10 Reasons Cancer is the Best Zodiac Sign


Cancer is the 4th Zodiacal house from the 12 signs. This sign encompasses the dates between June 21st and July 22nd, right in the midst of the hot summer days. Unlike the days of the year that this sign originates in, Cancer’s element is cooling water. Adding on to the tropical scene, Cancer is also represented by a little crab and is ruled by the Moon. Like all of the Zodiacal signs, the crab is a part of Greek mythology. It’s said that a giant crab assisted the enemy between the fight of Hercules and the hydra, which is a serpent-like water monster. For this reason, Cancer is considered a negative Zodiac sign.

When most people read that Cancer is a negative sign, they immediately assume that it means negative in all aspects. However, when the terms “positive” and “negative” are used to describe Zodiac signs, they really have no bearing on the signs themselves. The names are just used to divide the groups, and just like there’s a positive and negative end on a magnet, these titles don’t mean that one is better than the other. It’s just a name in the end.

However, some people still remain skeptical of the goodness in Cancer. The fact that it’s named “Cancer” doesn’t help, as we associate that with an entirely different negative health condition. But there is actually a lot to find within Cancer in terms of good qualities. From their intellectually driven behavior to their artistic talent, the Cancer sign has many things that make it pop. Here are 10 reasons why Cancer is the best Zodiac sign.


10They’re Compassionate Listeners

Cancers are practically professional listeners, and they do much more than just listen as they give you useful advice for your problems

Cancer is one of the greatest friends you can make and also the best therapist you can have for more reasons than one. This sign spends a lot of time taking care of those around them, and they’re going to protect the people who they love with their lives. Cancers like to show their love for people through actions, and while they would gladly take a bullet for you, they’re also ready to do less dangerous things, like lend a listening ear. Cancers are practically professional listeners, and they do much more than just listen. Do you ever feel like you can just tell when someone has zoned out from your conversation with them? It’s obvious that they’re not really paying attention and just nod their head at the right moment. This is frustrating and hurtful, but luckily, it’s not what a Cancer does.

They’re very rational and thoughtful while you’re talking and often ask for clarification along the way, so they understand everything completely. The good thing about having a Cancer as a listener is that they don’t blow things out of proportion. They patiently listen and don’t make judgements while you talk. When they think of a solution, they don’t give you advice based on emotional thinking. Instead, they focus on rationalizing their thoughts. We all need a friend who can bring our emotional levels down when we’re feeling stressed or anxious. Cancer just so happens to be the friend who can do that the best.


9They’re Here to Calm You Down

Cancers don’t only reduce the situation to just emotions but also tell you to get over it and live your own way

When you’re feeling scared or nervous about something, it’s always comforting to have a good friend or partner nearby. We rely on these people to quell our anxieties and get rid of our fears or at least lessen them. Without a solid friend, we would probably spend all of our days and nights thinking about all the ways a situation could go wrong. That’s why we need a rational friend, such as a Cancer, to cool us down and keep these thoughts at bay. Cancers are the type of people who are going to help you see the reality behind every situation. They don’t react to situations; they think through things clearly before making a move, and this is what they want you to do, too.

Because Cancer is a water sign, this group of people tends to the feelings of others quite well. They’re very fluid in their emotions, so they can relate to the thoughts and ideas of others. When it comes time to providing insight or advice on what to do next, Cancers don’t rely on just logic or intellect. Some Zodiac signs are extremely analytical, so every piece of information they give is based on some sort of scientific or reason-based notion. However, the matters of the heart aren’t always so easy to reason with, and Cancer understands that. While they don’t reduce the situation to just emotions and tell you to get over it, they do take a look at both the logistical and internal situation that’s going on. You’re going to get the best of both kinds of advice with a Cancer.


8They’re Accepting of Emotions

Cancers are quick to tell you to open up and let it out. Although they are emotional people, they always take the right decisions

You might be thinking that because Cancers are rational people that they don’t like to think too much about the emotional aspect of a situation. On the contrary, Cancers themselves are very emotional people. When those who aren’t familiar with the Zodiac hear this, they think that this means they’re just a crying mess at all times. But Cancer’s heightened emotions lead them to be more in tune with the inner happenings of the heart. They’re more emotional, but they’re also more receptive to the feelings of others.

They understand what it’s like to have all your feelings in overdrive. Instead of making it worse by saying the wrong things, Cancers like to cancel out the negative aspects of those emotions by providing acceptance and encouragement. Think of it like this. The more you try to suppress these emotions, the more likely you are to have a breakdown later. Letting them bubble up inside eventually causes them to overflow in the form of tears and frustration. Cancers don’t judge you for what you say when you’re angry or upset, and in turn, this allows you to properly vent your problems until you’ve gotten everything off of your chest.

