Top 10 Reasons the Flash is the Most Powerful Superhero

Top 10 Reasons the Flash is the Most Powerful Superhero
Top 10 Reasons the Flash is the Most Powerful Superhero

The Flash is not just the Fastest Superhero; the Flash is the most powerful superhero! Cover photo: dean bertoncelj /

The Flash was created by DC Comics, and the character made his first appearance into the world in 1940. Flash is a crime scene scientist who moonlights as a superhero, and he is known for his special powers which include super speed, intangibility and superhuman agility. He can run faster than the speed of light and he can climb walls very easily. As his story line has unfolded, fans have learned that Flash lives in Central City where he fights villains like The Fiddler, The Thinker, Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd, Brother Grimm, Kid Zoom and Trickster. Flash has two aliases, one of which is Scarlet Speedster, named after his color and his super powers. As his name may indicate, Flash is also known as “The Fastest Man Alive.” Flash is the fastest superhero of all time, faster than Superman, because he can run so quickly that he is traveling at the speed of light, similar to the flash of a camera. Traveling at the speed of light has a lot of implications for Flash, and he can run through walls, run up buildings and punch a super speeds. But, with great power comes great responsibility, and Flash still finds himself lost and distracted despite being able to think as fast as the speed of light.Here are the top 10 reasons Flash is the fastest superhero and therefore most powerful superhero of all time:

10There’s More than One Version of the Flash

There have been several Flashes. This isn’t one.

Flash has been created and reincarnated through several characters throughout his existence in DC Comics. The original Flash was called Jay Garrick. Jay got his powers after he fell asleep in his science lab and inhaled water vapors. He only used his powers to become a football player, but later he began to use his powers to fight crime and do good.

The second Flash was called Barry Allen. Barry was the fastest version of the Flash character. Barry got his powers when his lab was struck by lightning, and he was covered in chemicals as a result. Barry Allen was different than Jay Garrick because Barry was not a fast person- he was slow and often tardy to important events. When he gained his powers, he gained super-speed which instilled a lot of irony into his life.

Wally West, the third incarnation of Flash, received his powers when he was only ten years old. Wally West was the nephew of Barry Allen. Wally must have spilled a similar kind of chemical on himself because he also gained a super-speed power. He was so young that he was dubbed Kid Flash, but later in life he took over his Uncle Barry’s role as a fully fledged Flash.

Bart Allen is the most recent character to take on the role of Flash. Bart is the grandson of Barry Allen, and he was actually born with super-speed and the ability to age quickly. Bart looked like he was twelve years old when he was only two years old, in fact! It took a while for Bart to get his powers under control because he was so young. He was first called Impulse and later he took over his uncle’s role of Kid Flash. When he grew up he finally became the real Flash, and the fourth incarnation of the character.

9He Can Think and Read as Fast as He Can Run

The Flash is an amazingly fast thinker

One of Flash’s best powers is that other people can’t get into his mind, but this is more like a side effect of how fast Flash is. Because Flash can run at the speed of light, it would be quite silly if he can’t think as fast as he runs. It might also be quite dangerous. Flash’s ability to avoid being manipulated makes him more impervious to villains than other superheroes, such as Superman. Flash can think so fast, in fact, that his mind isn’t easily taken over and villains struggle to practice telepathy on him. If Flash is traveling at the speed of light, he needs to be able to think as fast as he is moving so that he can avoid obstacles and make sure he is going the right way. If Flash is involved in high speed chases, he needs to be able to literally think on his feet so that he does not make a critical mistake and find himself in an awkward situation with one of the villains who are perpetually chasing after him.

Scientists are currently considering ways that real people can travel faster than the speed of light. One of them considers trying to harness dark matter into creating a space-time bubble that would surround a spacecraft and allow it to go into a “warp drive.” However, this approach would not actually let the spacecraft travel faster than the speed of light, instead, it would be a loophole. This loophole would not violate Einstein’s theories, and it is hard to judge whether traveling faster than the speed of light in any conceivable way would be actually traveling faster than the speed of light at all.

8He Can Move so Fast That He Can Travel in Time

The Flash is so fast he can travel thru time. Thanks Speedforce!

If Flash can move as fast or faster than the speed of light, this lets him travel in time. In the stories, he finds that traveling through time by running fast is problematic because he can’t always control where he goes and how long he stays there. If Flash were a real person who could move faster than the speed of light, than he technically would be able to travel through time. The theories of relativity developed by Albert Einstein say that the faster a particle moves the more mass it gains and the slower time moves around it. Einstein’s theory also says that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light so in the real world it would be completely impossible for Flash to move faster than the speed of light. But, in the comic book world, the science checks out.

