10 Reasons Cancer is the Worst Zodiac Sign

Reasons Cancer is the Worst Zodiac Sign (2)

Whether you believe in astrology or not, this practice has been around for several hundreds of years. Practiced first as a predictive method for the fortune and misfortune in the upcoming future, today it’s used for less essential things, like figuring out what your lucky number is. People still use it to figure out what the future has in store for them, but it’s also become a deeper field than that. Not only have astrologists excelled in understanding the stars and constellations, but they’ve also put a name and general attributes to those stars as well. This is how the Zodiac signs came into place.

They didn’t just stop at understanding the different stars. They took it a step further and examined the relationships of these stars with other ones. On their own, every Zodiac sign has its pros and cons, so to speak. People who are born in a certain time frame turn out to be more similar than you think. But just like regular people have problems with each other from time to time, certain stars also don’t get along. We were able to figure this out through the work of these astrologists, and understanding a bit about each star is important to building and sustaining healthy relationships. Today, we’re taking a look at Cancer, specifically why it’s the worst star out there. Here are 10 reasons why Cancer is the worst Zodiac sign.

10Happy, then Sad…

Cancers experience this range of emotion on a daily basis, sometimes they are happy while sometimes they are extremely sad

Part of going through life means having to deal with the ups and downs it brings. Most people feel happy when they’ve accomplished something they have worked hard on. Take your high school graduation, for instance. It’s a big deal for everyone, students and parents included, so much so that according to the National Retail Federation, graduation spending is headed into the billions, five billion USD to be exact. Similarly, everyone feels down from time to time. Whether you missed the bus to work, or you locked your keys in the car, feeling sad or annoyed during these times is understandable; it’s just a natural part of life.

However, this is where Cancers have a hard time. Instead of being reasonably happy or sad about an issue, they just seem to be somewhere in the middle throughout their day, regardless of what’s really going on. Their excessive moodiness really puts a damper on the fun and can even start to affect their close relationships. Again, experiencing these emotions is totally normal from time to time. But having a constant up-and-down swing without a reason is unhealthy.

Cancers experience this range of emotion on a daily basis, so you never really know what’s going to be going right or wrong for them on any day. Not only does their moodiness affect their own behavior, but it affects you, as well. If you can handle this type of instability in a relationship, then dive right into the world of Cancers. But most people can’t, and won’t, put up with it.



Cancers are known to be obsessive when it comes to something they want or don’t want. This becomes their habit and it makes their nature worst.

Have you ever felt like you can’t get something out of your mind? We’ve all been through those times when you get a song stuck in your head, but you can’t remember the last few words. Then, you spend the rest of the day singing it out, while trying to remember it constantly. Other times, you can have a goal or an idea you’re just so set on achieving, that you’re ready to resort to any method to make it a reality. While there are some practical ways to reach your goals, one way that doesn’t work is becoming obsessive about it. Guess which star does just that?

Cancers are known to be compulsive when it comes to something they want or don’t want. Anything that they feel strongly about becomes a part of their daily thought process. If they want something to happen, they’re going to think about it non-stop. If they really don’t want something to happen, they’re still going to think about it, but are also willing to take steps to stop it. They won’t rest until they’ve met their goal, however noble or insensitive it may be. This can obviously work to their benefit or their own damage.

Cancers are extremely driven, so they can reach their goals faster than other signs. However, they won’t stop at anything to get there. Whether they have to break ties with loved ones or spend countless sleepless nights, a Cancer on a mission is a force of nature.


8Glass Half-Empty 

Cancers represent a big part of the people who are pessimistic and it affects their decision making skills

Different people have different outlooks on life. Your experiences and personal choices make up who you are, and these things shape how you view the world. From the different viewpoints, you could say there are two that stick out the most. Representing two ends of a spectrum, pessimistic and optimistic outlooks really change how you see things. Not only that, but optimism is known to have a positive effect on your health. People who see the glass half full live more fulfilling lives and experience a higher quality of life, in general.

Cancers represent a big part of the people who are pessimistic. They can’t see the good in things, even if they’re experiencing the good themselves. They always find a way to turn things into something negative and bring down the whole mood of the atmosphere. Even if the people around them are having a good time, they somehow find a way to make a backhanded comment about the situation and don’t even get started on situations that are already less than ideal.

While your experiences play a big role in how you look at life, the people around you also make a difference. If you’re in a relationship with a Cancer, you’ve probably already experienced this type of behavior rubbing off on you. You might feel yourself becoming more negative to live in the situations you’re in, and in turn, continue the cycle of pessimism throughout your day. It’s just another reason why Cancer is the worst Zodiac sign.


