10 Reasons Guns Shouldn’t be Banned in the USA

Having guns provide security in any type of condition

Gun control seems to be an ongoing issue in the United States. Every time there is a mass shooting, those in support of gun control take to social media. They adamantly protest the current gun laws, lobbying for stricter regulations. School shootings, especially, get people riled up. No one seems to take into account that changing the gun laws would do nothing to stop these incidences. The majority of shooters in criminal situations have acquired their guns illegally. Unless the government is going to find a way to crack down on theft and underground sales, there is no reason to even think about gun control, much less a ban.

Many people are unsettled by the threat of terrorism in the United States. Recent attacks have reinforced that efforts to prevent terrorism are not always foolproof. This type of uncertainty leaves citizens in fear of their lives. It also leaves them wondering about the future of the country. At times it seems like remaining armed is the only way to be somewhat protected. Crime is on the rise in many places, causing people to arm themselves every time they leave the house. Many people keep a gun nearby at all times, even when they are sleeping.

A ban on guns stands to leave the general public in a state of unrest. When people feel they have no control over their own safety, trouble is right around the corner. Violence may even increase if a ban on guns is considered. Protests are sure to turn ugly when rights are on the line.


Guns protect you from difficult situations and ensure your security

Most people that own guns, do not own them for the purpose of using them violently. The majority of gun owners hope to never have to use their weapons on another human being. A weapon that is kept in the home for protection can be locked up until an emergency arises. Safes with fingerprint recognition help ensure quick access. If an intruder were to enter the home a gun can provide the protection necessary to save the lives of family members. Sometimes an intruder only needs to see the homeowner with a gun, and decides to leave.

Everyone should be able to feel safe wherever they are. Some people may need to carry their guns with them when they leave the house. Individuals with night jobs may feel much better knowing that they are protected while out an about during night hours. Even walking to and from their car can be more dangerous when it is dark outside. Some people may also have jobs in a rough part of town, and feel better with gun on them.

When it comes to protection, guns are often a necessity. This is not going to change by banning guns. People find ways to obtain banned items, even if it is against the law. A safe home is also a right, and this cannot be promised without the choice to own a gun. A ban on guns would be counterproductive.


The second amendment gives the rights to have gun

The second amendment gives us the right to bear arms. Some activists are calling for a complete repeal of this amendment. Part of their argument is that guns have changed immensely since this amendment was written. There are a variety of guns available to the public today that do a lot more than the ones in the past. A simple rifle or handgun may not be the weapon of choice for some. The right to protect oneself, however, is an unwavering right. A ban on guns could completely change the way our government runs. A major right in danger of repeal could instigate a major revolt.

Regulations for the United States were set to keep the government from becoming too powerful. When bans start to impede on rights that people have had from the beginning, the sustainability of the government has to be questioned. It is no longer in support of the people when they must give up the right to be safe.

When it comes to firearms, rights are a constant issue. The generations that find these regulations feasible have not grown up in a time of war, or have been denied the truth due to a privileged childhood. Those that have never had to deal with true danger are less likely to see the value in gun ownership.

8Illegal Gun Ownership 

Illegal Gun Ownership promotes the criminal rate in USA

Illegal gun ownership is often the reality when it comes to massive crimes. A criminal stops at nothing to commit a crime. The lack of a legal gun does not inhibit a crime. New laws, or bans are not the answer. These types of laws only keep the honest people from owning guns, while criminals continue to purchase them illegally, or steal them. Taking away guns from law-abiding citizens only leaves them at risk of injury or death. This does not only affect the adults applying for guns. It also affects children that these adults intend to protect in their homes or schools.

A ban on guns may leave an imbalance in gun ownership. The criminals gain an upper hand when decisions like this are made. This also increases the risk for honest people becoming criminals, as they may seek out guns from an alternate source. Many are not willing to give up this right. This means that guns already owned are going to go missing, as people find ways to hide them. A ban on military type guns is as far as any law should go. Most of us do not need an assault rifle to defend our home.

The regulation of gun ownership is not something that should be taken lightly. There are many things that could go wrong with this law. An increase in crime is one of the main issues. Criminals would be very aware that homeowners and civilians are not armed, giving them the upper hand. Crime is sure to be a major issue following this sort of decision.

