Top 10 Most Popular Youtube Videos of All Time

psy gangnum style
psy gangnum style

Drum-roll please!!  Here are the Top 10 Most Popular Youtube Videos!


10. Lady Gaga- Bad Romance

Speaking of shock tactics, Lady Gaga’s name is sure to pop up. The pop diva’s Bad Romance video still clings to the Top 10 spot since it was posted on November 23, 2009. At 594,229,085 views, the rest of the planet has surely seen Lady Gaga being kidnapped by the most supermodel-esque kidnappers the world has seen. Gaga manages to sing along the whole time and still make it to the Paris Fashion Week premiere. We’re not entirely sure- maybe those kidnappers were in fact her hair and makeup team, and that’s just how the Lady gets ready. Only the most gaga for Lady Gaga!


9. Miley Cyrus- Wrecking Ball

Hanging onto the title of the 9th most popular video is Miley CyrusWrecking Ball, which features the singer hanging onto a… well… wrecking ball, and singing her heart out. At 685,442,536 views, the Disney-star-turned-pop-celebrity certainly knows how to shock the world with her tongue-in-cheek (or should we say tongue-out) antics. It hasn’t even been a year since Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball video hit the internet and yet it’s already knocked Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe out of the Top 10 list. That wrecking ball is surely more powerful than it looks!


8. Shakira- Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

The 2014 World Cup has just finished, with the German team bagging the Cup against Argentina in the final. 4 years ago, World Cup hype was just as strong, and Youtube views can prove it! The music video for the official 2010 World Cup called Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) is the 8th Most Viewed Video on Youtube. People have Waka-Waka’d along to this colourful beat 706,846,861 times. Even more popular than the 2014 World Cup Song, current football fever may even push this catchy track higher up on this list!


7. Psy- Gentleman

Another Psy hit- Gentleman hit 710,041,918 views in the span of one year. Since the advent of Gangnam Style, Psy has proven that he is more than just a one hit wonder, and both his hit songs are on this list. Gentleman was posted on April 13, 2013, a year after Gangnam Style. While it’s still in Korean, it retains the same catchy beat that crawls in your ear and makes a home there. Weeks after Gentleman’s release, ladies and gentlemen all over the world were humming along to the tune of this K-pop track. Mother, father, gentleman!


6. LMFAO- Party Rock Anthem

713,161,165 party rockers in the house tonight, as of July 15, 2014. Since LMFAO posted their extremely danceable track Party Rock Anthem in 2011, people have been shuffling all day, everyday! The big haired tandem rock out to a high energy anthem that’s perfect for parties, workouts, and all around awesomeness. They’ve bagged the #6 spot for Most Views on YouTube so far, but in the summer of 2011, Party Rockers rocketed this single to the top spot on the Billboard’s Hot 100 list. From the amount of views the video has gotten, it seems “everyday I’m shufflin!” is more literal than we imagined!


5. Eminem ft. Rihanna- Love the Way You Lie

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn– 716,194,404 times to be exact! At least, that’s the recorded number of views that Love the Way You Lie has hit as of July 15, 2014 since being posted in 2010. Eminem’s Love the Way You Lie featuring hit singer Rihanna topped the charts upon release as well, going 11 times Platinum in the US. This hit track was a worldwide success, bravely tackling sensitive issues like domestic violence and troublesome relationships. The topic hits close to home for singer Rihanna, what with her tragic history with Chris Brown. No wonder RiRi fans were captivated by the emotional lines of their favourite singer, paired extremely well with Eminem’s provocative lyrics.


4. Charlie Bit My Finger- Again!

The number 4 spot on the Most Viewed YouTube video list is Charlie Bit My Finger- Again! Since the video was posted, 739,807,960 viewers have seen Harry Davies-Carr yelp as his little brother Charlie bites his finger. With a naughty giggle from Charlie and a precocious admonishment from his older brother, these two British boys captivated audiences to become the most viewed upload in 2009. Since then, they’ve been replaced by the aforementioned pop songs, but Charlie Bit My Finger has spawned a host of parodies, fan clubs and even an app. It’s impossible that you haven’t seen it yet, but if not, then go check it out. Get ready to go awww!


3. Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull- On the Floor

Bet you didn’t expect this! JLo wins 3rd place for Most Viewed Video on YouTube with On the Floor hitting 767,261,317 views as of July 15. Posted on March 3, 2011, Jennifer Lopez’s upbeat track appeals to the “new generation of party people” as she invites them to get on the floor. Thanks YouTube, now we can back it up like a Tonka truck without ever going to the club! There seems to be a trend here- the top 3 Most Viewed Videos are all pop songs. People have been Gangnam Stylin’ On the Floor to Baby in their apartments and homes, perhaps?


2. Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris- Baby

Justin Bieber’s Baby holds the #2 place for most views on Youtube. Like Psy’s Gangnam Style, this pop song features repetitive lyrics and catchy beats, but it has something Psy doesn’t —a bowling alley! That’s right. The unusual combination of snappy pop tunes and rolling balls have hit 1,060,622,546 views since the video was posted on February 19, 2010. Looking back at his breakout video, Baby is a far cry from Bieber’s current musical style. Then again, he didn’t yet have the gravity defying hair and criminal charges back then. Puberty does strange things indeed!


1. Psy- Gangnam Style

The Korean pop singer Psy holds the lead with an astounding 2,039,579,915 views for Gangnam Style as of July 16, 2014. When Psy’s wacky video went up on YouTube in 2012, it just went viral taking the world by storm. After about 50 days, the video hit 100 million views, despite the fact that most viewers don’t even understand the Korean words. In fact, viewers weren’t content to simply listen to it- Psy’s eccentric video has caused numerous spinoffs, parodies, and impersonations of the crazy dance moves it features. The song itself translates to a subtle commentary on the class system in Korea, but we don’t really know how. When we hear Gangnam Style, all we remember is “Eh, sexy lady!”