There are certain particles called neutrinos that exist in our universe that may actually be able to defy Einstein’s law and travel faster than the speed of light. Scientists hope that neutrinos would then be able to travel through time and the basic idea would be that these particles could be sent back in time. This discovery has caused scientists all over the world to wonder what the world would be like if ordinary people, not just superheroes, could travel backwards in time. This discovery was made at CERN, in Switzerland, and the results of the experiment have not yet been accepted or replicated. Modern physics has accepted Einstein’s conditions within his theories of relativity as a basis from which to proceed in physics, and if there are exceptions to the theory of relativity it will have a major impact on the way physics is done now and has been done in the past.

7Flash Has a Time Travel Treadmill

The Flash has a magic treadmill

Barry Allen, as Flash, accidentally traveled to the distant past, and he wanted to experiment in a more controlled form of time travel. To do this, he invented a treadmill that was powered by cosmic rays. When Flash reaches top speed on the treadmill, he can move either backward or forward in time. The treadmill works in a way that as long as he is running at top speed he can stay in the period of time he has traveled to. When he begins to slow down, he can return to his own time. Flash set the treadmill up so that a certain speed would take him to a particular era in time, and so that the treadmill would produce vibrations that he needed to get to that exact period in time. Wally West, as Flash, only rarely used the treadmill because he was not fond of time travel, and he had a lower speed than Barry Allen. One Flash attempted to turn the treadmill into an actual time machine, but it went back to being a time travel treadmill shortly after this. There were some problems with the treadmill when other characters would break into the Flash Museum and use it to travel into the past. The treadmill also let Flash travel to parallel universes, and using the treadmill was more accurate and reliable than trying to travel using his own vibrations.

Traveling to parallel universes has always been on the fringes of science, but science also has a lot of loopholes. One physicist believes that when the world ends in a “big freeze,” mankind may be able to do as Flash does and slip into an alternate or parallel universe. There are also theories that state that there may universes right next to our universe but whether or not we could slip into them is usually not given much credit.

6If Flash Challenged Superman to a Race, He Would Win

Flash can out-speed even Superman

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In Superman #199, the United Nations challenged Flash and Superman to a race, and the profits of the race would benefit charitable organizations. Since Superman was forced to run and not fly, Flash would be able to move through objects while Superman was forced to run over them, which would take a lot more time. Flash is powered by a magical Speed Force, and Superman is enhanced by the sun. Without a magical force, Superman is forced to obey the basic laws of physics, and friction would certainly take a toll on Superman. DC Comics writers have always stopped the race just before it was finished, but fans can be confident that if it was a foot race, Flash would have lapped Superman. Faster than a speeding bullet is no match for faster than the speed of light.

5He Can Vibrate so Fast That He Can Walk Through Walls

The Flash can run through walls. This guy is still learning.

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The Flash’s ability to pass through walls is a result of his ability to match his body’s vibrations to the natural vibrations of another solid object. This is an actual quantum mechanical phenomenon which physicists call “tunneling.” Tunnelling is what happens when an object has a small probability of passing through a barrier without harming itself. It works when an object is moving very quickly, like Flash does, and the faster the object moves the more energy it has. The more energy it has the greater the probability an object has to go through tunneling. Quantum tunneling is a real phenomenon, and it is important to actual processes like nuclear fusion as well as a lot of different technologies. Nuclear fusion is a reaction that occurs when two or more nuclei collide at very high speeds and create a new type of atomic nucleus. The development of the science around nuclear fusion actually laid the groundwork for nuclear events. It is also possible that the universe itself might have tunneled through to a lower energy state. Flash’s ability to move through walls has a pretty low probability in real life, but the possibility still exists.

4He Needs Protection from Air Friction Because He Travels so Fast

The Flash’s suit protects him from Friction

One of the results of being able to travel and think so fast is that fast movement produces a lot of friction. Friction produces heat, and Flash needs protection from all of the heat created by his super-speedy movements. His costume needs to be made of a special material to protect him from the heat, ideally heat-resistant material, because a traditional latex costume would just melt from all the heat caused by the friction. When meteors enter the Earth’s atmosphere, the friction from the air around them causes them to burn, and most are often destroyed before they reach the Earth’s surface. Flash is able to control the friction surrounding his body, which prevents his body from any physical damage while he is running so quickly. There are several problems associated with Flash’s lack of friction, however, including the fact that running fast would depend on the friction between his feet and the ground.