7Alternate Intentions

Having a gun with you may hurt someone in your surroundings

The idea of banning guns is also based on the idea that gun owners are all out to hurt people. Some people own guns for other reasons. Gun collecting is something that many people are a part of. They may have inherited guns from their family members, or travel the country to find old specimens. These are often displayed for looks, only. They serve the purpose of satisfying an interest in gun craftsmanship and history.

Even if guns are owned for protections purposes, they may not be only for protection in the home. Conceal carry weapons can be helpful for those that work odd shifts at work. Women may own guns due to the lack of safety when out around large amounts of men. The world is becoming much more dangerous place. Crimes are often deterred by the appearance of a gun.

Those that collect guns may have several that have been found over the years. These large collections would be confiscated if a ban was put into place. The monetary compensation for these guns is a serious concern. Many people collect to secure a savings for their children later in life. These are often passed down through generations. Guns may also be used for hunting, and basic sport. Some people may go to the gun range and take lessons to perfect the skill of shooting. This can be compared to learning archery or physical fighting. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with using the weapon against people.


Allowing people to have guns with them increases the crime rate

Unfortunately, crime is on the rise around the country. Crime rates are often checked before families move to certain locations. People also move out of certain areas when they become unsafe. These conditions require that people take measures to protect themselves and their families. Moving is not always an option. The ownership of a gun is often necessary to survive. Some areas are extremely unsafe and are frequented by criminals on a daily basis.

Homeowners do not want to be caught off-guard if an intruder enters the home. If a robbery happens when the residents are home, the perpetrators are likely to be armed. It is necessary to be just as armed as the criminals. Civilians need aware of their surroundings at all times. A surprise intrusion or robbery at gunpoint can leave an incredible fear in those that survive the situation. Gun ownership can prevent this feeling of vulnerability.

Crime is not going to stop anytime soon. A ban on guns only acts to increase crime. People that previously owned guns may try to keep some, while others may try to obtain them in an illegal market. History can be referred to in this matter. Prohibition on alcohol caused an incredible amount of violence that could have been avoided. It spurred entire illegal businesses that thrived. Bootlegging made a ton of money for those willing to risk getting caught.

5 Freedom 

Freedom to carry a gun provides security, but also increase criminal activities

America is based on freedom. There is freedom of religion, the freedom of speech, and freedom when it comes to choosing weapons. There is no reason to take one freedom. It is not accurate to call it free country if this is the direction we are headed. The freedom to carry a gun also comes with the responsibility of using it properly. Activists claim the right to carrying a gun in this “free” “country”

Taking one freedom leads citizens to fear that other rights are to be limited, as well. There is no easy way to find a balance when changes are necessary. Instead of taking the freedom of lawful people, it is best to make an effort to catch the criminals. Bans should not apply to those without a criminal history. It is also a good idea to constantly review the constitution as a reminder of our rights. Our rights cannot be protected without a supportive government in place.

Once the government loses focus of the main basis of the United States, things like bans happen. Instead of dealing with the problem by coming up with relevant solutions, activists are overreacting. This overreaction is what has led to the recent debates on gun bans. None of the solutions suggested are able to secure a long-term safety plan. Freedom to carry firearms is the only solution that allows for the safety of individuals and families.


Terrorism activities get promoted after the second amendment

Terrorism is often in the back of our minds in modern times. There little evidence to make most of us feel better, as the attacks happen all over the world. Many times, we are left wondering what would have happened if someone in the crowd had been armed. When guns are not present in certain venues, terrorists are given free run of the situation. The goal of banning guns in some areas is to make them safer, however, it does not always work.

Some places of entertainment already ban weapons on the premises. They check those that are coming in for any signs of weapons. There are ways to get around these checks if you are an experience terrorists. Once inside, they know that no one is armed. This makes it much easier to carry out destructions. Of course, large scale terrorist attacks would be difficult to combat with hand guns.

Acts of terror show the downside of weapons, yet also show that they are pretty easy to get. It seems odd that multiple people from other countries would be able to get on a plane with weapons. It also seems odd that venues with bans end up dealing with severe terrorist attacks. A ban on weapons for civilians would leave the majority with no way to fight back. Countries in Europe that do have gun control are suffering more terrorist attacks than those that do not. We are giving the enemy an upper hand when a ban is considered.

