10 Reasons Capricorn is the Worst Zodiac Sign

Capricorn is the Worst Zodiac Sign

Capricorns are the Zodiac sign who show calmer and more reserved attributes than other signs. This sign starts the latter half of the Zodiac and shows up as number 10 on the list of Zodiac. A Capricorn is born between December 22nd and January 19th. This sign is grouped as one of the earth elements, so they value stability and prefer staying grounded in their life. The planet associated with Capricorns is Saturn, another factor that keeps the Zodiac sign in touch with his order. These factors in Capricorn’s natural design allow those born in this time period to be very orderly and sensible. They spend a lot of time keeping things in check and ensuring that they’ve planned ahead well enough to keep themselves stable for a long time.

Even with all of these great traits, a Capricorn is not free from faults. They have their own issues that they deal with, and in turn, those others have to deal with, as well. With the good and the bad, Capricorns have their fair share of both traits. In the right combination, they can easily be one of the best Zodiac signs. However, it’s more likely that you’re going to find an imperfect person, and so, an imperfect Capricorn within them. You might find a few or all of the following traits in yourself or someone you know who’s a Capricorn. Read on to find out the 10 reasons Capricorn is the worst Zodiac sign.



Capricorns are serious in nature. They don’t like non-serious attitudes.

To start things off, when you first meet a Capricorn, you’re probably going to think that they’re just very serious in their work. Capricorns in the workplace rarely ever joke or even crack a smile, as they find work to be an important and serious matter. They lack a lot of the warmth that coworkers have with each other when they’re in a regular position. In an administrative area, they’re even less casual and like to enforce strict rules and restrictions on their staff. They don’t do this because they’re trying to be difficult; quite the contrary, because they actually just want to create an environment that’s more conducive to productiveness.

This is great for work, but what about home life? Unfortunately, Capricorns are serious wherever they go. They’re considered to be one of the most rigid and sobering Zodiac signs there is. They rarely deviate from the “right” way of doing things and aren’t open to suggestions on how to lighten up or make serious things more fun. They’re a bummer in the office for this reason, but even more so at home. In a relationship, you can expect a Capricorn to love the consistency and hate spontaneous activities.

Capricorns are great partners if you want a reliable and stable person. You’re probably going to get thoughtful, but slightly generic gifts on important dates. But if you’re looking for some form of action or surprises from time to time, a Capricorn may not be the best Zodiac sign for you.



Capricorn showing their love for you, just doing that takes a lot out of them. They can’t express themselves as they are shy

Capricorns are the shyest of the Zodiac signs. They keep to themselves in most aspects of their life, but especially when it comes to personal matters. For some people, confiding in others is a form of letting loose and building trust, and that’s true for this sign. Other people think that doing different acts of kindness for the person brings them closer, but Capricorns believe that secrets hold the key to a person’s heart. A Capricorn is only going to reveal his deepest darkest secrets when he truly loves and trusts you.

That being said, even if a Capricorn does love you, it’s still going to take a long time for them to open up and become less shy around you. It might be several months or even years before you pick up on the juicy details of their personal life, which probably aren’t as juicy as they’re hiding them to be. You may share your personal life long before a Capricorn does, but yet, they’re still going to be slow in responding back to you in a similar way.

If you take a step back and talk about a Capricorn showing their love for you, just doing that takes a lot out of them. They’re slow to show any kind of passion or affection in private, so PDA is out of the question. If your love language is words, then perhaps a Capricorn isn’t the best choice for you at the moment. Even if they love you, you probably won’t be able to tell.



Capricorns often remember things from far in the past. They are impatient so you have to deal with them with care.

Capricorns bring a lot to the table in a relationship. If you want someone steady and serious, this is your guy. They’re likely to bring love and happiness in their own way every day, given that they truly love you. That being said, if a Capricorn doesn’t like you, it’s going to be obvious right away. The biggest way you can tell if a Capricorn doesn’t like you is when they start to get impatient. Impatience is not usually found in a Capricorn, but when it is, it’s extremely present. They may start to get snippy with you and begin to challenge your way of doing things, both of which are uncharacteristic for a Capricorn. If you try to ask them what’s wrong, they most certainly won’t tell you, as they’re already very closed off.

If a Capricorn becomes impatient with you, it’s probably best to end things amicably, rather than pry and get hurt. It’s always good to talk it out before you leave them unexpectedly, though, because things may be deeper than you think. Capricorns often remember things from far in the past, and while they’re not ones to keep grudges, some distant argument or situation may be throwing them off. Just this fact alone is truly telling of what kind of a person a Capricorn is. Some people may consider their behavior childish and irresponsible to their partner. Either way, it’s definitely one reason that Capricorn is the worst Zodiac sign.



