Top 10 Bizarre Facts About The Bible

5) Amen

Pray your ass off
Pray your ass off

Most Christians would finish their prayers saying the word “Amen”. Most Christians would tell you that the word translates to “so be it”. However, when you do a little research, you’d be surprised to uncover a few interesting facts. For example, the term comes from the word Amen-Ra.

If that’s not interesting enough, Amen-Ra is an Egyptian God that sometimes goes by the name Amun-Ra. Amun-Ra is an old God, as his followers became bigger, the God is being associated with Ra-Herakthy. There are lots of contradicting explanations and translations, but the short version is that his followers send their prayers to “Sun Of God”.

4) Israel

Israel at peace
Israel at peace

Israel is mentioned several times in the Bible. Most people think that it is the same Israel that we know of today. Here’s a hint, the country that we know of Israel today is actually very recent. This goes to say that the present Israel country is not the same Israel that is mentioned in the Bible. The Israel in the Bible specifically talks about “Canaan”. Although you can argue that some parts of this “Canaan” is still located in modern Israel’s territory, but is also being shared with other countries like Syria, Palestine and Egypt.

What’s more, when you dissect the word Israel, it reveals something interesting.

Isis – is a term to describe one Egyptian God that is part of a Trinity for the Egyptian belief. The Trinity comprises other gods such as Osiris and Horus, which translates to literally to “Son Of God”.

Ra – is one of the Egyptians Sun Gods, specifically the midday sun. It’s kind of weird they have different gods for different “sun” times of the day; but hey its their belief, it’s not like other religions have their own “weird” beliefs.

El – well, this one comes from the Hebrew language. This translates to the word “God”. In some other semantic languages, Ra is a also word to describe the Canaanite’s father God.

When you observe the pattern, it is not hard to conclude the word Israel comes from two religious sects that merges with the Hebrew’s God.

3) Bible Prophesies

Prophesy: Can't read just one!
Prophesy: Can’t read just one!

What’s a religion without prophecies, right? Well, the Bible and Christianity have its own prophecies and it’s estimated that 3200 prophecies are already fulfilled. Don’t get excited, as there are 3100 other prophecies that are unfulfilled or completely missed the mark.