Top 10 Bizarre Facts About The Bible

2) Vatican

The Vatican: Top Party School in 2014
The Vatican: Top Party School in 2014

In the Christian world, everybody knows about the Vatican. In fact, it’s the center of the Roman Catholic religion. What’s interesting is that if you trace the word Vatican, it comes from the word but “Vaticanus”. It is a Latin word that translates to “Place Of Sorcerers”.

1) Uncannonized Books

Missing Books of the Bible
Missing Books of the Bible: Everything you’re doing is sin you just don’t know yet.

While everyone knows that the Bible has a total of 66 books. However, what is not known that this is not the case in the past. The original Bible has a lot more books. Some of the books were confusing and contradicting with each other. The church finally stepped in and dubbed other books as uncannonized. These uncannonized books are the ones that were filtered out as they were always contradicting or not making sense.

The Bible and Christianity are always an interesting subject as its one of the biggest religion in the world today. Countless books and movies are written around the subject. Its rich history and secrets make a perfect plot for a story of suspense. While it is true that the Bible and Christianity has a rich history with people remembering the important facts. However, there are other obscure facts about the Bible that most people of today do not know. Thankfully, you have read this article! However, you might not want to start a debate with your Christian friends. Here’s something that is not an obscure fact – talking about religion in general social circle is usually a bad idea!