Capricorn is very uptight. These types of characteristics are best for the office environment, but not good for casual meetings.

Everyone wants something different from their partner. For some people, passion is very important, and as soon as that spark is gone, so are they. For others, honesty is the golden key to their heart, and without it, they don’t want to be involved with anyone. For Capricorns, that quality is a calmness to a fault. You can almost say boringness. Capricorns don’t do well with people who are energetic and have larger-than-life personalities because their own nature is so different. Instead of letting go and living a little, a Capricorn is very uptight, even after spending significant time with someone. For Capricorns, very few things come in the way of their very practical goals. They believe in a strong work ethic now, so that they can rest in the future. So, they’re very uptight both in and out of work to meet their goals.

Uptightness is fine in the workplace, as getting too comfortable with a coworker can lead to problems in certain situations. But you should at least be looser with your loved ones. After all, they’ve seen you in all conditions and wouldn’t judge you at all. But this isn’t something that a Capricorn agrees with. They think their uptightness is somehow getting them close to their goal, which really isn’t the case in many instances. If you can ever get a Capricorn to let loose a little, you certainly deserve some kind of medal because it’s nearly impossible to do.



Dealing with a pessimistic Capricorn is difficult, but it is possible if you clearly know his or her nature.

Capricorns pride themselves on being practical and very goal-oriented. There’s very little that can take their eyes off the prize when they set their mind to something. This is a quality they have for themselves and for others. They may be encouraging when they agree with your goal, but if they think it’s foolish or impractical, they’re going to tell you so. Not only that, but Capricorns have a practical outlook to the point of pessimism. They think so far ahead into the future and consider so many unlikely possibilities that they overshoot practicality. Their practicality is actually pessimism.

Pessimistic Capricorns make it hard on everyone.  They don’t let your hope for the best; in fact, they convince you that you can only expect the worst from your situation. They take big steps to ensure you understand just how unlikely it is that you’re going to succeed, and obviously, that’s not a trait we look for in a partner. Pessimism is found in many Zodiac signs, but not like it’s found in Capricorn. Unfortunately, they think they’re helping you by telling you the truth and keeping your vision clear about reality, but it hardly does anything as far as help goes.

Dealing with a pessimistic Capricorn is difficult, but it can be done. If you’re tired of your Capricorn partner bringing you down, consider hinting this to them a few different times. Telling a Capricorn in a forward manner may upset the situation even more, so keep things serious, but short.



Capricorns are quick to pick up subtle changes in tone.

You would think that a person as intelligent as a Capricorn would be very open-minded in how they deal with differing opinions. But that’s not the case. In fact, Capricorns are a very stubborn bunch, and they don’t tolerate differences very easily. That’s not to say that they have anything against those who are different from them. It’s just much more challenging to get them to switch to a new opinion or thought on something. Because Capricorns are very analytical in their approach to solving problems, they think that their way is the best way of getting things done. They don’t sway from their opinions easily, especially if you use emotional evidence. They base their opinions on hard facts, so emotional blackmail or anything, not concrete is useless to them.

Getting a Capricorn to switch their mind is tough, but not impossible. Just remember to state your thoughts firmly, but not in an offensive way. Capricorns are quick to pick up subtle changes in tone, and if they think you’re attacking them, they’re going to stop talking altogether. Confront them with solid proof of why you think they should change their mind and treat the situation with a serious, but not threatening approach. This shows them that you mean business, but have nothing against them personally. They’re also more likely to listen to you if you show them that the conversation means a lot to you. Capricorns understand the importance of following certain things, like goals, and if you show them the conversation is important to you, they’re more likely to hear you out.



Capricorns act like they’re better than other people, but they also physically remove themselves if they don’t want to meet someone.

When you first meet a Capricorn, you’re probably going to think that they’re very collected and reserved, and you aren’t wrong. They do hold themselves a safe distance away from deep conversations and personal matters, only letting their guard down in very rare cases. They’re willing to get into a conversation with you, but they won’t go into learning more about you or telling more about themselves. If they’re in an ice breaker situation, they’re certainly going to come off as being someone who thinks they’re better than everyone else or just snobby in general.

A snobby Capricorn is probably the first type of Capricorn anyone meets in public settings. Until you get to know them better, they’re going to stay away from personal contact and avoid talking to you if they can. Not only do Capricorns act like they’re better than other people, but they also physically remove themselves from the situation to avoid contact. Your Capricorn coworker may initially stay away from the lounge or avoid making eye contact in the hallway, and while this is definitely uncalled for, it’s just how a Capricorn is.

With time, they’re likely to become less icy and open up a little more. Don’t expect there to be a big change overnight, though. Even people who are in intimate relationships with Capricorns have trouble with them opening up, so co-workers are going to have an even rougher time. Just remember that, in a way, they’re more scared of you than you are of them!