Though Cancers are quick to tell you to open up and let it out, they often hesitate to do so themselves. They’re a hard nut to crack, and they usually keep everything inside until it’s just too much for them. So, if you have a Cancer friend, check up on them from time to time to make sure they’re not keeping all of their emotions under wraps.


7They’ve Got You on Their Mind

Cancers remain as thoughtful as they ever were when it comes to you, regardless of what the rest of the world is doing

Did you ever get a gift from someone that makes you question how well they really know you? Sometimes, we get gifts that really don’t sit well with our insides, and you think, “From what angle does this look like a shirt I would wear?” They might even say things that you can’t believe come out of their mouth. It feels like you’re meeting them again for the first time because the person you knew would never say those things. Or so you thought. Some Zodiac signs switch up their personalities from time to time to fit in with the crowd or to follow trends, but not Cancer. Cancers remain as thoughtful as they ever were when it comes to you, regardless of what the rest of the world is doing.

From all of the faithful Zodiac signs, Cancer takes the cake for having you on their mind with whatever they do. They remember the little things you mention absentmindedly and surprise you when you realize they were actually listening to the whole time during your two-hour conversation. They know just how to make you feel better because they’ve learned your favorite things down to every last detail. When someone knows you well, they obviously know what gets you excited, upset, or confused. They know your strengths and weaknesses, and they do whatever they can to keep you feeling solid. Cancer seems to have a mental notebook that’s all about you and has all of those things written in it. Their thoughtfulness easily makes Cancer the best Zodiac sign.


6Strong for themselves and for Others

Cancers are strong enough to stand up for those they love. They are bold and get their rights even if they have to fight for it.

When you have a bad day, what’s the first thing you do? Do you take a walk to brush it off or spend the rest of your day in isolation to get your mind off of it? Everyone’s a little different, and these methods change even more when you have others relying on you. You wouldn’t show how upset you really are in front of your kids, right? So, sometimes we just suck it up to keep everyone happy, which is exactly what Cancer does.

Cancer is a naturally strong Zodiac sign that is willing to hide how they’re feeling to keep everyone else strong, too. They don’t want others to feel the burden of their feelings, so they like to keep things hidden from the world. Of course, this can be problematic because then they don’t tell others how they really feel about a situation, but they have good intentions. Their strong, yet emotionally accepting nature serves as an inspiration for others.

Not only are Cancers strong in the emotional sense, but they can also be very strong physically. Not like weight lifting or having a six-pack strong, but just strong enough to stand up for those they love. They just do what’s right without any regard for the consequences. This quality of Cancer really highlights their strong connection to the Moon, as this is what affects the emotional state of the people it rules. They’re strong for themselves and others, which is why Cancer is the best Zodiac sign.


5They’re Artistically Gifted

Cancerians are artistic in nature. They always trying new things and testing their skills in as many creative fields

Some people seem to be born to do a certain thing. They’ve got the voice of an angel from the moment they learned to talk, or they’ve shown great potential in soccer from their very first game. We love to see these people in action because they know what they’re doing, and they really excel in it. For a Cancer, that quality is art. Cancers are definitely at the top of the list for artistic Zodiac signs. It doesn’t only have to be with a paintbrush and paper. No, Cancers go way past just one medium of art. You can see them do great things in all types of art, from calligraphy and graphic design to film production and writing. They don’t like to stick with one method either. They’re always trying new things and testing their skills in as many creative fields as they can.

This Zodiac sign gets a lot of its skill in art from a high level of creativity. They’re born with enough creative juice to supply that of several other signs combined. Even though they’re really good at it, you won’t see a Cancer bragging about their latest successful work. Cancers love what they do, and oftentimes, they won’t even mention the fact that they’ve been recognized for it. If Cancer doesn’t win you over with their great listening ears, you’re definitely going to be mesmerized by what they can do with their hands and mind.


4They are Caring Crabs

Cancers love and care for others so deeply. You are the lucky one if you have a cancer friend with you

Cancer has many unique traits that they’re known for, but one of the most unheard of is their maternal or paternal instinct. This sign is very maternal in their ways, and some even take the crab as a representation of motherhood. Because the crab always has a shell to protect itself, people associate that with the protection a mother or father provide to their children. Cancer crabs have strong protective desires of those they love, regardless of if they share a blood relationship with them or not. Just like a parent, they don’t discriminate between their children or their loved ones. They care for everyone equally, and as such, they’re willing to protect them all equally, as well.

This is what makes them such caring friends and family members. Once they have someone under their ‘shell,’ they take care of them until the end. Their loyalty is what attracts most people towards them, as they remain faithful and honest to those they love. Because Cancers love and care for others so deeply, some people may try to take advantage of this. However, Cancers aren’t foolish enough to just let anyone in their hearts. They don’t open up easily, and as such, they don’t trust everyone easily, either. So, those who try to get in and cause them harm have a hard time getting past their locked heart in the first place. Cancers are caring crabs to their loved ones, but aren’t afraid to use their claws to keep intruders at bay.


