Top Ten Things You Would Never Want to Share on Facebook

We spend more time on Facebook than we used to before and share things without realizing that many of them could harm us. In this article we present you ten things that that you will never want to post on a social network.


1. How much you hate your job

I hate My Job.
I hate My Job.  Keep it to yourself!


If there is something which can quickly demote you to the unemployed status, then that is complaining on Facebook about your job or the boss. Expressing dissatisfaction on Facebook, especially in this difficult economic environment will create yourself the image of an ungrateful and disloyal person and this will certainly not bring you more friends inside or outside the office. Furthermore, it has been proven that many top companies check applicants’ social network activity when they apply for a job position, especially when speaking about higher end functions such as managers and directors. Therefore, posting something bad about your ex-company or bosses will only lower down your chances of getting employed and making new connections. As policemen say “Everything you tell can (and will) be used against you”.


2. Photos of your friends in embarrassing situations



It has become a practice to post on Facebook pictures of people in embarrassing situations. However, everything that is start as a joke might end badly, since you cannot control who gets to see each post. Your motto when you enter on Facebook should be “what you don’t like for yourself never to do another.” If your camera holds embarrassing pictures of your friends you can either delete them or keep them for yourself. Keep in mind that if you post them on Facebook not only your friends will be able to see them, but also their friends’ friends, the friends of their friends and so on. This could escalate quickly and lead to an argument between you and your buddies.


3. Year of birth, house number or phone number

Happy Birthday
Don’t Share Your Happy Birthday


Year of birth can be easily used by hackers to gain access to your private information, such as password, bank account and so on. Additionally you should never post your house’s address, phone number or any other personal data which could turn you into a vulnerable target for hackers. Cybercriminals need little data to steal your identity as well as the money from your accounts. And even if no hackers get to see your profile you would probably not want to receive anonymous calls during midnight or receive a visit from fake plumbers.


4. Political and religious preferences

Tea Party Time? Nope!
Tea Party Time? Nope!


Often the opinions posted on Facebook can be taken out of context and misinterpreted. Do not post political commentary and do not comment on the religious preferences of others. Every person has the right to decide for himself what is wrong and what isn’t and you should never consider your opinion to be superior out of them all. Some little sarcasm may work in certain situations, such as laughing about a politician’s demoting due to sexual abuse, but make sure to keep things under control and never impose your opinion in front of others.


5. Offensive words



Only one phrase and your reputation could be ruined. What seems a funny post when you’re out with the boys can prove to be highly offensive during the next day. Do not risk offending your friends, colleagues or favorite aunt. It’s also against social network’s rules to insult someone for no reason and you risk receiving a warning or getting your account deleted. Additionally, there have been numerous court trials which used off evidence from Facebook in order to condemn the offenders. Therefore, never post anything without thinking twice before.
6. An important announcement for a family member or best friend

Be Careful what you put online
Be Careful what you put online


If a friend on Facebook has great news to give, let him do that. There’s nothing worse than to see your announcing on Facebook that his son just graduated to University when you want only few close friends to know and especially not on Facebook. Therefore, if you wouldn’t wish to find yourself in such situation never do something similar for one of your friends. You don’t know how that friend feels about the certain event and whether he wants to share it with others or not, but if he does that it’s him the only person who has the right to do that.


7. Getaway details

Gone Fishin
Gone Fishin


If your list of Facebook holds besides your closest friends some other people which you do not know very well, then try not to announce your holiday plans. The best is to put pictures of yourself from holiday after you have returned home. According to several researches, more and more Facebook users fall prey to thieves who use false identities to study potential victims. You never know who would spy on your status when you’re only thinking about the exclusive beach that you’ll visit next week.


8. Posts that might make others jealous


I'm Dating Kim K.
I’m Dating Kim K.

We know you’re proud of your new Porsche or diamond ring that you just bought but try to keep these things for you. Many of your friends might not be as lucky as you and the display of these things might create inconvenience for them. After all, you would not want to break a long-term relationship with your buddies just because of few Facebook photos. If you bought something special and want to showcase it to the world, then make sure to do that in person.


9. Photos of you taken while drinking alcohol


Don't Be Drunk Online!
Don’t Be Drunk Online!

When enjoying a beer with friends, most people photograph themselves and post the images on Facebook. However, you need to pay close attention to the number of photos that you share while having a glass of beverage in your hand. Otherwise, your buddies and family members might suspect you having a problem with alcohol.


10. Too much information about yourself


Keep It Confidential
Keep It Confidential

Anything you post on Facebook should not include information that you would not want other people to know. Things such as your current city district, postal code, details of the properties or cars that you own and so on are better to be kept by yourself. Many people can gain access to your profile just by “being” one of your friends’ buddies, hence why you risk being spied by the wrong persons. Generally speaking; the fewer details you post the better.