Capricorn’s indifference can be overcome with a lot of time and patience

It’s not all doom and gloom with a Capricorn. The sign is genuinely very loving and caring when they open up out of their shell. They take good care of their loved ones, and sometimes, are the best Zodiac signs out there for lasting love. However, before all of that great love shows up, you’re probably going to deal with a lot of cold and indifferent Capricorn behavior. Sometimes, dubbed as the coldest zodiac sign of them all, Capricorns have a lot of work to do when it comes to appearing warm and friendly. They’re not particularly rude, but they don’t exactly make you feel welcome either. They keep their distance, and as long as you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you.

For many people, this indifferent behavior alone is enough to keep them away from Capricorns. We often find ourselves being nicer to strangers than we are to our own families, yet Capricorns are the complete opposite. If you want to befriend this sign, you should probably get in for the long haul because it’s not happening in a day, week, month, or even a year. Even when they get to know you, you’re going to find them politely concerned about your problems, but never delving into the emotional aspects of it all.  The good news is that a Capricorn’s indifference can be overcome with a lot of time and patience. If you’re willing to use both of those things, then you can probably find success in a relationship with a Capricorn. If not, then it’s best to move along.


2Overly Traditional 

Choosing between having someone who’s very traditional vs. someone who’s open-minded is a different thing. Capricorns love their tradition.

A Capricorn is nothing if not down-to-earth. They care little about the drama that comes with following the latest trends or fashions. They know what they like, and they follow that for their own pleasure. You won’t find them straying from tradition. However, the Capricorn sign takes this wholesome quality to a new level. They’re at the point where they don’t deviate from tradition at any cost. They stay true to what they love and know, and whether that’s from actually loving that way of doing things or following it because they think it’s the only way, they’re not ones to switch around a lot. Once they find something that works for them, they stick with it and aren’t going to change on their own accord. They probably have a deep set motto that goes, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”

Whether they actually have that motto or not, Capricorns are still overly traditional. Even if you tell your Capricorn partner that switching to a new tradition would mean a lot to you, they probably still won’t do it. On the plus side, this also means that they’re very faithful to the ones they love. You don’t have to worry about them cheating or lying, as that would break their own moral tradition. This is another case where it depends on what you’re willing to give and get. Choosing between having someone who’s very traditional vs. someone who’s open-minded and ready to accept change is a decision you have to make.



Capricorn partner may be a little arrogant. Sometimes, it is very difficult to deal with them

Last but not least, a Capricorn is very arrogant in their ways, it’s just that simple. They think that they’re careful in whom they share their information with, but in reality, they don’t really want to share it anyway. Capricorns love order and authority, so keeping this part of themselves hidden is a way for them to show authority over others. They think all of their reasoning and analytical thinking about a situation makes them better than others, although that’s not the case at all. They are perfectionists in every essence of the word, and they don’t rest until everyone else is perfect as well. Obviously, not everyone wants to be perfect, and this is how they appear arrogant to the rest of the room.

An arrogant Capricorn, however, is not as unfavorable as they seem. They’re still willing to hear you out, so if you let them know how you feel about their behavior, they’re likely to change. This again goes back to feeling strongly about something. Capricorns relate to having convictions about things because they themselves have strong desires for their goals. So when they hear of something else that means a lot to others, they’re willing to try something new to help them out. So, while your Capricorn partner may be a little arrogant, it’s nothing a little time, and gentle pushing in the right direction can’t fix. You just have to think as a Capricorn would.



Whether you’re a Capricorn yourself or you know someone who is, there’s a very special way of dealing with them. It’s a balance between the remaining patient and the remaining present in their lives. When you meet a Capricorn, they’re going to make it seem like they wouldn’t like anything more than to see you leave them alone. Don’t be disheartened by their cold welcome; each meeting or visit is going to get better and bring you closer to them. You’re also going to see just how arrogant or traditional they can be, and you have to decide if you can live with those traits before moving on. But once you get past those, a Capricorn is one of the best friends or partners you can have.

Like all of the other Zodiac signs, Capricorns have many good and not-so-good traits. Knowing your limits and what you’re willing to deal with for love or friendship is important when coming in contact with a Capricorn.  They’re a little bit like a pearl in an oyster shell. Upon first glance, they’re closed off and uptight, unwilling to let anyone inside. Over time, you may find that it’s easier to get used to the shell, until one day, it opens up completely. This is the day that you realize it was all worth it for you. Obviously, that’s just a metaphor, and what you deal with in real life isn’t going to be as simple as that. If you’re lucky, however, you’re going to have a Capricorn pearl for life.