3They’re Your Friends for Life

Cancers are also great friends because they truly value friendship. They are always active for their friends who need help.

By now, you’ve probably figured out that Cancer is a very caring sign. They love deeply and intensely, and they don’t hop around between people. Once they have a friend, they have a friend for life. Cancers make the best friends for several reasons. For one, this sign is very slow to trust people. They like to fully understand people before getting into friendships or relationships with them. They don’t open up very easily, so when they do, you know that they see something special in you. After they finally let you in, they keep you very close. Their initial suspicion and lack of trust for people is all worth it when you have a friend as loyal as them.

Cancers are also great friends because they truly value friendship. They have a hard time letting people in because they don’t want to get hurt in the process. They believe that it’s better to have a small circle of loyal friends than to have a large circle of hurtful or unfaithful friends. They value quality over quantity, and it shows by their usually small friend groups. This also translates well when they get into romantic relationships. They don’t have many romantic partners, but when they do go on a date, it’s because they see potential for a long-term connection. Some Zodiac signs like to meet people and are very friendly with everyone, and that’s great in certain situations. But a Cancer’s rational and careful approach to friendship and love keeps them grounded and out of heartbreak’s reach.


2They’re Great at Reading People

Cancers really excel in their detective work. They read the minds of their friends and tell them what they are doing?

Cancer’s planning and investigation into people before befriending them goes a long way. They would rather have no friends than have awful friends, so they don’t mind going solo until the right person comes along. With their level of attention to detail and their focus on learning more about people, Cancers become very good at understanding others in general. Cancers aren’t just good, they’re great at reading people. They can tell with only a short conversation about how someone is, and their observations are usually spot on. Cancers don’t judge people based on how they look, but they do think about whether they’re good potential friends based on how they interact with them.

While other Zodiac signs have no tact or skill in this department, Cancers really excel in their detective work. Their need for loyalty and trust is very high, as well, so while other signs may trust people without hesitation, Cancers are still conducting their research about the person. This initial hesitation to welcome people with open arms leads others to think that Cancer is awkward or just plain rude. But a look inside their head tells you that they’re not rude, they’re just being careful.

We can all appreciate a Zodiac sign that does their homework before diving headfirst into a relationship. Because Cancers are great at reading people, you’re going to notice that their friends are also very great people in general. Putting in the effort beforehand saves Cancer a lot of time on dealing with breakups, making them the best Zodiac sign.


1They’re Very Ambitious

Cancer works hard to make everything fall into place for their goal. They are Passionate for the things they love

Having some sort of passion in life is important. Everyone needs a North Star that they use as a focus for what they’re doing. Having some driving force, some incentive, or something that keeps you moving forward is important to finding purpose. Without it, it’s easy to feel like you’re wandering around aimlessly. If you have some sort of goal, but you don’t have true ambition for it, you’re not going to be motivated to reach it. So, having a passion for achieving your goals is just as important as having a goal in the first place. Cancer knows this all too well, as they’re a passionate and driven group of people.

You’re going to learn early on that a Cancer doesn’t rest when he has a dream. He’s going to burn the candle at both ends until he reaches his desired aim. His passion for the things that he loves is obvious with the amount of energy and love he puts into completing it. Whether it’s a relationship or a project, Cancer works hard to make everything fall into place for the objective.

As an ambitious sign, Cancer may be perceived as obsessive over their goals. That all really just depends on how you look at it. While some see a crazed person who has lost touch with reality in the process of reaching their goal, others see a dedicated person who’s not afraid to push the boundaries to get what they want. Perspective plays a big part, but Cancer is going to keep on marching no matter what you think.



Cancer has several possible descriptions. They’re a wildly talented bunch who loves to see their loved ones feeling happy. They make sure you know who their favorite is, but not by actually coming out and saying it. Just their actions alone are enough to loudly proclaim who has a special place in their heart, and sometimes, that’s the sweetest way to do it.

Aside from their ability to love deeply, Cancer also shows great potential in being a good listener. Whether it takes 15 minutes or a whole hour, they’re ready to rush to your side and hold you close when you need it. No time is too long for them because they truly enjoy being there for the ones they love. They don’t just listen for the sake of listening; they actively partake in conversations that help others feel better after a while. They may not tell you what you want to hear, but they always provide a fresh and rational outlook on the problem at hand.

The Cancer sign is amazing at what they do and is a reminder to other signs and people of how important connection is. They show in every way that the quality of these connections is much more valuable than the quantity, and that alone is enough to give Cancer the title of the best Zodiac sign.