10 Ways to Teach Your Child to be a Genius

2. TIME is Another Way to Say Genius

Put in the time if you want a smart kid.
Put in the time if you want a smart kid.

TIME is another way to spell LOVE. But time is also a huge factor is raising a genius. Between television and computer games, children have the potential to waste years of learning on mindless activity. Kids naturally gravitate to entertainment in our fast-everything world. They love TV shows, computer games, and videos. Infants are being raised in front of large TV screens, mesmerized by Disney and Sesame Street. Although some of the television an infant watches may be educational, nothing good can come from excessive time spent being babysat by animated images.

If a child is consumed by TV and video games, they learn what they live; wasting time better spent learning. Television must be monitored by choosing what a child watches appropriate to their age and by limiting the time in front of the TV. Make use of a kitchen timer to be clear on the viewing constraint so your child has a start and end expectation. Video games must also be limited and properly chosen to instill learning rather than violence or mindless repetition. There are many ‘real time strategy’ RTS games that require thinking, planning, mathematical computations, and other building skills. These games can benefit the child’s problem solving skills.

The other factor involving time is the parent’s commitment to growing up their child to be a genius. It’s not a process of sending your child to a special school, paying high prices for one-on-one tutoring, or having genetic testing. You are the biggest factor in your child’s journey in education and subsequently, developing a high IQ designating them a true genius. Prepare yourself to give much of your time while raising and educating your child.

1. True Grit

Teach your baby to develop true grit.
Teach your baby to develop true grit.

Genius doesn’t just happen. A child may be born with exceptional abilities, but it doesn’t mean they will become a genius adult. The early training and education provided by public education or private sources alone will not develop your child into a genius. Your persistence and your child’s ability to go the distance will make or break the process. You will learn as much as your child once you find the system of learning that works most efficiently for you and your little genius.

It’s vital you find the balance between creating a child who has long lasting grit to complete a course and allowing enough free time to let them also be a child. Freedom to explore on their own and learn by happenchance is the alternate side of true grit. The two together find equilibrium so a child can make the most of their education.

There is a known rule; the “10-year-rule” indicating it takes a decade of sticking it out and working hard to find success. Adults, who have achieved a genius IQ and have the tenacity to go the haul, will be successful. But an adult who has even a natural genius IQ but isn’t raised from infancy with the drive to absorb knowledge may not have the same choices.

A talented, smart child, raised to be persistent, can easily achieve a genius IQ. Obstacles will come and hurdles will be faced, but true grit can be more essential than knowledge. To steer your child in the path of longevity, a parent must identify the child’s weaker personality traits. It’s good to take slow steps toward shifting them from quitter to overcomer. It won’t happen right away. Remember the 10-year-rule. Patience will reward your efforts.


Your child exhibits signs of giftedness from infancy and you believe you have a future genius to parent. Now what? Going about the task of raising a genius is not only multifaceted, but unique to each child. Early learning must be stimulated and enjoyed by your child. When you begin early training your child to be a genius, the methods and skills will stay with them throughout their lifetime.

A child’s potential and intelligence is not simply genetics. If a child is identified as having weak subjects, they will adopt this thinking and ultimately put less effort into that subject. Any child can be a genius—if given the opportunity and training. Parents have final control over the success of their child. Helping them reach their highest potential and IQ must start early—even as an infant.

A baby does have the ability to absorb and learn much more than realized. Early brain stimulation provides a child with unconscious advancements beyond education that is delayed until public school age. Parents offer a baby comfort, nurturing, and love. A parent who nurtures a baby’s mind propels the child’s learning journey. To be excited about learning is to propel your child’s own appetite for knowledge.

Do you want to raise a genius child who grows into a genius adult? Waste no time: start now!