7They Sleep with Their Eyes Open 

Having a cancer partner requires a lot of patience and a good amount of balance between partners. They always keep an eye on your activities

Living alone has its perks and disadvantages. You get to do whatever you want, whenever you want to most of the time. But the downside is having to actually live alone. If you’re the kind of person who gets anxious or just has an active imagination, you might triple check your locks before you go to sleep. Depending on where you live, your neighborhood might warrant that kind of precaution. According to the FBI, although there’s a decrease in burglaries, there are still a whopping one and a half billion cases every year. So, it might make sense to sleep with your eyes open. But, if you don’t have anything to worry about, this type of suspicion does little to help your health.

Remaining suspicious and wary of your surroundings and other people gets tiring. On top of that, it becomes more difficult to befriend someone and build lasting relationships if you don’t have trust in them. This is how cancer’s innate nature is. They’re very suspicious of other people and their motives, so it’s tricky for them to make and keep friends. With a Cancer, they’re focused on protecting their own position, so they don’t really make good team players.

Getting into a relationship with a Cancer requires a lot of patience and a good amount of balance between partners. They may be suspicious and take a while to open up to you, and even then, you may feel like they’re testing your loyalty from time to time. That’s because they are.


6Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop 

Cancerians are always against you if they don’t care for you anymore. You care for the person, but they don’t seem to care for you

When you’re in a relationship with someone, you want to feel like you can trust that person to always do what’s right for both of you. If that person truly loves you, they would look for a way to solve problems for both partners. Even if it can’t be solved that way, they at least try their best to accommodate your needs and keep you happy.

But the problems start when the person only cares about themselves. They don’t look for your opinion anymore, and instead, they blame you if things go wrong. They make you feel regret for something that was out of your hands or for something that you shouldn’t have to regret in the first place. This is a manipulative relationship, and it’s important to get out of one as soon as possible. Not only is it emotionally harmful, but it also affects your physical and mental health negatively.

Unfortunately, this is another reason why Cancer is the worst Zodiac sign. They are known to stop at nothing to get what they want, even if it means using the people in their life to do so. They may feel a little remorse, but oftentimes, they’re so focused on the end result and reaching their goal, that they step over everyone else without realizing. This creates a tough situation for anyone involved with a Cancer on a personal level. You care for the person, but they don’t seem to care for you, especially when they have their mind set on something; no one likes to be used.


5Insecurity Gets the Best of Them 

Insecurity is a big issue for more than just the person who is Cancerian. They are very sensitive to their belongings

We can all sympathize with someone who thinks lowly of themselves. As teenagers, we’ve all gone through the phase where we see other people and begin to compare ourselves to them. You know now that you thought they were better because of a few arbitrary reasons, but at the time, it seemed like the whole world revolved around it. These feelings of insecurity and self-doubt can continue well on into adulthood, and they always seem to pop up at random times.

Having self-confidence is not only important for you, but it’s also important for the people around you. It may be hard at times to trust your instincts, but confidence is often what you need to reach your goals in stride.

Cancers experience a lot of this same insecurity, except it transfers to several areas of their life. On a personal level, they start to become clingy or need constant reassurance that things are going well. They begin to question the loyalty of their loved ones, and this insecurity is behind all of that. On a professional level, they may not reach their potential growth or profit rate because they don’t branch out of their comfort zone. They’d rather stick with what they know than deal with someone turning down their ideas. It’s easy to understand why insecurity is a big issue for more than just the person who experiences it. While this is something that can be improved on over time, it still takes a lot out of a person to remain patient and constantly reassuring for the sake of the relationship.


4Slow to Change 

Cancers don’t like change. In some cases, if they have to change, they do it in slow times.

Think back to a time when you had to deal with change. It may have been during a move from one house to another, or you may have lost one of your best employees for your small business. Dealing with change is a stressful situation, but learning how to do it effectively is an important skill. If you live your life running away from change, you’re just avoiding the inevitable. Eventually, you’re going to have to deal with something that you can’t get away from, and going through that is hard. You may miss out on opportunities for physical, mental, and professional growth because you couldn’t get out of your comfort zone.

Like many people, Cancers don’t like change. But unlike many people, they don’t try to learn how to handle it well. They like what they like, and they’re ready to do anything to avoid giving it up. You could say they’re kind of set in their ways, and changing their mind is results in arguments and hurt feelings. Even though changing something may be better for them and make their life a bit easier, they don’t see the positive things that could come out of a little change.

