Top 10 Reasons Jesus Christ Never Existed

  1. The City Of Nazareth Did Not Exist During The Time Jesus Is Reputed To Have Been Alive.

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The City of Nazareth is old but Jesus old. Jesus Christ never existed.
The City of Nazareth is old but not Jesus old. Jesus Christ never existed.

Jesus was known as the Nazarene, possibly because he is reputed to have been from Nazareth.  For many people there is no reason to doubt this claim.  Nazareth exists today, an old town with a long history (and one very famous son) but while Nazareth is old, it is not as old as Jesus or even Christianity.

The historian Josephus lists all the cities in Galilee from around that time and Nazareth is not on the list.  Nazareth is not mentioned in the Epistles, the first books of the New Testament to be written (see above), indeed there is no reference to the name until the Gospels.  Excavations of the current day Nazareth and the surrounding area have led to mixed results.  Evidence of human activity has been found from around the time when Jesus was alleged to have lived there but this activity was in the form of a necropolis for the dead and not a village in its own right.

An alternative translation of the word Nazarene is ‘truth’ and was a name given to a gnostic sect of Christians.  It is possible that when the traditions split and the gnostic heritage was excised from Christianity the phrase was reimagined to state that Jesus was from Nazareth which, of course, was by then in existence.

  1. The Life History Of Jesus Parallels That Of Other Mythical Beings Too Closely To Be Real.

Jesus Christ never existed but rather his life was modeled on other prior mystical figures like Osiris and Horus.
Jesus Christ never existed but rather his life was modeled on other prior mystical figures like Osiris and Horus.

Children who grow up in Western societies, even if not formally educated in the Christian tradition, are aware of the amazing life story of Jesus.  He was conceived and born in a stable to a virgin (Mary), escaped death at the hands of a tyrant (Herod) in his infancy, grew to be a precociously knowledgeable child, started his ministry of preaching before giving himself to be sacrificed, resurrecting after death and giving rise to a new covenant for the remission of sins.  It is a story full of wonder and hope and, for many people it would appear unique and it is an article of deep faith and belief for billions of Christians around the world.

Sadly it is not unique.  The story of Jesus is no more original than any modern day knock off of Romeo and Juliet.  Many mythologies have a Christ like character whose story is set around the same pattern.  Osiris, the Egyptian god of the underworld had a very similar life story and the ancient Egyptians celebrated his ‘passion’ with gusto.  Osiris’ son, Horus was born to a virgin in a cave with a star overhead.  He was visited by shepherds and gods.  Horus was said to be the ‘light of the world’.  He started to become active aged about 30 and many miracles were attributed to him that also appear in the gospels including walking on water and letting the blind see again.

But the similarities do not stop there.  Dionysus was the son of Zeus and a virgin woman; he was able to turn water into wine and was killed and resurrected.  Attis, another Greek god was honored every spring in a ritual in which his effigy was buried and believed to rise again after three days.  Hercules was reputed to be another god/virgin offspring who was killed and rose again.

Perhaps the now defunct Christ figure with the most surprisingly similar story was Mithras whose life was an almost exact parallel, his worshipers even celebrated his birthday on 25 December.



So there you have it – 10 reasons why Jesus Christ never existed.  Christianity is just one big myth!  The church really only started to become successful and gain a foot hold after the conversion of Paul. St Paul used his power and influence to tell people how to live their lives and, once his new religion started to meet with success the writers of the Gospels decided that they needed something more to give the new religion traction.

They had seen what worked and what did not and borrowed the best bits of the most successful god origin stories for their new religion.  They created a savior figure and then skillfully wove it together with hearsay until they had a narrative that they could sell to the masses.  Once that met with success the early founders of the Church ruthlessly eliminated all opposition, particularly from the gnostic traditions.

It is certainly a cracking story, it has proved more successful and enduring than the myths of other ‘sun gods’, you don’t get many people worshiping Mithras or Osiris these days but we hope that this top 10 has convinced you that there is no rational reason to believe in the historical existence of Jesus.