Air resistance, or drag, is the force that acts against objects moving at certain velocities through the atmosphere. There are three different types of air resistance in aerodynamics. The type that Flash would encounter is called wave drag. The pressure from the wave drag on Flash would increase the nearer he got to traveling at the speed of sound – which is much slower than the speed of light. It is hard for scientists to measure what the effects of drag or friction would have on a body that is traveling at the speed of light because so far, the only thing that can travel at the speed of light is light itself and possibly certain kinds of particles.

3He Can Punch at the Speed of Light

The Flash Can Punch at the Speed of light. Bricks don’t stand a chance

Flash might be best known for his quick footwork and not for super strength, but he is still impossibly strong. If Flash can punch at the speed of light, which moves at 186,282 miles per second, he can deliver what they call an infinite mass punch. An infinite mass punch has an impact that is far greater than the force necessary to end life on Earth. According to the theory of relativity, the faster you move the slower time moves, and the more mass you gain. Because of the time difference, Flash is able to punch before anyone else. If Flash were to travel at the speed of light, he would need infinite velocity to accelerate to the speed of light. This infinite velocity would carry over into his punches because every atom in his body would need to have infinite velocity or else part of him would be left behind. This also means that he can punch over 1 billion times per second. As you approach the speed of light, your momentum begins to slow and you would begin to gain more mass. So, the faster Flash punches the more force he would punch with as he gained mass. However, Flash would probably not be able to punch like this if he was motionless. His strength would come solely from his super velocity, and he would require both the mass and the slowing of time from his faster than light movement to be able to carry out the infinite mass punch.


2Flash Can Create a Sonic Boom by Snapping His Fingers

Don’t get too close when the Flash is keeping the beat. His snaps are loud!

A sonic boom is a loud and explosive sounding noise that is created from the shock wave that emanates when an object travels faster than the speed of sound. The noise sounds almost like thunder. Sonic booms create a lot of sound energy. This means that Flash’s fingers move so fast that they can break the sound barrier with what may be little acceleration. To break the sound barrier, an object would have to travel faster than 343 meters per second. For a long time, scientists questioned whether it was possible to build a machine that could achieve a velocity that would break the sound barrier. The sound barrier may have been broken as early as 1933 by a Russian pilot, but accurate records have not been found to support this claim. The sound barrier was officially broken on October 14, 1947 by Chuck Yeager who was participating in a British top secret project to develop the first aircraft that would break the sound barrier.

1Because Flash Is the Fastest Superhero of Them All, He Is the Strongest Superhero of Them All

The Flash. The fastest, therefore, the strongest and most powerful superhero of all time.

In order for Flash to be the fastest superhero of them all, it is required that he have infinite velocity to travel at the speed of light, which would take an impossible amount of force. This force leads to a lot of momentum, which in turn, leads to a huge amount of power. This means that Flash would also probably be the strongest superhero as well, even if he is not traditionally described as being so. Flash has never tested his strength against other superheroes, however. Flash’s strength would only be possible if he was moving using his infinite velocity. Just like how he needs to be running faster than the speed of light to be able to travel through time, Flash would have to be traveling in his super speedy style if he were to be the strongest superhero. So, if Flash were running to a fight with one of his villains, he would be able to do serious damage to them. If there was a superhero or villain who could travel faster than Flash, they might have greater mass than Flash. If Flash were to run into something with a greater mass than his, he would probably be severely injured. Thankfully, Flash is the fastest superhero of all time and the likelihood of anyone outrunning him is as likely as a mortal being able to pass through a wall.

The debate to determine which superhero is the fastest superhero of all time is a classic debate in comic book history. All the superheroes have different amazing powers, but Flash is certainly the fastest. He can travel so fast that he can travel through objects and through time. Traveling through objects is a real scientific possibility, although only a slight one, and it would probably be more probable if Flash was a single atom rather than a massive collection of atoms. Flash’s quick feet and quick mind keep him from being caught by his pursuers and from having his mind read by dangerous clairvoyants. Flash can create a sonic boom by snapping his fingers and whether or not that serves any purpose, it is certainly a cool demonstration of how fast he can move. Flash is not only the fastest superhero, but also probably the strongest. The writers at DC Comics like to toy with us when writing about contests of speed and strength between their superheros, but judging from Flash’s faster than light travel and the fact that he moves through not only walls but also the laws of physics, it is safe to say that Flash is the fastest superhero of all time