit your local aquarium and be face to face with a creature who has survived thousands of years without needing to evolve. Whatever captures your interest, go do it and be awed and inspired each and every week!



4. A little fear is good for you

Another Day at the Office - Sharkweek
Another Day at the Office – Sharkweek

When you are reminded of your own mortality from time to time, you definitely begin to question your priorities. Should you really spend all evening watching old episodes of House instead of going to your psych class? Should you really pretend to be sick just to get out of going to your grandparents birthday party? What may seem like a good decision at the time is not something we would normally make if we knew we wouldn’t be alive in a few weeks or years’ time. Prioritizing your life into what’s important for you now is crucial. You need to really think about your decisions and perhaps fear is stopping you. Perhaps you’re afraid to visit your sister who moved out of the country because you’re too scared of flying! Well, fear is good for you but it should never stop you – don’t let anything hold you back and let fear push you into doing the things you not only should do, but need to do!


3. Sharks are awesome

Swing and a Miss - Shark Week!
Swing and a Miss – Shark Week!

If you’ve seen the show “Shark Tank” you may know a bit about a real life shark. A shark, in person, is someone who aggressively goes for what they want, doing everything they can and being driven with a single primal instinct. Sharks are the rulers of the ocean for a reason – because they deserve it. If you’re obsessed with Shark Week and you love those majestic and deadly animals, then consider the meaning behind them. Consider becoming a shark yourself!


You seize your goals with deadly precision like a shark – make calculated and predetermined decisions so that you get what you want and you get exactly what you deserve. Stop letting life just trample all over you, become a shark and embrace your more aggressive instincts!


2. The water’s dangerous

Hey! Watch Shark Week
Hey! Watch Shark Week!

If the movie Jaws didn’t scare you as a child, then Shark Week definitely will. Let’s face it, seventy-one percent of the world is made up of ocean water where dangerous sharks live and hunt in every day. Not only can a shark bite your limbs off and eat you, but you can be drowned, your ship can capsize, you can get stung by a jelly fish, gored by a marlin, and even stung by a stingray! There’s so many things that we know of in the ocean that can kill you, and unfortunately 95% of the underwater world remains unexplored!


A reason to live every week like its shark week is because if you’re going to even bother putting a toe in some water, you’re taking quite a risk! There are so many things that can maim or even kill you, so live like there’s no tomorrow especially if you’re going for a swim in the ocean!


1. It’s an eat or be eaten world

Mmmm the Sweet Taste of Victory. Tastes Just Like Seal! Shark Week!
Mmmm the Sweet Taste of Victory. Tastes Just Like Seal! Shark Week!


Watching sharks take massive bites out of peoples legs, swallow poor seals whole, and strike out at prey with deadly force and accuracy really lets you know that there are two main roles in this world when you simplify it all: eat or be eaten.


While we’re not all in the ocean with sharks swimming about us all of the time, one of the more metaphorical “waters” for us humans is the business world. You always see ruthless and efficient business men/women up at the top ranks and advancing quickly wherever they go – they’re the sharks. In life you need to go for what you want, especially when it comes to your professional life. Confidence, assurance, and a steel determination are all attributes that employers look for and something you can adopt from our favorite fishy friend the shark.