3Unexpected Situations 

Having a licensed gun will save you from Unexpected Situations

When crimes happen, they are usually unexpected. These situations call for quick thinking and an option to fight back. A shooter, for instance, could show up at a mall. Lives could quickly be lost in a large crowd. If just one or two people have guns on them, there is a chance to stop further fatalities. Those with guns can open fire and try to end the chaos. Many workers in gas stations late at night are in danger of a burglary. They may have an emergency button to push, but this is not going to save their life. A weapon on hand could help to ensure that they go home to their family.

There is a big debate over whether or not to arm teachers. Teachers are in charge of some of our most precious citizens. Children are unable to do much to fight back when intruders enter schools. They cannot apply to carry guns, and are stopped at the door with any form of weapon. The lack of weapons in schools is supposed to make us feel safe. Many would worry about a gun falling into the hands of an unstable teacher. Anything is possible, however, something needs to change. Someone needs to be armed on all school campuses.

Teachers may have to undergo more thorough background checks so that they can be approved to carry guns. A shooter may even be stopped before they fully enter a classroom if a teacher is supplied with the proper weapon. This could save many lies. Many school shooters are unstable and may hesitate long enough for an armed person on the school staff to take them out. Home invasions, car jack incidents, and public robberies are all a part of unplanned events.

2Defenseless Nation 

Ban of the guns will make a Defenseless Nation

A ban on guns does not only leave individuals unsafe. It would affect the safety of the entire nation. Once word of a ban gest out, enemies start making plans to make their move. This is not a simple control method that allows some guns to stay in the population. A full ban would leave the entire nation completely defenseless. This can already be seen in the UK and Australia. When other countries are aware of unarmed citizens, trouble starts quickly.

The issues can also be on a smaller scale. They may involve people becoming unsafe in their homes. Criminals may take over cities, as they realize no one can fight back.  This leads to an increase in unsafe neighborhoods. This also gives people a lack of hope for the future. If we are unable to defend ourselves, even in our own homes, what does the future hold? Many things can go wrong when an entire nation of individuals is left without proper defense.

There is no reason to increase the problems that our nation is already having. There is already an increase in crime and terrorism threats. Some terrorism can be avoided or stopped when people are allowed to remain armed. This can be difficult, as it leaves all of us at the mercy of our peers. If the majority of the population is carrying guns, it can also make some people nervous about accidental shootings and outbursts of anger. This can be a big reason why guns are banned in the first place. This is, however, something that we have to make peace with if the nation is to remain armed, with individuals ready to fight back.


History shows that the USA always have an armed population

The history of our nation is built on an armed population. There have always been times when the citizens wanted to make change. Revolutions often include weapons. This may be the government’s biggest fear. There is a lot of political change in progress, recently. Looking back at history, it can be seen that times like this often resulted in a type of revolt. The people of the United States used to stand up when there was injustice or a change to be made.

This is a right that is given the nation. This is also the one right that is often threatened by the government. They may not want to have to deal with a large-scale revolution. Citizens that are armed would make this even more complicated, and possibly violent. Unfortunately, confiscation of weapons has been seen in the past by leaders that fear an uprising. They do not want their power to be challenged. This is not how America should be run.

The government should look to history to find solutions before the people reach the decision to revolt. There should be productive meetings that change things for the better. Disarming and entire nation is not the answer. Meeting the needs of the public is the answer.


A ban on guns is a poor idea for a myriad of reasons. It can be a start to an unsafe living environment for many people. Those in rough neighborhoods may feel it first, as the crime rates soar. Terrorism tends to be worse in unarmed nations, as well. Criminals thrive in places where citizens are not allowed to arm themselves. Humans have a basic right to arm themselves however they see fit. No one told members of ancient tribes they could not carve their own arrows and carry their bows around.

The lack of consideration for the safety of families is outstanding. Criminals are always able to find the weapons they need. This ban is not meant to increase safety, but to increase control over the citizens. Those in charge should not be so ignorant as to ignore the past efforts of prohibition efforts. These always end in an increase in criminal behavior. The public is not always willing to comply.  While regulations and proper etiquette may be helpful in some cases, a complete ban is sure to start some serious issues. Safety complications are the first problems that are sure to arise.

A ban on guns is not something that can be implemented on a whim due to the mass fear of school shootings. It makes more sense to be prepared for fighting back. Better security on school campuses still seems to be a work in progress, as well. There are many alternatives to a ban on guns. There are also many positive aspects to keeping our nation armed.