Are Ghosts Real? Here Are 10 Reasons You Should Believe!

Are Ghosts Real? Here Are 10 Reasons You Should Believe!
Are Ghosts Real? Here Are 10 Reasons You Should Believe!

Are Ghosts Real?  Here Are 10 Reasons to Believe!

As Halloween fast approaches, many of us decorate our homes with ghosts, ghouls, demons, and pumpkins with creepy faces. We find joy in covering our homes with green slime, serving punch with eyeballs floating in it, and giving out candy to a handful of children dressed in scary costumes.

Halloween, also known as ‘All Hallows Eve,’ is a popular holiday that is recognized in several countries throughout the world. It is a special day dedicated to remembering those who have passed, including saints and martyrs. In remembering those who have passed, it is common to hear stories about ghosts and paranormal activity. While many of us consider such stories to be figments of the story teller’s imagination, there is plenty of evidence to support that such tales may be real.

For decades, this concept of paranormal activity has been the topic of discussion in the scientific community. While some still doubt the existence of such spirits in our everyday world, there are many who are convinced that such souls wande

r through life alongside side each and every one of us. Here are 10 reasons why ghosts are real and why those in the scientific community continue to believe that ghosts do, in fact, exist.

10Constant Contradiction in the Scientific Community

By George I’ve almost got it! Nope… Don’t got it.

If you were to perform an online search for ‘ghosts,’ you would most likely yield thousands of results. As you begin to sift through each video, article, advertisement, and newspaper clipping, you will undoubtedly notice that there is a lot of contradiction in the world of paranormal activity. You will most likely come across those who are die-hard believers in the fact that ghosts exist, while others will find a logical explanation for just about every unnatural occurrence. Who is right?

The fact of the matter is that we just don’t know. There is a lot of evidence to support the fact that ghosts do, in fact, exist, however, there are many skeptics who bring about a number of logical claims that denounce any possibility of ghosts existing within our society. The fact that there is so much contradiction in the world of ghost talk, however, raises some questions. If ghosts didn’t exist, why would regular, everyday people make claims that they do? If ghost didn’t exist, why would scientists keep this debate going? If there was no such thing as ghosts, then why do people pour thousands of dollars and hours of personal time in researching, tracking, monitoring, and chasing the supernatural?

The constant contradiction in the scientific community regarding the existence of ghosts is enough to make you rethink your stance on this subject. If ghosts weren’t real, the scientific community would have already made that discovery and would have already presented the world with factual information pertaining to their findings. Isn’t this enough to make you think that ghosts may, in fact, be real?

9Ghost Hunters & Paranormal Investigation

Ghost Hunters are real; therefore, ghosts are real. Logic.

In addition to the uncertainty of the scientific community, you have to ask yourself why people spend so much time, money, and energy hunting ghosts if they don’t exist. Why would anyone spend thousands of dollars on high-tech devices, gizmos, and gadgets to search for paranormal activity if it didn’t exist in the first place?

Ghost hunters are people who seek out paranormal activity. They may go into haunted houses, graveyards, and other scary places to seek out the souls of the deceased. Despite what you may have seen or heard on television, there are a lot of people who hunt ghosts because of a personal experience or as a hobby; not because they want to make a million dollars by being on the big screen. Perhaps they are trying to explain a weird occurrence that they can’t figure out from their childhood, or, perhaps they are looking for answers to age-old questions that family members and friends can’t answer. They spend a lot of time, money, and energy searching for the souls of the dead and don’t always do it for fun. But, why do it at all if ghosts aren’t real?

Regardless of whether you believe ghosts exist or not, there are a lot of people in this world who continue to ghost hunt because they are believers. They have experienced things that just can’t be explained. They have seen things in photos that can’t be justified or heard things on video recordings that can’t be discussed without bringing up the possibility of supernatural existence.

8Photos of Ghosts

Don’t believe in ghost, huh? I got me a picture right here!

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. Pictures can be very powerful in conveying the world around us to others and in explaining things that can’t be explained with words.

There are tons of photos circulating our society that offer substantial evidence that ghosts exist. You’ve probably seen photos with white ‘orbs’ in the background, or perhaps, have seen photos of people with ghost-like figures in the background. Sometimes you can make out facial features or see an entire body outline in a single snapshot. The most compelling evidence to support the fact that ghosts exist is that many of these abnormalities don’t occur until the photo has been processed. That means that whoever took the photo did not see the figure, person, or orb in the background until the photo was fully developed. How do you explain that other than with the assumption that ghosts do exist?

While skeptics claim that such photos can be Photoshopped, especially in today’s day in age, it is hard to believe that photos from the early 1900’s have been altered to make it look like there are ghosts in the background. However, there are many factors that need to be considered when taking a photo. Lighting, dust, and even the quality and age of the camera can affect photo quality. There are, perhaps, photos that show unusual faces or shapes that can be explained by a hint of dust on the camera lens or the lighting in the room at the time the photo was taken. What about the photos, however, that defies any kind of natural explanation?

