10 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of All Time

2. DB Cooper

DB Cooper an escape artist. Maybe.
DB Cooper an escape artist? Maybe.

Around 45 years ago, on November 24th, 1971, an unidentified and unassuming man hijacked a Northwest airlines flight out of Portland, Oregon by claiming that he was carrying dynamite. He demanded $200,000 and four parachutes from officials in exchange for the hostages. The government obliged and handed over the cash in $20 bills. The man, known as DB Cooper, then told the remaining flight crew to take him to Mexico.

The system for dealing with hijackers was different in the 1970s because these events simply didn’t happen. The motto was to do what the man says and deal with it when everyone was out of danger, or in this case, when the plane landed.

However, Cooper escaped form the plane by using the parachutes provided to him by the authorities and jumping out of the plane somewhere over Washington state. No one ever saw him again.

Some believe that he died during the jump because the storm outside was too strong. Another theory suggests Cooper had a sex change operation. Some people even think that Bigfoot got him.

Yet, even today, no one knows who he is or what happened to him after he dove out of the plane.

1.The Collapse of World Trade Center 7 Complex


The final mystery is not supernatural in nature, though, the potential solutions are just as hotly debated.

We all know of the collapse of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Both of the towers were hit by planes, which caused the towers to collapse. In the hours following the collapse of the Twin Towers, Building 7 of the World Trade Center also came down…but this building was not hit, nor involved in the attack.

WTC 7 was a steel-framed, high-rise, and it was only one of three known buildings of its size and structure to have collapsed by fire, which was the “official” cause. As soon as the building fell, however, the conspiracy theorists began to theorize…because even the structural engineering community doesn’t have a strong answer.

It can be argued that science can explain the fall of this building, but it could have only happened if there was a catalyst, such as an explosion. Though there was a fire in the building, there are no other known buildings that are constructed the same or similarly that have come down based on fire alone. The only way the building could have fallen would have been to eliminate the steel beams that held and supported it.

WTC 7 collapsed about 8 hours following the first two buildings, and it fell at a very quick speed. Many engineers and architects claim that the only way this could have happened is if the understructure of the building was destroyed. Some say, since the building was so close to the Twin Towers, the debris and the energy coming from those collapses could have caused it, but the official cause was fire.

Could a fire really destroy a steel understructure? Many say no, which is why this remains one of the top unsolved mysteries of the world. To make the argument even stronger, consider that WTC 7 was the home of the CIA, Department of Defense, IRS, Secret Service and the Security and Exchange Commission.

Even in the modern world, where people have better access to more resources than ever before, there are some events that simply defy expectations and slip through our fingers. Despite what they’d like to think, humans have not mastered the natural world nor have they solved their own history as a people.

Although most mysteries are those that resulted in tragedy and death, there is some home in society’s inability to close every case and find every clue. It is a strong reminder that there is some anonymity left in the world and that despite everything, there are always more missing pieces to the puzzle to be found. Some of these pieces are lost in layers of theories but others are hiding just underneath the surface.