This can affect your relationship with a Cancer, especially if you’re looking for something long-term. If you don’t see eye to eye with a Cancer on something as big as moving cities for a new job, or finding a better location for raising your family, it’s going to lead to big problems. This is another reason why Cancers are the worst.


3Got Too Much on the Mind 

Cancers are naturally pessimistic, and overthinkers, they have a hard time letting go and living in the moment

There are many different ways to prepare yourself for a situation or event, but planning has to be the best form of preparation. Learning about what to expect in a situation helps you get ready for taking care of business without any surprises. While it’s great to think ahead, this becomes problematic when all you do is think about the future. You don’t have any real reason to be thinking, but you do it all the time. Not only does overthinking waste your time in the moment, but it also gives you more head space to worry about things you may not be able to change. Having too much on the mind is the quality of a Cancer through and through.

This characteristic relates to the Cancer’s obsessive behavior. They spend too much time thinking about a situation and all of the things that could go wrong. Small things become a big issue, and big issues lead to back to their pessimistic nature. A lot of Cancer’s traits go in a circle of sorts. They’re naturally pessimistic, and combining that with their obsessive and overthinking qualities, they have a hard time letting go and living in the moment.

This Cancer quality starts to take a toll on those around the person, as well. It’s hard to bring a Cancer out of their brooding state when they’re in too deep, leaving you to deal with an unfulfilling and emotionally unavailable person.



Cancers are emotional. They can make things more fun and interesting with their facial expressions

One of the biggest negative qualities a Cancer has is that they’re very emotional. Out of all of the different Zodiac signs, Cancer signs are known to be the ones who are in touch with their feelings…maybe a little too in touch. They’re the ones who almost always think with their hearts instead of their heads, which can land them in a lot of hot water. While this can be both a good and not-so-good trait, for Cancers, it’s usually the latter. They have feelings that run deep, and anything that is slightly annoying or rude can set them off. They don’t tolerate criticism well because of this, even if there’s a good reason and sound explanation behind it.

An emotional person is like a two-way street. They’re great to have around because they can make things more fun and interesting with their facial expressions and way of telling a story. You can really tell how they feel about something because they don’t hide anything. But they can just as easily make a situation turn sour. You can’t really joke with them without wondering if they’re going to get offended. On top of that, people tend to say things they don’t mean when emotions run high, which does more damage than any other type of conversation. Even if they regret it later, a Cancer can’t help but get what’s on their mind out in the open. Cancers are an open book, and they want everyone to know their story, even if it hurts them.


1Closed Off

Cancers are very close to their issues. They don’t like to share their personal life with anyone.

There are many ways to describe a Cancer, nine that you’ve already read. Every Cancer is a little bit different, so you might find yourself checking off certain traits, while never encountering others. But one quality that has to be on every list of Cancer traits is how they remain closed off. They don’t like to share their personal life, and they prefer it if others didn’t share their own either. You might be thinking, “I thought they were emotional?” While they like to be vocal about their emotions, they don’t like to tell personal stories. It’s a complex situation, but it makes complete sense to a Cancer.

You might have encountered a co-worker who happens to be a Cancer. After working with them for some time, you could probably list a host of things they’re passionate about, like the environment, their dog, how much they don’t like your boss. But you don’t really know them; you can’t think of something as simple as how many siblings they have or if they’re dating someone. So, you end up feeling like you know this person, but when you actually think about it, there’s a lot left unsaid. Being a good communicator is definitely a strength of a Cancer, but actually becoming vulnerable and opening up is not. Being open with someone allows both people to build trust and feel comfortable with each other. But with Cancer’s closed nature, this is a difficult task to accomplish. Truly telling of why Cancer is the worst Zodiac sign.



Every Zodiac sign has certain traits that define them best. An Aquarius is easily offended, Pisces are overly emotional, and Taurus are hard to connect with. For Cancer, it’s all of the above. But one thing to note is that these traits aren’t a daily occurrence for most people. Sometimes, a Cancer can be manipulative, but not in the worst sense. Everyone can be a little manipulative at times to get what they want; Cancers just do it more often. Plus, they may be manipulative without meaning to, so that trait, and any other trait on this list, isn’t always 100% representative of who they are.

With all of these traits, you might think that Cancers are terrible people. While it wouldn’t be fair to call them names based on one or two instances, it is fair to say that compared to other Zodiac signs, they’re definitely the ones who attract the most drama. They’re not afraid to say how they feel, and their obsessive nature gets them further than other people. They can make a lot of enemies along the way, but those who are brave enough to get deep with them, end up really liking them. Cancers are the best friends to have and the worst enemies you can make. So, whether they’re the best or worst Zodiac sign really depends on you.