7Children and Animals Can Sense Them

“I think your crotch died. I smell ghost.”

Have you ever been sitting at home watching television with your dog when he or she suddenly starts to go crazy and fixate on a particular spot in the corner of the room? Have you ever wondered what they can see or hear when they act this way? Small children may act in a similar manner. They may have a reaction to something that most adults cannot see, hear, or believe in, but you can tell from their reaction that there is something there.

If ghosts weren’t real, why would children and animals act in such a way? Many skeptics will claim that dogs, in particular, act this way because of their keen sense of sight, smell, and hearing. Many times, they notice things that we don’t simply because we don’t see them, hear them, or smell them. In fact, some animals and insects can see into the ultraviolet spectrum. This is something humans just can’t do.

Just because we can’t see them, however, doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. Those who believe in ghosts say that children and animals can see things that most adults can’t simply because of their innocence. This innocence helps to lift any veil of uncertainty or doubt so that they can consider what is happening or what they are seeing without the lens of reality. Often times, adults will see something or experience the supernatural and try to root their experience in a logical reality.

6Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Ghost mix tape.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or EVP as it is more commonly known, is a method utilized by investigators of the supernatural. Have you ever viewed the show, ‘Ghost Hunters’? If so, you have probably seen a portable recording device being used to uncover paranormal activity. That is what electronic voice phenomenon is all about.

EVP are human voices that are recorded on tape. Many times, these voices cannot be heard at the time of the initial recording, but rather, when the tape is played back. They may be faint, or strong and forceful. The voices can be male or female, and can be either grunts and groans, or legible sentences.

The most compelling evidence to suggest that ghosts exist is when humans communicate with the dead through EVP. An investigator may ask a question, for instance, and the supernatural may respond with a word, grunt, groan, or sentence. Again, the response typically isn’t heard until the investigator plays back the tape.

EVP has been around since the early 1920’s when Thomas Edison proclaimed that he wanted to create some sort of machine that would be able to transcend reality and communicate directly with the deceased. Since then, EVP has been widely used as a means of communication between the living and the dead and provides compelling evidence that ghosts do, in fact, exist.

5Electromagnetic Field Theory

Oohh chilly… Must be a ghost!

An electromagnetic field is a force that combines both electric and magnetic energies. Investigators of paranormal activity have used this electromagnetic field theory to uncover haunted spaces. Typically, locations that have stronger electromagnetic fields or that fluctuate are said to be haunted.

If you’ve ever watched one of those ghost shows, you have probably observed the ghost hunters walking into a room and experiencing a cold sensation. As they enter a particular space, the temperature suddenly drops. What would have been a normal, warm room suddenly becomes cold and clammy. This is thought to indicate paranormal activity. Skeptics state that this cold sensation can usually be traced back to a drafty window or defect in the heating system. Those who believe in ghosts, however, say that there isn’t always a rational explanation for the sudden temperature change.

Everything that exists in nature gives off some sort of energy. Ghost hunters believe that ghosts also give off energy. This energy can be detected by electromagnetic field monitors. Such monitors will go crazy in the presence of the paranormal. If ghosts didn’t exist, why would such devices be used and trusted to gauge ghostly presence? Such fluctuations in the energy fields of a room, house, or property can’t always be explained using logic.

4The Stone Tape Theory

If these walls could talk. That’d be a creepy ghost story.

The Stone Tape Theory is another analysis that suggests ghosts are real. Introduced in the 1970’s as an explanation for ghosts, the stone tape theory proclaims that inanimate objects, such as rocks, absorb the energy of living organisms. During moments of high stress or tension, a recording can be laid down. When replayed, this tract may reveal grunts, groans, or sound bites from the individual during this time. The residual recordings that are released by the object depict the actual event.

Let’s take a murder, for example. A murder would be considered a high stress event for the individual experiencing the killing. In the years to come, the stored energy in the inanimate objects surrounding the location that the murder happened may release energy. That energy may be in the form of sound bites, like grunts, groans, screams, words, or even sentences. It may come out every so often and if often referred to, in the world of paranormal activity, as residual hauntings.

While many ghost hunters believe in this theory, skeptics claim that there is no way of knowing where this released energy, in the form of sound bites, comes from. Investigators of the paranormal, however, believe this is a viable source of supernatural information and often rely on this as a means of pursuing the dead.

3Real Estate Options

“Motivated seller: 3 bed 2 bath 1 ghost. Screaming good deal!”

There are a ton of popular films that depict creepy houses for sale. Often times, a young couple will be looking to purchase their first home. They will tour a number of nice homes and often stumble on one that is supposedly haunted. This house will often be priced much lower than the rest because of the tales that surround the home. Do they buy it and deal with the supposed ‘ghosts’ that haunt the home or do they turn away from popular belief and declare that ghosts don’t exist?

From a seller’s perspective, how do you get rid of a house that you suspect is haunted? Perhaps you and your family members have had strange run-ins with the supernatural. Do you disclose this kind of information to prospective buyers? Do you speak with your real estate agent about this fact?

There are hundreds of properties throughout the United States that are thought to be haunted. Strange stories from years past surround these homes and inflict fear in those that live in them. Families have experienced unusual sightings or have heard things that just can’t be explained without considering the possibility of the supernatural. Real estate is a primary indicator that ghosts do exist. Depending on the state, this information may or may not need to be legally disclosed to an agent. If houses weren’t truly haunted, however, why would so many of them exist on the market and why would they be so much cheaper than ordinary homes?

2Prevalence in Popular Culture

Ghost Movies = Ghosts are real. Duh.

If ghosts weren’t real, why would they be held in such high demand? Why do they have such prevalence in popular culture?

Ghosts are everywhere. They are in movies, books, old films, photographs, and more. We dress up like ghosts at Halloween and decorate our homes during the fall with witches, bats, pumpkins, and ghosts. When someone sneezes, we usually say ‘bless you’. This response grew out of the common belief that ghosts actually entered your body every time you sneeze. If ghosts weren’t real or didn’t exist, how did they become so ingrained in our everyday culture?

Ghost stories have been circulating for thousands of years. Many of these stories have grown out of famous people being brutally murdered, killed, or tortured. Their unrest at death has caused some of them to walk the earth looking for their loved ones. Perhaps they are attached, or perhaps they are looking to finish something that they had started when they were alive. People have witnessed such occurrences and have caught sightings of figures lurking in the dark, voices speaking in empty rooms, and figures in photographs that weren’t in the photo at the time it was taken. People believe that ghosts exist because they have experienced the supernatural. If ghosts weren’t real, why would there be so many stories, movies, films, photos, and books written about them?

1Persistence over Time

The Lady in White. A ghost story for freakin’ ever.

Some say that seeing is believing, but if photos, voice recordings, and sightings aren’t enough to change your mind about ghosts, let’s consider how long they have persisted through our culture.

Most cultures, over time, have had their versions of ghost stories. Some stories date back thousands of years! They have been so engrained in our minds that they continue to persist through modern times, despite all of the controversies. Many of the stories about purgatory, restless souls, and demons, stem from the rise of Christianity during most of the Middle Ages. Even before that, however, people were sharing tales of restless souls and seeing and hearing things that couldn’t be explained with logic.

In fact, there are cave paintings that have been discovered in parts of the world that depict strange, ghost-like apparitions. Some of these paintings date back to 7000 and 9000 BC – way before the concept of paranormal activity took off in modern society. How did these ancient cultures know of such activity if there were no movies, books, or films to sway their belief? Why would they draw such things if they did not experience such activity on their own? Technology certainly wasn’t available back then, so any notion of them creating false images is foolish.

While there are many skeptics, believers know that such spirits exist. They may not exist as they are depicted in popular films, but there are souls of the deceased that intersect with the lives of the living. Their persistence over time, throughout history, is proof that ghosts are real and have always played a major role in society.


When you think of a ghost, what do you think of? Do you picture a white, ghoul-like figure standing in the doorway getting ready to scare you? Do you think of the shadow of a small child roaming the hallways of your house? Do you think of a photo filled with orbs in the background that have little to no logical explanation?

Ghosts are the souls of people that have passed. When a person dies, their physical being ceases to exist. It is customary, in many cultures, to bury the bones of the dead. The souls and spiritual energy of the deceased, however, continues to live. It is thought that this energy connects with those who are still living. People may feel a strange feeling in the pit of their stomach, hear something that doesn’t exist, or see something that isn’t there. They may take a photo and notice something in the background that doesn’t quite fit the rest of the picture. They may notice and orb or two floating around in the background of a photo or feel something touch their skin that they simply can’t explain.

While there are logical explanations for many of these phenomena, some things just can’t be explained with common knowledge. Skeptics can argue that orbs are just tiny specks of dust on a camera lens or that a sudden burst of cold air is just an open window or a drafty room. But what about all of the sightings, photos, voice recordings, and stories of spirits that just can’t be described? For thousands of years, people have seen and heard things that just can’t be accounted for. Ghosts and the study of paranormal activity are so ingrained in our culture that it would weird to think that it doesn’t exist.

The truth is that ghosts do exist and there is plenty of evidence to support this claim. From photos to sightings, restless souls roam this world every day and will continue to play a large role in our society until the end of time.